transnational crossborder wallyball

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transnational crossborder wallyball

Postby sushi_chef » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:15 pm

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With an approximate 350 million crossings annually, the U.S.-Mexico border is the most legally-crossed border in the world, and also one of the busiest gateways for illegal migration. Now add the violence and rampant corruption in Mexico, and the border becomes an easy scapegoat for U.S. politicians looking to score points with voters, many whom have never been to Mexico or even a border state.

The cross-border walleyball game – a party, which also features picnic tables and food stands set up along the fence – puts a human face on the often empty and vague speeches politicians utter. The fiesta also serves to remind us just how flexible the border is. A quick look at Mexican-U.S. history can quickly confirm this.
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