Happy 6th Birthday LDS Freedom Forum!

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Happy 6th Birthday LDS Freedom Forum!

Postby BrianM » Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:19 pm

I thought I'd take the time to say "Happy 6th Birthday LDS Freedom Forum!" (albeit a few days late)

This forum was born on June 24th, 2005... :ymparty:

It was a slow start at first, with me pretty much having conversations with myself. At the end of 2005 things started to pick up with long-time members such as lundbaek and Jnewby joining the ranks. As 2006 moved forward in came WYp8riot, pritchet1, Stephen, John Adams, Mark, SwissMrs&Pitchfire, sixgunsue, Col. Flagg, Darren, ChelC, shadow and other old-timers.

Fast-forward to today, nearly 200,000 posts later (that'll be another milestone), a consistent increase of traffic and membership, and who knows how many combined hours spent... we've had a lot of fun, gone through a lot of "cycles" and what not...

It would be interesting to have everyone share their observations of the forum over the years, experiences, notable discussions/occurrences, memorable members, cycles, up and downs, etc...
All my opinions are tentative pending further data...

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Re: Happy 6th Birthday LDS Freedom Forum!

Postby Original_Intent » Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:36 pm

When I came to LDSFF I had been inactive for several years, although I had continued to study the scriptures and modern day prophets throughout my inactive period. After just a few months on LDSFF I started to get strong promptings that I needed to get back to active involvement in the church. Pretty much the feeling I got was the sifting of the wheat and the tares was coming, and I needed to get serious and start serving others (one of the main reasons I was inactive was i did not feel I had time for a calling, and I had no desire for one).

LDSFF really did have a huge impact in getting me active again, and has also caused me to consider some things that I had never thought of. I've made some good friends here, and probably a few foes as well. I definitely "owe" you guys.

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Re: Happy 6th Birthday LDS Freedom Forum!

Postby NoGreaterLove » Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:03 pm

:ymparty: :ymparty: :ymparty: :ymapplause: :ymapplause: :ymapplause:
Congrats Brian. It was successful and still is!

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