Joe Tucker for Congress? (Utah Dist 2)

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From what you know about him now, would you vote for Joe Tucker?

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Joe Tucker for Congress? (Utah Dist 2)

Postby BrianM » Fri Mar 10, 2006 2:10 pm

Joe Tucker for Congress? Maybe?

My general thoughts about the Republican Party is that they have strayed from the principles they once stood for. small government and the constitution, etc...

I am not Republican, but when I find a good candidate who will uphold and defend the constitution and God's Law and family values, I will vote for them.

My impression right now, from what I've read on his campaign site, is that Joe Tucker is a great candidate. check it out:

I would like to have Joe Tucker speak before a group of Constitutionalists, and we'll see if he really has what it takes to be a "Ron Paul" Conservative. We need more representatives like Ron Paul, and Joe Tucker may be that person.

What do you think?
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Joe Tucker on THE ISSUES:

Postby BrianM » Fri Mar 10, 2006 2:13 pm



The Constitution of the United States specifies that the power to legislate rests solely with the Congress. That is how we the people govern, through our elected officials. However the Judicial branch has taken it upon themselves to override the will of the people. Some court decisions that have been made against the will of the people include:

*Removal of prayer from school
*Legalize abortion (Contrary to Amendment 10 of the constitution)
*Protection of pornography as "freedom of expression"
*Instituted "separation of church and state" (not found in the constitution)

These judges should be held accountable to the people. The constitution specifies that Congress is the body to regulate the judicial branch. Congress must act to give back the power to legislate to the people they represent by enforcing constitutional judicial boundaries. (see my blog for more information)


Government should exist to make life better for its citizens. It is outrageous to me that an average citizen needs help paying taxes. I know that we can do better. We can have a fair tax system that anyone can understand. I will do all I can to simplify tax code and work towards a flat tax system to make it easier for Americans to pay their taxes.

In addition, I have signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to raise taxes. I will vote to make previously passed tax cuts permanent. I intend to also do all I can to cut wasteful spending and return the money to the taxpayer.


In a post 9/11 world it is unthinkable that we would not have secure borders both on the south and the north. I favor building a fence to protect our borders from illegal immigration and drug trafficking. I have no desire to end legal immigration. In fact, I think it can be managed effectively and efficiently. I envision a plan that would

*Punish companies who hire illegal immigrants.
*Give employers incentives to look to citizens first.
*Allow employers who need foreign workers to choose whom they hire.

To enforce a policy against illegal immigration there must be punishment for those that hire illegal immigrants. If there is a demand for foreign workers then an employer should be allowed to purchase a work permit for that worker. The cost of the permit should be enough to make the employer consider hiring a US citizen but not so much to hinder business. The monies from these work permits will pay for mandatory language training and cultural orientation. If a worker loses employment they must return to their country of origin. After a period of time these workers should become eligible for residency and ultimately citizenship.

Employers who wish to hire the foreign workers can choose whom they wish to hire. I envision foreign worker employment agencies interviewing on behalf of employers and bringing in the best qualified workers as opposed to the one who got in line first.


The 10th amendment to the constitution specifies that rights not granted to the federal government by the constitution belong to the states, or the people. Congress and the judiciary have both overstepped this boundary. I believe that states and communities should have to power to make decisions regarding:

* Schools
* Land Use
* Abortion
* Morality
* Accepting nuclear waste from other states


The best thing congress can do to help the economy grow is keep more money in the hands of the people. We need to pass legislation that makes it easier for businesses to operate, grow, and create jobs. This is done by lowering taxes. But, you can't lower taxes and increase government spending. Unfortunately that's what has happened in recent years. The answer is to cut spending, not raise taxes.

I support the passage of a balanced budget amendment that would prohibit the federal government from incurring debt except in the case of extreme emergencies.


Here's a simple fact. It is illegal for first cousins to marry in the state of California. If a California couple comes to Utah, where it is legal, and marries, California recognizes the marriage as legal. The state of Massachusetts has legalized same sex marriages. This brings up a potential problem. If a homosexual couple were to marry in Massachusetts, they would have legal precedence to sue the state of Utah to recognize the marriage as legal. I support our President's efforts to pass an amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. By doing so we can assure that our state will never be forced to accept such unions. However, I believe the best way to keep this under control is to bring back the power of legislation to the Congress. I believe that with the people in control, through Congress, the courts won't be able to force Homosexual marriages or unions on the people.


The 2nd amendment to the constitution of the United States reads as follows: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." When our forefathers adopted this amendment, the security of the people was foremost in their minds. We have just seen in New Orleans how quickly civilization can deteriorate into lawlessness in a crisis. As a member of Congress I will fight to insure that the right of good citizens to bear arms is not infringed.


Social Security is in need of fixing. I support the Ryan-Sununu (H.R. 1776.IH, S.857.IS) bill which will meet the needs of Social Security now and in the future. By not spending the Social Security surplus and moving to a private account system they have developed a plan that will work. But it needs to be done now. Waiting does make a difference. For more on the bill click here. Or the read the bill introduced in the House of Representatives, click here.
All my opinions are tentative pending further data...

The Matrix is real...

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