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Russ Fulcher for Idaho

Postby Mormon » Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:25 am

Russ Fulcher is a fourth generation Idahoan who is deeply concerned about the direction of our state and country. He believes in the industriousness and ingenuity of Idahoans, and wants Idaho to continue to be a great place for both families and businesses. But, Russ fears that the overreach of government -- both from Washington, D.C. and from Boise -- is threatening our future. Federal policies in the areas of healthcare, education and the environment are stripping decisions from Idahoans and placing them in the hands of government bureaucrats, and Idaho’s current governor is not willing to stand in opposition.

This became glaringly evident in 2013, when Governor Butch Otter voluntarily embraced Obamacare, thereby placing Idaho as a partner of the federal government in implementing a healthcare law that Idahoans do not want and cannot afford.

Idahoans deserve better. That's why, after prayerful consideration and the wise counsel from Idahoans across the state, Russ Fulcher has decided to run for the office of Governor of the state of Idaho. Russ has the experience, fortitude and vision to resist federal control, put Idaho on the right track and help our economy grow.

Representing the Treasure Valley in the Idaho State Senate for nearly a decade, Russ has led the charge for the kind of reforms that truly support Idaho’s families and job creators. At the Statehouse, Russ serves on the Senate State Affairs and Education Committees, and his colleagues have elected him to be the Senate Republican Caucus Leader.

In the legislature, Russ has been an unwavering advocate for conservative principles, responsible governance and ethical leadership. He understands that “business as usual” is simply not good enough for Idaho, and he has developed innovative solutions to the challenges facing our state. His signature legislation, the grocery tax credit, will return $100 million to Idaho’s taxpayers every year, so we can keep more money in our pockets to spend, save and invest as we wish.

Most importantly, Russ has fought tirelessly to protect the rights of individual citizens, limit government influence in our lives, ease our tax burden and restore our God-given liberties. He believes in Idaho, and knows that the key to our prosperity is sticking to the principles that have made us great.

In addition to serving in the Idaho State Senate, Russ works in the commercial real estate business. Previously, he spent 24 years in the technology sector, working as an international business executive promoting Idaho's economy in 26 countries and in every state in America.

A lifelong Idahoan, Russ grew up on a dairy farm, graduated from Meridian High School, obtained electronic engineering training while working at Micron Technology and earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in business at Boise State University.

Russ is married to his wife Kara, and together they have three adult children.

Now more than ever, our state needs a governor like Russ Fulcher. He’s not a career politician. Instead, he is a citizen statesman with the ideas and the expertise to curb the overreach of government in Boise and in Washington, foster genuine economic growth, honor our distinct heritage and traditions, empower our families and strengthen our communities. And on day one, Russ will begin to undo the damage caused by Governor Otter’s eagerness to help the federal government set up Obamacare here in Idaho. Only then will we be able to restore patient-centered health care in our state.

Russ Fulcher is qualified and ready for the job.

Voting record:

Russ is for us.

I believe that Russ Fulcher would do better job as Governor rather than Butch Otter.
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