A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

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A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

Postby AuthorofEternity111 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:08 pm

A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth, for not long remaineth before great sorrows begin. Because of the wickedness of this generation and iniquity of the people of the world at present great sorrows soon come. I beseech everyone to repent in the name of Christ; this applies to all souls presently on earth capable. The Son of man is He whom descended below all things and has power to forgive sins and give life and take it, for He hath suffered greater than any will ever have to suffer, for none knoweth the extent of the great torments He endured in which was required and necessary to save that which was lost.
Yea He took upon himself the punishment of the worlds sins out of love for everyone desiring none to be trapped eternally suffering in great torment endlessly. Christ descended below all things, suffering that no man can know, greater suffering than the deepest parts of hell. He being perfect had no cause of his own in reason to fall and yet He out of love for everyone being the only one capable took upon Himself their burdens. For if the Son of man did not take the cup, all of mankind rightfully under the eternal laws would be condemned to damnation and hell in great suffering and torment forever.
Yea in mercy Christ knew He could complete the task in time and fulfill the mystery of the cup. Christ not only had to suffer the pains accompanied of sin, but also had to overcome the world in itself in all ways through discerning the Light and Truth in great darkness and fog, Christ made His way back to the Father and Eternal Heavens through the mystery of transcension which is left unrevealed to the world at this time. Christ while bearing all temptations of the world which included all sins and desires filtering through the cup, comprehending all evil things; inclusive of all evil thoughts, desires and actions experiencing and feeling the evil which filters through the cup; under amnesia had to overcome the world with his perfect love, heart and charity meeting eternal law requirements in sacrifices to atone for the sins of the world. Christ authored a pathway out for all whom believed on his name and abided by his teachings.

This is the season that the great time of tribulations and sorrows shall sadly soon come upon the world. Christ has risen beyond time of sorrows, and in a day ye know not which soon cometh the Heavens and the Earth shall instantly tremble and shake; and all manner of calamities shall befall the earth upon the dimension falling in such a time.The keys are in the hand of the Mighty and Strong One which opens the four corner stones of earth and the four winds; Angels of Heaven on High await such an hour prepared to assist all whom are accounted worthy in such a day and time. The window of opportunity of repentance for mankind shall pass after such an hour as density shifts.
Repentance will not come easily during the time of great tribulations. For the world has rejected the Light and so the Sons of Darkness will come among it and rule for a time, for the Light and Truth did shine during a period of time and most of the world knew it not, but as many whom did discern and properly repented, the same avoided great tribulations and were saved. Beware unto those with hardened hearts which understand not the true process of repentance which requires humility; for among a greater number of the Saints within the LDS church, the spirit of the adversary in times does overtake thee. I beseech each of you to accept the final offer of grace and properly repent in the name of Christ for all wrongdoings including misjudgments.
Everything that could be done to give mankind the best Eternal outcome has been done and the Son of man in due hour withdraws from the world. God so loved the world that He sent His Only Begotten Son that whomsoever would believe on His name yea even Yehoshua Christ whom properly repented of their sins and strived to abide by the gospel teachings and principles taught of Christ, whom lived their lives accordingly to the teachings of Christ in righteousness, entering the state of spirit of Christ which is peace, being properly in tune and aligned to the spirit of peace of Christ, yea in the same spirit of peace and love in Oneness, would become through higher order accounted for as the children of the living Eternal Father God.

I declare for that which was spoken by the prophets, yea even the prophet Moroni of the book of Mormon is soon at hand; a great number of Saints within the LDS are filled with pride of what they believe they know and of themselves; and sadly an apostasy is soon at hand that brings division within the LDS church. Sadly great consequences may come unto those which were misled by the world, being caught in the trap and pride of themselves. Sadly a great number of Saints become blinded by the craftiness and cunningness of the evil ones which leadeth and enticeth all to turn away from the Light of Truth and spirit of Christ.
The great and spacious building of pride and knowledge of the world is a tool used by the adversary in which misleads and guides souls away from the true path and spirit of Christ. Many Saints if only had listened to the spirit of Christ, yea even the Light of Truth in which speaketh unto thee, for all Truth which is good cometh of God. Judge not lest ye be judged and caution unto making judgement at all if knowest not that which ye do. A great number of Saints could have escaped and been accounted worthy to escape tribulations and stand before the Son of man; nevertheless the day remains open for repentance and there still is time and hope for all who have fallen short to repent. I again Declare unto thee the message of Repentance in the name of Christ, yea Repent of all judgements ever made upon any and wash thine hands clean in true and sincere repentance in heart upon next partaking of the sacrament.
For Christ came unto His own in mystery to plant a seed to fix that which the evil one's hath done. The foundation of the LDS church and original gospel principles taught of Christ remain in place and are true, nevertheless some errors pertaining to acceptance of homosexuality related issues have been made and are now found within the LDS church and an apostasy in due time is eminent. Many have taken for granted the blessings bestowed upon them and are not living by the requirements expected and asked of them under covenants made. All Saints should be living and abiding by the teachings of Christ non-hypocritically in all ways; seek to live and be not of the world, set your heart not upon riches or material things of the earth world.
Depart ye of thine substances unto the poor, sick and needy through fast offerings and in private that the windows of Heaven may be opened unto you. Make more effort to find opportunities of service unto others. Departing of money is required and sacrifices are necessary to be made out love for another to be found worthy to escape things which come in a day and hour ye know not. Love thine neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Remember and follow the examples of the people of Enoch, such were lifted up and taken into a higher dimension because of their righteousness and shall return before the day of the millenium. Repent all this day in the name of Yehoshua Christ, seek to be therefore perfect even as the Father is perfect.

