"Obama Bans Russian News After Putin Warns: “Either Trump Or Bush Will Have To Die”"

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"Obama Bans Russian News After Putin Warns: “Either Trump Or Bush Will Have To Die”"

Postby sushi_chef » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:54 am

"In what we can only describe as one of the most astonishing Security Council (SC) reports ever released in the Kremlin in modern times, President Barack Obama, during a telephonic conversation with President Putin yesterday, related incredible details how he (Obama) and President-elect Donald Trump had been working in secret for the past nearly two-decades to destroy both the Bush Crime Family and Clinton Crime Family—and when Putin warned that the full meaning of this information meant that “either Trump or Bush will have to die”, Obama said “yes”, then promptly ordered Facebook to ban RT (Russia Today) until after the inauguration, and ordered Dataminr, the Twitter-based news-breaking service that supports news agencies around the world, to cut off all RT service too, “with immediate effect”. [Note

With President Lincoln having been a member of the secretive, but very powerful, German Freemasons, this report continues, it fully explains why “The Three Globes”, in 1861, initiated, and maintained the correspondence between Tsar Alexander II and Lincoln—and that led to Alexander II freeing the serfs (1861), and less than two years later (1863), Lincoln following suit and freeing the black slaves in the US too—and even more importantly, Tsar Alexander II sending the entire Russian naval fleet to save President Lincoln, in 1862, from both British and French military forces poised to invade the United States while America was in the brutal midst of its own Civil War.

As Vice President Joseph Biden just hours ago gave a grim speech in Davos, Switzerland, warning that the globalists “progressive democratic world order is at risk of collapse”, the US propaganda mainstream media warning of an inauguration day drone bombing, and CNN shockingly telling the American people that if President-elect Trump is assassinated before he can be sworn in, President Obama will be able to choose the next president, this report concludes, not since the time that Alexander II and President Lincoln saved the United States has this nation been in more peril—and depending upon whose death is announced in the coming days, the outcome remains “gravely uncertain”.
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