Reasons to create a volunteer civilian review police board with subpoena powers

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Reasons to create a volunteer civilian review police board with subpoena powers

Postby msfreeh » Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:13 pm

CHP chief denounces nude photo scandal as 'dehumanizing’
Henry Lee | October 26, 2014 ... 848823.php" onclick=";return false;

see link for made member of criminal justice system crime family

Avery Browne, Golden Gate Division chief of the California Highway Patrol, discusses the alleged theft and sharing of women's cell phone pictures.
The California Highway Patrol’s top Bay Area official condemned the actions of officers who allegedly shared explicit photos stolen from female suspects’ cell phones.

At a hastily called news conference Saturday night, Avery Browne, chief of the CHP’s Golden Gate Division denounced reports that at least two officers assigned to the CHP’s Dublin office had exchanged crude text messages commenting about the bodies of two women that one of the officers had encountered while out on patrol.

“The allegations that have been brought forward are disappointing,” Browne said at division headquarters in Vallejo. “They are disgusting, and they have angered my staff, top management, executive management of the California Highway Patrol. “The callousness and depravity with which these officers communicated about women is dehumanizing, horribly offensive and degrading to all women.”

Bikini photos of a 19-year-old woman were allegedly stolen by CHP Officer Sean Harrington 35, of Martinez as she was undergoing X-rays after being involved in a DUI crash in Livermore in August.

“Taken from the phone of my 10-15x while she’s in X-rays,” Harrington allegedly texted fellow Dublin CHP Officer Robert Hazelwood. In police parlance, “10-15x” refers to a female arrestee. Hazelwood in turn responded, “No f— nudes?” Darryl Holcombe, a senior inspector wrote in a search warrant affidavit.

Later that same month, Harrington secretly forwarded at least five photos of a 23-year-old woman he had arrested for DUI in San Ramon, authorities said.

That woman found out what happened when she looked at her iPad, which is synced to her iPhone, authorities said. She hired a lawyer and notified the district attorney’s office, investigators said.

Prosecutors opted not to charge the woman in her DUI case because of Harrington’s alleged conduct, court records show. Browne lauded her for being courageous in coming forward.

Records from Harrington’s cell phone revealed that he had exchanged texts about women’s photos with at least Hazelwood and another officer who is being considered a witness in the case, authorities said.

In an interview with district attorney’s inspectors, Harrington admitted to stealing photos and “described this scheme as a game,” the affidavit says.

Holcombe wrote in the court records that he believed Harrington, Hazelwood and others unlawfully accessed a computer system and stole computer data. Prosecutors are to decide next week whether anyone will face criminal charges.

Without identifying any officers by name, Browne said two Dublin CHP officers have been removed from patrol duties and are facing an internal investigation.

“It’s disturbing to have an indvidual describe that misconduct as a game,” Browne said. “We don’t see it as a game. We don’t treat it as a game. That’s immature, unprofessional conduct. To characterize that as a game is demoralizing to law enforcement and to the women involved.”

Harrington has not responded to a request for comment. A woman who answered Hazelwood’s phone Friday said he would not discuss the case.
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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:50 pm ... 56272.html" onclick=";return false;

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:10 pm ... -want-now/" onclick=";return false;

Federal Agencies Just Doing Whatever They Want Now

October 30, 2014
On October 26, The New York Times published an article on the close ties between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and ex-Nazis after World War II. This wasn’t news, except for the fact that there were more Nazis poached by the CIA and other intelligence services, then brought to the US, and protected from prosecution than had previously been reported. The number is estimated to be about 1000, but with plenty of documentation still classified, odds are there were still more than that picked up during the short window between Nazis as public enemy number one, and communists becoming the graver menace.

The Times piece also revealed that the CIA hid their precious assets from Nazi hunters and prosecutors trying to deport then-old men in the 1980s and even into the ‘90s. Most disturbing, one of Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann’s little buddies, Otto von Bolschwing, was protected until 1982, when he conveniently died of a brain disorder before he could be deported or prosecuted.