It was not the Heavens desire that any of mankind had to suffer, the debts of sin through the atonement of Christ were paid for and yet a small number of world population over many generations accepted this great blessing of avoiding paying their own consequences in the underworld spirit prisons. That which could have been endless suffering for souls was made temporal through the atonement of Christ, and everyone shall one day be resurrected, however sadly for some only after paying great debts of torment and suffering first being entrapped within spirit prisons of suffering below; nevertheless a final chance cometh to such upon the day of their resurrection and the final judgment.
There were many possibilities and time-lines involved in the ending of the world, nevertheless some were easier and less complicated than others which involved less suffering or the least amount possible in which we pray in faith manifests and comes. The Heavens have done all they could within the eternal laws to give mankind the best possible ending, sadly due to the wickedness and iniquities of the people, the ending couldn't easily come without some destruction and consequences. However much harsher things were avoided but ultimately freewill and mankinds choices in actions give either the adversary power to act or the Heavens pending decisions and works. The Heavens are working behind the scenes and through all life and light in mysterious unseen ways even to thine adversary. Open thine eyes and find the Light and Truth of day which resides within all things of Life; be not blinded by world knowledge and misleading information of the world, follow that which ye feel in spirit and let the good spirit always guide and lead the way for thee. Pray when thou needs guidance and sincerely ask in faith and remain patient and answers and direction shall find thee and come; that is the promise given unto all that ask in sincere prayer in faith.
The way things fulfill must fulfill eternal law and prophecy shall be fulfilled even if appearingly altered or misinterpreted unto mankind in how fulfilled; nevertheless mercy has been offered unto mankind but some events sadly had to remain but in greater vision for the better in most cases and to be taken as a wake up call for the world. Now I beseech the people of the world to drop their pride and recognize the Light and Truth which speaketh unto thee, all things good coming from the Light and Truth and all things which beseech mankind to repent in the name of Christ of the good spirit, properly discern in spirit that which is good and misjudge not the good spirit which speaketh unto thee that it be not offended and withdraw.
The LDS Church of God can learn from the past and follow the examples of the people of Enoch, they can prepare and become ready, nevertheless a division cometh in due time and reorganiztion of structure is necessary that shall be directed to the prophet of the LDS church in a time by the Heavens through the Mighty and Strong One prophecied to come. All that is given to this forum is with the very best intentions to help aid and prepare those whom recognise the Light and Truth and understand in spirit. The world has been given a new season of time to repent as a gift and blessing that more souls can be prepared and be found worthy to escape that which cometh quickly upon the world in an hour none shall know but the Father.
The cup is near full; and then comes sudden destruction in an hour when the cup spills over and is released. Repent today while the day is early, procrastinate not thine day of repentance, for the Sun shall come and arise in a day then withdraw it's light in an instant which will cause effects world-wide; be ye prepared to stand worthy to escape that which soon cometh in season upon the world. In the name of Yehoshua Christ all of the above is declared. Repent now and this day in the name of Christ, seek to be therefore perfect even as the Father is perfect , align thine spirit on a greater level to the spirit of Christ which is the Spirit of Peace. Make greater efforts to find opportunities to serve others and reach out to neighbors and people in need. Judge not that ye be not judged, for the measure of thine judgement will be measured back unto ye. All declared and said in the name of Christ. Amen.
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Re: A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

Postby Elizabeth » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:09 am

Hi "AuthorofEternity111"
On what authority do you use this name? This is a bold statement for a user name. Are you a new member to this forum or a returning one?
Doctrines of the Gospel are revealed through the Spirit to Prophets... not through the intellect to scholars.

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Re: A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

Postby kittycat51 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:17 am

Elizabeth wrote:
Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:09 am
Hi "AuthorofEternity111"
On what authority do you use this name? This is a bold statement for a user name. Are you a new member to this forum or a returning one?
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Re: A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

Postby David13 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:33 am

The latest incarnation.

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Re: A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

Postby eddie » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:23 pm

I think his new forum name should be,

" I'll be back!" :-o

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Re: A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

Postby Col. Flagg » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:37 pm

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Re: A final message to the world including this forum; repent all ends of the earth.

Postby LDS Anarchist » Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:00 pm

I tried, I really, truly did try reading through all of this, but my eyes glazed over each and every attempt I made. But I will take your advice, nonetheless, and repent. That is sound advice, at any rate.

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