"Did Israel Kill Kennedy? "

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"Did Israel Kill Kennedy? "

Postby sushi_chef » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:09 pm

"October 26, 2017

(The three people most responsible for the assassination are on the cover: mob boss Meyer Lansky, Israeli PM David Ben Gurion and James Angleton of the CIA)

Donald Trump is releasing CIA Files on the JFK Assassination today, as required by a Congressional Resolution in 1992.

It is doubtful that the new information will incriminate the real perpetrators. But this is a good opportunity to revisit "Final Judgment" (2004) by Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015) who believes Israel assassinated JFK because he would not let them acquire nuclear weapons.

If true, the Israeli government is responsible for the two most formative political events of my lifetime, the assassination of JFK and 9-11. Of course, there were many accomplices in the assassination and cover-up - LBJ, CIA, FBI, the Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans and the whole US political establishment.

I present excerpts from Amazon reviews.

"US intel never had the nerve to kill Kennedy on its own."

Latest! CIA Intervention?

---------Released but Trump Withholds Some (See below)

---------Release of CIA Files Delayed

------------------ Need more time to censor

Related - Michael Collins Piper - Lecture on Final Judgment

----------------- Final Judgment Pdf

Edward Hendrie- "Piper takes off the blindfold and pins the tail on the donkey."

Michael Collins Piper in his book, Final Judgment, presents a compelling case that Zionists in general, and the Israeli Mossad in particular, played a primary role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the subsequent coverup. His book is chock-full of sources and evidence to support his hypothesis. He has provided ample authority in his book with over 1,000 endnotes, and 10 appendices.

Other books have revealed the separate involvement of Lyndon Johnson, the Dallas Police Department, the CIA, the FBI, anti-Castro Cubans, French intelligence agencies, and organized crime in the assassination of President Kennedy. The intrepid Mr. Piper methodically explains how all of these persons and organizations were tied together in a conspiracy that at its core was set in motion by the Israeli Mossad.

One of the key players in the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy was Meyer Lansky, who Piper reveals was the de facto head of organized crime in the United States. Piper explains how Lansky had deep and continuing working relationships with both the CIA and the Israeli Mossad....

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