Famously, Nazi rocket scientists were picked up by America to prevent their expertise from falling into Soviet hands. Maybe an exception to the prickly feeling that letting heinous war criminals off the hook is not what America was supposed to be doing when it won the good war in a heroically-sepia montage could be made for geniuses like Wernher Von Braun. Von Braun was a rocket scientist and "honorary" SS member under the Nazis, and he helped America get to the moon (which is neat, so that apparently makes his debated level of involvement/enthusiasm for the party acceptable.) What exactly did von Bolschwing contribute to America after happily joining the SS in 1933 to make ignoring his crimes worthwhile? He was a CIA agent in Europe, basically. He might have been a useful spy, or a useless one. Who knows. Plenty of the ex-Nazis turned out to be unpleasant and unreliable, according to the article.

More alarming still is the description of von Bolschwing’s panic when Mossad agents snatched Eichmann from Argentina, to bring him to trial in Israel in 1961. The CIA, it seems, assured him he would be safe in America. No Nazi hunters would come make him pay for his crimes – or "embarrass the US" – not while the agency could use Bolschwing to presumably win the Cold War.

What’s the purpose of this kind of grim revelation? There are several. One, they diminish the moral high ground about the Second World War that the US clings to desperately to this day. Yes, everyone who isn’t literally Adolph Hitler gets to feel pretty good about themselves, so anyone not allied with Hitler must be doing the right thing. Yet, helping to plan the Final Solution is forgivable if the CIA really wants you around.

Another more contemporary reason to be horrified by this revelation is that it is just one outrage of many. Sharing the CIA’s dark corner is most of the other big-name, secretive agencies. For the past 18 months, the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive campaign of spying has been big news. Less prominent were stories that suggest the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are also playing the part of secretive, unaccountable rulers.

The Times piece actually implicates J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI nearly as heavily as it does the CIA. In 1960, the FBI had 432,000 files on Americans. Hoover may not have owned presidents quite as much as his reputation suggests, but he had plenty of potentially embarrassing secrets to share about his enemies. And the FBI is still out of control. Many of the terrorist plots they heroically stopped in the past several years involved entrapment of gullible, lost idiots. Some of them really were purely manufactured by the agency, which last year patted itself on the back for going 20 years without an officially unjust shooting of a suspect.

While we’re being freaked out, let’s not forget the DEA, which plays commando throughout Latin America, and buddies up with the NSA for both data and investigation tips.

As great as Edward Snowden’s leaks were for shedding light on the abuses of power within the NSA – and for actually getting them into the damn media for months at a time! – the problem of intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies doing whatever the hell they want dates back to the dawn of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

This week, Techdirt pointed to a shiny new book by Michael Glennon which details the extent to which unelected bureaucrats are more in charge than the officials we elect every four or six years. The book is called National Security and Double Government, which is not an encouraging title at all. Glennon, who has plenty of non-tinfoil-hat-chops, is echoing comments by folks like John Kerry who say some of these spy apparatuses are "on autopilot." Obama, too, may be purely Captain Renault shocked – shocked! – about the gambling going on, but a more frightening proposition than that is if the NSA really is handling its own accountability without even presidential oversight.

We don’t need in-depth revelations about Nazi involvement with national security to be concerned about what federal agencies are doing when no lights shine on them. But the Nazi thing sure doesn’t help engender trust that anyone is watching these powerful, secret groups, or that they have any guiding moral principles at all.

Lucy Steigerwald is a contributing editor for and a columnist for She previously worked as an Associate Editor for Reason magazine. She is most angry about police, prisons, and wars. Steigerwald blogs at" onclick=";return false;.

Read more by Lucy Steigerwald
The Drug War Doesn’t Work Abroad Either – October 22nd, 2014
CIA Admits That Funding Rebels Doesn’t Work – October 16th, 2014
Better Isn’t Good Enough When it Comes to War – October 9th, 2014
Law Enforcement Mourns Apple’s Tighter Security Standards – October 2nd, 2014
The Blank Check for War – September 24th, 2014
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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:56 pm

see link for full article ... l-america/" onclick=";return false;

United States • Viewpoints
Dysfunctional America
by Paul Craig Roberts | November 1, 2014
If you require more evidence that the United States is a dysfunctional society, observe American elections. Election season is slander season. Each party’s attack teams focus on misrepresenting, defaming, and ridiculing the opposing party’s candidates. Attack ads have replaced debates and any discussion of what the issues are, or should be, and how candidates perceive the public’s interest. Each attack team tells lies designed to enrage various voters about the other team’s candidate.

