For the Trumpsters, a new thread

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For the Trumpsters, a new thread

Postby Silver » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:46 am

I have quoted only a part of the article below. Please, whatever your political leanings are, and whomever you supported in 2016, take a step back and evaluate the words in the article with your version of reality. Is there anything, anything at all, that gives you a bit of cognitive dissonance? For example (changing subjects here slightly), prior to election, the FBI was asking for Hillary's emails. Friends, those emails were all stored neatly at Bluffdale, UT, and available to anyone who had a note from the teacher.

Keep that in mind as you read the whole article. Again, everything below the link are the words of somebody else." onclick=";return false;

Completely lost on the Trumplings---who accept words over actions---is what Trump hopes to be able to do. Trump, and the now-fired 3-star (not 'General', according to military tradition) Mike Flynn, set White House legal staff on the task of figuring out how to obviate laws that restrict domestic data collection by the NSA and CIA. Little Sean Spicer, when asked about this, stated something that falls somewhere between obfuscation and an outright lie. Spicer said, "No such memo or plan exists in the White House." That is technically true, because the legal staff is housed in the EOB, which is a half-minute stroll from the West Wing, but still within the security cordon of the White House grounds.

Consider what Trump wants to be able to do, and parse that with what the actual capabilities of the US intelligence community are:

Every single communication can be captured. That means every phone call, every SMS, every email, and every Tweet. Posters to public boards---such as, for example, Zerohedge Comments---can be traced back to their source, even if the user connects via TOR. There is no anonymity, not for a poster, a Contributor, or even Tyler himself. None. Let's say a person posted a comment on Zerohedge that catches the All Seeing Eye of computer-driven surveillance. Within seconds, an entire dossier on the originating individual can be produced, which would include real name and address, DoB, family members, employment history, tax returns, criminal record if any, educational record including grade transcripts, spending habits, weapons owned---everything. Algorithms can then produce an entire personality profile covering everything from political leanings, alcohol consuming habits, sexual preferences and proclivities, the penchant for violence vs mere posturing, even health. In addition, possession of a cellphone means that an individual's movements can be geolocated 24/7 going all the way back to the date the phone was purchased and registered. The phone doesn't even need to be turned on; all it needs is a battery---and modern cellphones have inaccessible batteries. The phone's camera and recorder can also be turned on remotely by a hack. The same hacking can be done with laptops, desktops, iPads and Smart TVs.

Trump wants to have this arrow in his quiver, which is why in one of his very first acts as POTUS he set his legal staff on to this 'problem'. Does that smack of freedom and liberty?
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