The Perfect Tax: A Lost Formula Rediscovered – G. Edward Griffin

This forum is for discussion of Secret Combinations: who/what they are and how to overcome them. "A secret combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all increasing its evil influence and control over America and the entire world." (ETB / Ether 8:18-25.)
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The Perfect Tax: A Lost Formula Rediscovered – G. Edward Griffin

Postby BeNotDeceived » Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:28 pm

Skip the first 27 minutes, to cut to the chase. ;)
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Re: The Perfect Tax: A Lost Formula Rediscovered – G. Edward Griffin

Postby davedan » Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:03 am

The Federal Government was to apportion voluntary indirect taxes.

For instance, the Constitution says that the Federal Government was to maintain a system of post roads and regulate interstate commerce. This language was used to justify the construction of the interstate highway system. The Federal Government pays to maintain the interstate highway system via a tax on gasoline. Therefore those that buy gasoline, are using the highways and voluntarily paying for its use.

In the same way the Federal Government is to maintain the Interstate Highway system, the Federal Government should have paid for a national rail system. Those companies and citizens that use the rail system would then pay for its maintenance. The same logic could be used for oil pipelines, cellphone towers, and internet infrastructure. Private companies could pay to use the interstates, rail, and cellphone towers, and internet, but there wouldn't be mega-companies created and robber-barons set up to control this interstate infrastructure.

One area in which the Federal Government fails to collect "usage taxation" on is our own currency. If the Federal Government created 100% of all US currency (no fractional reserve lending/money multiplier), then the US Government could collect prime interest on all loans (Safety Society Banking System). Prime interest, together with tariffs could fund the US Government without needing an unconstitutional income tax.

It seems that the Federal Government is doing everything its not supposed to do and nothing of what it was intended to do.

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Re: The Perfect Tax: A Lost Formula Rediscovered – G. Edward Griffin

Postby James-T-Prout » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:38 pm

G. Edward Griffin has done a great job on this presentation and also with his work.

I did a review on his seminal work "The Creature from Jekyll Island" here... ... ll-island/


Griffin has been one of the foundational speakers and writers against the Federal Reserve System.
This video demonstrates that deeply as well.

The Federal Reserve System with it's big central bank in New York are part of the 3 Eagle Heads by virtue of who owns the FED. They are all interrelated.


The Ezra's Eagle Prophecy speaks of the 3 Eagle Heads that are soon to wake up and take active control in American Politics soon after the demise of Donald Trump.

Today is Dec 7,17.

These things were known by the Ezra's Eagle Prophecy before it happens.

And G. Edward Griffin's work is seminal to knowing about the 3 Eagle Heads and where their power comes from. Enjoy
The material above comes from the book I wrote "The Last Days Timeline".

Up-to-date information is found here "What the Scriptures Say About Donald Trump - How Long Will He Last?"

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