Whoever is elected is indebted not to voters but to the special interests that provided the campaign money. Once elected the official serves the private interest groups that put the official in office. In America the government can be bought and sold just like everything else. In its Citizens United ruling, a Republican Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on the right of corporations to purchase the US government.

Each state has its own dominant interest groups that win every election. In Florida real estate developers routinely defeat the environment and local communities. Developers have even been known to form organizations that pose as conservation supporters in order to misrepresent and defeat conservation measures.

Yet, despite their long string of losses to special interests, voters still participate in elections. I once read a theory that elections are a form of entertainment. President Clinton’s encounter with the young woman on MTV—“boxers or briefs”—is one indication of the lack of seriousness that Americans bring to politics.

Perhaps the lighter moment of a young woman’s interest in the president’s underwear should be cherished. The Clinton years will be remembered as scandal after scandal with dark events unresolved and covered up. The Clinton years were transformative. For those who don’t remember and those too young at the time to be aware, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories (1997), will be an eye-opener. Perhaps the Democrats should read the book before nominating Hillary as the party’s presidential candidate.

Evans-Pritchard was Washington bureau chief for the Sunday Telegraph, one of the main British newspapers. He was stunned by how the American media ceased to function during the Clinton years. The Clinton years gave us such events as the federal government’s murder of the Branch Davidians in their Waco compound and subsequent coverup, the Oklahoma City bombing and coverup, and the coverup of the apparent murder of White House counsel Vincent Foster.

Almost everyone who paid attention saw coverups, not investigations, of these extraordinary events. Evans-Pritchard was one who paid attention, and what he saw did not pass muster. Yet, there was no press asking questions.

For example, the official story was that Tim McVeigh was the “lone nut” responsible for blowing up the Murrah Federal Office Building with a truck bomb. Yet, at McVeigh’s trial the prosecution did not call a single witness who could place McVeigh in Oklahoma City on the day of the bombing. “This is a rather astonishing fact,” writes Evans-Pritchard, and indeed it is. The reason the prosecution could not provide a witness to place McVeigh at the scene of the crime is that the many witnesses all reported seeing McVeigh in the company of other men, and the prearranged official story was that McVeigh was alone. The FBI and the prosecution had to make this case, not conduct a real investigation and discover what really happened.

Experts who have examined the Oklahoma City bombing have concluded that the truck bomb was cover for explosives set inside the building. For example, US Air Force munitions expert General Benton K. Partin provided an extensive and detailed study and wrote to the US Senate: “The attached report contains conclusive proof that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Evidence shows that the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level.”

Miquel Rodriguez, the associate independent counsel assigned the investigation of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster’s mysterious death resigned after four months convinced that he was dealing with a FBI coverup and that his investigation was being sabotaged by personnel within his own office. The FBI’s official story differed completely from the story of the witness who discovered Foster’s body. Again, as in Oklahoma, the FBI’s case required the creation of a make-believe scenario at odds with the evidence. With no interference from a silent press, the FBI created the story that was needed. Evans-Pritchard wrote that the Foster case was “taboo for American journalists. In private, many concede that the official story is unbelievable, but they will not broach it in print.”

When Americans think of Clinton era scandals, they recall “Whitewater” and Clinton’s sexual escapades with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Evans-Pritchard writes that these two scandals were small potatoes compared to the Waco, Oklahoma City, and Vincent Foster coverups. Evans-Pritchard concludes that these minor events were used by the press to distract the public and perhaps Congress from inquiring into FBI coverups of criminal acts.

I remember asking my Wall Street Journal colleague Robert Bartley why he put so much energy and editorial ink into Whitewater, a minor scandal involving some real estate payoffs to the Clintons that did not pan out. Serious events were ignored while Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky became a matter of impeachment.

