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Postby jeanpierre » Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:12 pm

Lundbaek keeps threatening to post my biography on this section so I better beat him to it. Lundbaek and I have common ancestry among the Acadians, the early French settlers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada. At the moment we are reviewing and trying to sort out some of our common ancestry on his PAF so I can lift it over on to mine. We are also married into the same family in Denmark. As I stated in I think it was my first post, I came on board about the same time I realized that Mitt Romney was not what an LDS candidate for government office should be. I have for many years been disturbed by the deterioration of the United States over many years. My wife is from Denmark and she and her family are very concerned about the effects of the massive immigration into Denmark. So many immigrants, especially the Muslims, want to remake Denmark into the very tyranny they supposedly fled from. Also they are upset at the socialist system since they find themselves working to support others who are not working (legally, at least). They maintain the European Union has lowered their standard of living, and I am watching the progress of the North American Union now, especially the construction of deep water ports in Mexico and that highway that is to connect them with certain major cities in the United States and Canada.

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