Beautiful 1893 Original Mormon Pump Organ

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Beautiful 1893 Original Mormon Pump Organ

Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:06 pm

1893 Kimball pump organ organ was built in late 1892 and shipped to SLC in early 1893 (according to the Kimball Company's records). It is the "Mormonite" model, denoted by the three rings carved into the sides. Also note the Melchizedek Stars on both sides of the top, and the Temple Star in the center.

It is serial number 151531. It still plays quite well, but requires a lot of pumping. Very easy to move. It only weighs about 100 pounds, maybe less. I've got no idea what this thing's actually worth, but make me an offer.

A good (and true) story about this: When we were at the Church History center in August of 2017, we saw the organ which the giant one had replaced. It was larger than mine (which it had replaced), and very ornate. I told the girl guiding us, "Very impressive, but I like mine better." She expressed curiosity, so I showed her a pic of it. She showed me a B&W picture of this organ, taken in 1893 when it was new. She checked their photo of the original organ, and the serial number from the one they bought, and her eyes got real big.

"How did you get a color photo of this?" (My Daughter Audrey started grinning)
"I took it."
"You've actually seen this?" (Audrey started laughing)
"Where is it?"
Audrey blurted out, "In my Brother's old room."
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