From Clinton to George W. Bush and Obama was another transformative change. The crimes of the Clinton regime were not acknowledged and covered up. The crimes of the Bush and Obama regimes are openly acknowledged by the presidents themselves and by their attorneys general who assert that the “war on terror” is a war during whose course presidents are freed from the Constitution and from domestic and international statutory law. Thus, we have indefinite detention, torture and loss of protection against self-incrimination, destruction of privacy, and execution of US citizens without due process of law.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:05 pm ... 1411030152" onclick=";return false;

Pittsburgh police employee tied to ex-chief Harper charged with theft
November 3, 2014 10:54 AM

A civilian Pittsburgh police employee with ties to former Chief Nate Harper was charged today with theft and other crimes.

A civilian Pittsburgh police employee was charged today with theft and other financial crimes, some linked to the same scheme that helped send former Chief Nate Harper -- her onetime boss and business partner -- to federal prison.

Tamara Davis, 48, of the Hill District, is expected to be arraigned later today on felony counts of theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception and forgery, and one misdemeanor count of misapplication of entrusted property.

Investigators with the Allegheny County district attorney's office, which is prosecuting the case, say she used $9,165 that should have gone to the bureau or the city for her personal benefit.

Ms. Davis surrendered to police this morning and was taken to the Allegheny County Jail to await arraignment.

Her attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

Tamara Davis
"With the filing of these charges, our office does not anticipate any other individuals being charged in connection with the handling of these funds," Mike Manko, a spokesman for District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr., said in a statement.

Davis and Harper’s circle

Ms. Davis, along with a group of women in the police bureau's personnel and finance office, were put on paid leave 21 months ago amid a federal probe of Harper's dealings.

Her former boss, Sandra J. Ganster, remains on leave, as does Officer Tonya Montgomery-Ford, who has a pending federal suit against the City of Pittsburgh demanding her return to work and payment for lost overtime.

Both Ms. Ganster and Officer Montgomery-Ford were swept up in the scandal that led to Harper's imprisonment, as was the officer's mother, Kim Montgomery.

Ms. Montgomery was another civilian employee in personnel and finance who was placed on leave. She retired in January.

Pittsburgh officials have never fully explained their decision to put the women on leave. They were all part of Harper's former inner circle. But it has long been believed that federal officials probed whether the women played a role in any illicit activity, including diversion of roughly $70,000 in city money to unauthorized accounts controlled by Harper.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:59 pm

can you name the FBI informants working at the New York Post?

see link for full story ... y-general/" onclick=";return false;

Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Emerges As Top Candidate to Replace AG Holder

The next U.S. attorney general may be the deputy secretary of the Homeland Security Department, the New York Post reports, citing “well-placed sources.”

The short list of candidates to replace Attorney General Eric Holder is Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban-American lawyer.

“He’s one of the top candidates. He has all the qualifications needed to succeed in the job,” one insider said.

Mayorkas is backed by the National Fraternal Order of Police, which is the nation’s largest law enforcement officers’ organization.

“The FOP enthusiastically supported his nomination to his current post as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:48 pm" onclick=";return false;

Chicago Black Panther members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were assassinated in 1969 by the Chicago police following a conspiracy between the FBI and the police to kill everyone in the building that night. Fortunately for the Panthers only Hampton and Clark were in the building.

The FBI covered up this event until FBI agent Swearingen came forward and was prepared to testify in court about what he knew of the planned assassination.

When the FBI heard that FBI agent Swearingen would take the witness stand, the FBI settled out of court claiming it would be a great expense for the taxpayers to go on with a court trial.

To Kill A President is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.
M. Wesley Swearingen - To Kill A President

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:19 pm ... story.html" onclick=";return false;

Defense lawyers press for details in FBI agent misconduct case

see link for full story

November 10 2014
Days after federal prosecutors dismissed drug cases against nearly two dozen felons amid a misconduct investigation of an FBI agent, defense lawyers in other cases linked to the agent are pressing for similar consideration.

But on Monday, U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan refused to release on bail two men who have pleaded guilty to distributing drugs but whose sentencings have been put on hold during the investigation into the agent, Matthew Lowry.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:16 pm ... dna-cases/" onclick=";return false;

Since 1989, 312 wrongfully accused individuals were released from prison due to proof provided by DNA tests, Scheck said. To minimize the issues and number of individuals that are in prison for crimes they haven’t committed, the Innocence Project works to create reforms and practices that can be applied to the justice system.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:16 pm

November 12. 2014

Damning report slams NOPD response to sex crimes

A new investigative report could shatter the city's already shaken faith in the way the New Orleans Police Department handles sex crimes.

see link for full story ... /18907687/" onclick=";return false;

NEW ORLEANS – A new investigative report could shatter the city's already shaken faith in the way the New Orleans Police Department handles sex crimes.

