"How to make the most of your Solar Return"

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"How to make the most of your Solar Return"

Postby sushi_chef » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:21 am

"For years now I have spent some time in meditation on the day of my Solar Return in order to propel my positive thoughts into my year ahead but it wasn’t really until I created a 3-day Solar Return exercise in Cuba in December of 2013 that things got really interesting and it became clear that this was a very powerful tool! I’ve been wanting to share this method every since and now I’m going to!

Your Solar Return is when the Sun comes back to the exact same degree that you were born at. Essentially it is Sun conjunct Sun and…Your Birthday! It’s true that sometimes your Solar Return falls on....
http://www.lightcenterlove.com/solar-re ... -feelings/

for lds application for this might be like ones birthday as the day of rededicating oneself exercise for the great cause of restored gospel etc...

above site was found by searching solar return detox.
sushi_ read people often tend to become sick around their birthdays, and that means it tells that person needs more effort of taking care of him/herself so on.
how one spends ones birthday influences coming 12 months stuff was kinda knew to sushi_, about 2 years now, had read from other astologers blog.

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