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NYTimes article: Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Dep

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:29 am
by Dennis McCrea
I found this NY Times article over the weekend very interesting: ... _LO_MST_FB" onclick=";return false;

Does any one see themselves in this article? I recently couldn't believe that my Branch President got up in front of the entire Sunday School class and declared "that he was so glad that we all as tax payers were supporting one of his retirement checks." Unbelievable how so many, even in the Church, can be so willing to accept the public dole. There once was a time (I am 51 years old) when working for the government (at pretty much whatever level) or receiving public dole was akin to the person having something wrong with them. Now in today's environment, many if not all look at a government job as a place to secure job security. What will happen when the taxes can not sustain these guaranteed pensions?