The city's inspector general found that five detectives who were assigned to nearly 1,300 calls alleging sexual assault in a three year period, failed to follow up on an astonishing 86 percent of them.

And in some of the most shocking findings by Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux's investigators, detectives at times ignored or misrepresented DNA evidence and medical reports; created backdated follow-up reports years later when questioned about the absence of those reports; and, in the case of one detective, even told people that sex with an incapacitated woman should not be a crime.

One detective, identified by NOPD as Akron Davis, also failed to follow up on 11 of 13 cases of child abuse, including at least two cases involving infants with head trauma.

"These failures do have serious human consequences for all, and 15 involve children," Quatrevaux said. "These revelations suggest an indifference to citizens that won't be tolerated and they offend all of the good police officers who work diligently to enforce the law."

The new report adds disturbing detail to the picture of an NOPD sex crimes unit that former Police Chief Ronal Serpas acknowledged had a historical tendency to look for ways to disprove rape allegations rather than attempting to back them up.

Serpas replaced the sex-crimes unit leadership in 2013, and new Chief Michael Harrison says he has now revamped the unit again. Asked what will be different this time, he said NOPD is making a concerted effort to change the culture of the unit and improve training.

The five detectives in the report made up nearly a third of the 16 detectives in the Special Victims Section, and four of them made up half of the sex-crimes unit. Harrison vowed to keep closer tabs on whether the new leadership is tracking the work of the detectives left in the unit from here on out.

Harrison joined Quatrevaux at a morning news conference to say he found the report's findings "disturbing" and had launched a full Public Integrity Bureau investigation into the actions of the five detectives, all of whom have been reassigned to patrol duty pending the probe. Harrison said there may be administrative violations involved and that the backdated reports could constitute a crime, injuring public records.

The new report also buttresses the IG's audit findings from May that already questioned if large percentages of sex crimes were being improperly downgraded.

Following up on the audit that sampled 90 cases in the spring, Quatrevaux's office focused in on the five detectives who were assigned to cases in that sample that lacked key documentation.

Expanding their review to all 1,290 sex-crime-related calls for service that were assigned to those five detectives between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2013, investigators found that 840 cases, or 65 percent of the calls, were classified as "miscellaneous incidents," not sex crimes, and closed without follow-up.

The remaining 35 percent, or 450 calls, were classified as actual sex-crime cases, but more than half of those didn't include any follow-up reporting either.

In all, the detectives produced follow-up reports on only 179 of the 1,290 sex-crime-related calls for service assigned to them – 14 percent.

Derrick Williams and Vernon Haynes
Derrick Williams and Vernon Haynes(Photo: NOPD)
The IG report does not name the five detectives, identifying them simply as Detectives A, B, C, D and E, but the New Orleans Police Department later identified them after a press conference to discuss the IG report. Detective A was identified as Akron Davis, Detective B as Vernon Haynes, Detective C as Merrill Merricks, Detective D as Damita Williams and Detective E as Derrick Williams.

In the IG report, two of them -- the ones later identified as Merrill Merricks and Derrick Williams -- failed to file any follow-up reports or information on more than 85 percent of their cases in 2011-2013 that were actually classified as sex crimes, the report says.

The report also says that shortly after investigators questioned why certain follow-up reports for those two detectives' cases were missing, Merricks and Derrick Williams created new reports and dated them as if they were produced two and three years earlier. The IG's chief investigator, former FBI agent Howard Schwartz, said the detectives created the backdated reports on the exact same day in 2013. Chief Harrison said that could be criminal if it's proven to have been done intentionally.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office intends to look into the matter, spokesman Christopher Bowman said. But the DA's office may have its own issues. The DA's chief investigator is Kirk Bouyelas, who was the NOPD deputy

it sent the wrong rape kit, but got no response.
Wrote a supplemental report dated in 2010 and another dated in 2011, but created both of those computerized reports on the same day in 2013, shortly after the IG asked for them.

