Newt Gingrich proposal

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Newt Gingrich proposal

Wed Sep 06, 2006 8:01 pm

I ran across this today, and thought it might give some good fodder for discussion. This is an article written by Newt Gringrich, in which he proposes 11 ideas to help the Republicans win the fall elections: ... p?id=16863

Any thoughts? I like some of his ideas. It would certainly be a lot better -- a start -- than the current catastrophe in the Republican ranks.

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Fri Sep 08, 2006 2:05 pm

I am not an expert in all the issues. I try my best to understand them though.
1.Make English the Official Language of Government- I thought it was already. They should just deal with English and save money by just printing English materials.
2.Control the Borders- The House already past a very good bill, which the Senate has changed. The House should keep to the original bill.
3.Keep God in the Pledge- Judges are not lawmakers, they just interprete the law. Have the House tell the judges what subject matter they should rule on.
4.Require a Voter ID Card- I don't like it, sounds like the RealID act.
5.Repeal the Death Tax, for Good- The House just passed a partial repeal of the death tax. They need to do better.
6.Restore Property Rights- same as number 3, judges are not lawmakers, just interpreters. If they interprete the law wrong, then do not have them rule on such issues.
7.Achieve Sustainable Energy Independence- Federal government has no right to regulate the energy business.
8.Control Spending and Balance the Budget- Cut programs out to reduce spending.
9.Tie Education Funding to Teacher Accountability- Education is for the states to regulate, not the federal government.
10.Defend America From the Irreconcilable Wing of Islam- Defend against terrorist by not taking away Constitutional Rights.
11.Focus on Iran and North Korea- War does no good. In the mean time Constitutional Rights are threatened.

Sounds like he wants big government to get even bigger.

That is my opinion about Gingrich proposal.

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