Webinar for AZ Entrepreneurs, Dec 14 or 16

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Webinar for AZ Entrepreneurs, Dec 14 or 16

Postby therealoptout » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:40 am

As the next step to the thread here, viewtopic.php?f=56&t=47151 we'll be doing a video conference next week for those who would like to potentially contribute to this project. Send me a personal message for the details and link.

We've already established a school modeled on true education, free market and true community principles that is also available and inclusive of those who are outside of the LDS community and/or new to learning about true government and unified family structures. Now it's time to expand (while still in our suburban East PHX valley). So we're..
establishing a training ground where we can learn how to educate ourselves and our youth and do business with each other and also those in the world who are either drawn to us or have needs that could be filled. (Within a central location to where those who want to participate are already living and doing business.)

Imagine a college for the whole family, that includes the opportunity to work and run your business where the priority is to grow personally and be able to serve more, not to grow the profits of one massive corporation.

A place to do business that is anchored by true education that avoids both traditional contentious competition and falling into unrighteous pride. The two priorities will be for:
1) each person/family to be productive, adding value into the community (serving the needs of others using the talents and skills we've been blessed with or can learn)
2) each person to learn and progress in an environment where individual worth, divine nature and true principles are honored and taught.

We've been taught how to treat or fellow men, how to do business in His way and how to educate or families in a way that brings them to Him. It's time to help more people have the opportunity to experience, learn and practice these principles. And unless directed by the spirit or by Church authorities we don't need to isolate ourselves or move to a secluded location to do so.

Some example things that we could have would be:
  • Educational programs for school-age children teaching them how to read and write through an academic program based on the personal revelation they received on their own mission and purpose in life.
  • Accounting and tax services two maximize our liberty as we function as families or businesses and the support to do that within the current system of taxation.
  • Opportunities to grow and learn new talents, done in a way that invites the spirit. For example, ballroom dance classes that of course only use uplifting music and have high standards of modesty.
  • Physical therapy office who's focus is education and healing those who are learning how to better care for there miracle of a body.
  • A restaurant that focuses on health at the highest level of what we understand about foods that will nourish and strengthen our bodies, using much produce from the gardens within our community.
  • A resource center for things that our families traditionally would stash away in an attic that could be instead checked out and used by families as their needs arise.
  • A commercial kitchen for both cooking classes and for families/friends to do large projects like seasonal canning.
  • I theater for uplifting music and other performances.
The full list is endless for what could be included. Each business would be invited to help provide some educational value in addition to their product or services, and the part of a council deciding on how to better serve the community, working in unity to help each other.[/list]

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