Nov. 12, 2014,

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:53 pm

2 reads
one read is about the men who rape then
test the rape test kits

1st read ... s_13572169" onclick=";return false;

Memphis says it's cutting into backlog of untested rape kits
November 13, 2014 — A small group gathered listens intently to updated information on the city’s backlog of rape kits during a Sexual Assault Task Force community meeting at First Baptist Church, Broad Chapel, Thursday evening.

Memphis is slowly making headway in whittling down the untested rape kits in the city’s backlog, officials said in the third “Community Conversation” on the issue Thursday night.

Through September, at least some tests have been done on 3,157 rape kits from the city’s extensive backlog that started with 12,374, officials said. An additional 2,495 kits have been sent to labs and are awaiting tests, leaving 6,722 still waiting to be processed, officials added.

City officials called that good news.

“It’s under 8,000 now,” said Doug McGowen, director of the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team and a point man on the backlog. “It’s still a lot, but we’re making progress.”

However, hardly anyone was there to hear the news, as the event at First Baptist Church-Broad attracted fewer than 30 people. And, of those, more than half were either city officials or media members.

Meaghan Ybos, who is part of a class-action lawsuit against the city over the untested kits, wasn’t impressed by the numbers the city offered.

“The city hasn’t thrown any of its own money into the budget to get it done. That speaks volumes. We can have community meetings all day long, but that doesn’t put more rapists in prison,” Ybos told a reporter.

“The mayor just views it as our responsibility to have a venue where people can come together and discuss and ask questions,” McGowen said. “It’s about keeping this issue in the spotlight in the community. We have to continue

2nd read

Chief Penny Harrington - Special Report - Driving While Female" onclick=";return false;
charges of fondling teenage girls during traffic stops. In 1998, a Washington, DC, police officer was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl and an ...
Reports and Articles | Samuel Walker
Driving While Female: Sam Walker and Dawn Irlbeck are the authors of two reports on police sexual abuse of women, including teenage girls. Read the reports:.
[PDF]Police Sexual Abuse of Teenage Girls: A 2003 Update on “Driving ...
by S Walker - ‎2003 - ‎Cited by 4 - ‎Related articles
This report on “Police Sexual Abuse of Teenage Girls” is a 2003 update of a 2002 report on “Driving While Female” by the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:51 pm

see link for full story


November 17 2014

Featured photo - The Newsroom: What to Do When the FBI Breaks into Your Encrypted Filing Cabinet
In our ongoing quest to commit fearless acts of premium-cable-watching, we discuss this week’s The Newsroom. In this episode: We confront our own relationships to OPSEC, ethics, and the radicalization of our favorite lunch item. Enjoy.

Peter Maass: Micah, as our security expert, if I am a flash drive or a senior editor and I want to hide, where should I hide when the FBI comes for me?

Micah Lee: Neal’s Office Depot filing cabinet is not a safe place to hide, Peter.

Margot Williams: Does Office Depot sell an encrypted filing cabinet?

Maass: The episode was very Assange-Manning w/r/t to SIPRNet and transferring data out of it.

Natasha Vargas-Cooper: Whats SIPRNet? (PLEASE DONT FIRE ME)

Maass: SIPRNet: “a system of interconnected computer networks used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State to transmit classified information (up to and including information classified SECRET) by packet switching over the TCP/IP protocols in a ‘completely secure’ environment.” (Thank you, Wikipedia)

Lee: How does Neal know how to access and copy documents off SIPRNet, being a social media editor, yet his source doesn’t?

Maass: He who tweets the most, gets the most classified documents.

NVC: OK, so in this case, Neal is more like ASSANGE than Manning? BUT WHO IS ADRIAN LAMO?????

Lee: Adrian Lamo is their lawyer! She gave horrible advice. First, she’s all like “you committed espionage” instead of “you’re innocent until proven guilty”—and they’re all assuming that the FBI is going to immediately know Neal’s role to begin with. When the FBI started raiding, she didn’t even look at the warrant. The FBI wanted to search all of the computers, which could compromise other sources. I think they could have fought the NSL privately before letting them begin the search. And there was way too much talking to the FBI without a lawyer in the room, and way too little calling in extra lawyers to stop the FBI from beginning their search.

Maass: Laying things out, Neal’s situation is a remix of four major journalist/whistleblower cases: 1) Neal getting reamed for helping his source extract docs—that’s Assange/Manning; 2) Neal being hounded as aiding or abetting his source, that’s mostly Rosen/Kim; 3) Neal facing trouble for not giving up the name of his source—that’s Risen/Sterling as well as Miller/Libby (Risen is a kickass journalist, btw); 4) Snowden being charged under Espionage Act.

Lee: This is the section of the Espionage Act she is citing: Espionage Act, 18 U.S.C. § 793 (e) Whoever having unauthorized possession of, access to, or control over any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, or note relating to the national defense, or information relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation, willfully communicates, delivers, transmits or causes to be communicated, delivered, or trans

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:18 pm

THE FBI’S BOGUS ISIS BUST ... -bust.html" onclick=";return false;


This week, we’re treated to more news of the new breed of ISIS recruits—Americans in the coveted 15-29 year old demographic. Heather Elizabeth Coffman, not yet 30, has been charged by federal authorities with “making a false statement regarding an offense involving international or domestic terrorism,” as the Washington Post reports. Statements posted to her Facebook page include such gems as “We are all ISIS,” “I love ISIS!” and, in reference to her sister, “My dad is a little angry because I got her into all this jihad stuff.”

Quotes like these suggest myriad reasons for respectable mainstream culture to write off Coffman as one more failed American. She is a designated loser in so many respects. Coffman lives with her parents in Henrico, Virginia (where?). A white single mother to a seven-year-old son, she works (or worked) at the local mall, and only recently got into Allah. What a catch, right? And those white-trash eyebrows? Gross.

Pinned to the center of the world’s least fashionable Venn diagram, Heather Coffman appears to have no one but the government to count on for careful attention. But the government is planning to throw her in jail—no court date, son be damned. An all-too-attentive FBI agent, pretending to be some pro-ISIS guy on the Internet, succeeded in wringing from Coffman an offer to hook him up with Islamic State peeps in Turkey. (Turkey?) Allegedly, says the FBI, Coffman also dallied online with a murky “husband” figure who (apparently) lives abroad and (apparently) is into the jihad stuff as well.

Armed with this sad mushball of evidence of…something, the feds have promptly put the kibosh on Heather Coffman’s life, such is it is. Her best-case scenario is now worse than many of our personal Plan Zs. Good luck getting rehired at Hot Topic with a stint in federal terrorist prison, or reclaiming custody of a child with your pro-ISIS Facebook page running more wild and free than you’ll ever be again.

For a government keen on preventing another “Jihad Jane” embarrassment, what difference does Coffman’s fate make now? Like Jane, born Colleen LaRose, Coffman falls straight between the cracks of our pity-crazy culture, into the gaping category of human goods too damaged for social use. LaRose’s attorney described her in words that will predictably be assigned to Coffman—“a lonely and vulnerable woman easily manipulated by others online.” Coffman’s unforgivable ISIS crush, it will surely turn out, can too “be explained in part by deep psychological scars from her childhood.”

God knows how much it sucks to be Heather Coffman. Odds are, she hasn’t had it quite as bad as LaRose, for whom jihad seemed like quite a step up from six years of prepubescent rape at the hands of her father, a teenage life as a runaway prostitute, and a marriage, at sweet sixteen, to a nice boy twice her age. "I was in a trance and I couldn't see anything else," LaRose said at her sentencing. "I don't want to be in jihad no more."

Coffman hadn’t even the chance: law enforcement stopped her—phew!—mid-trance. We can’t be too careful. In an age when the Internet has organized infinite communities of failed Americans into potentially lethal weapons, the precautionary principle dictates that we jail first and ask questions later. The likes of Coffman are “probably” already halfway wards of the state anyhow.

And so it goes, another chapter written in the mutually abusive relationship of bad government and bad culture. Thanks to the current administration’s preposterous Mideast policy, the Islamic State took advantage of the howling moral vacuum at the heart of failed and failing humans, from America to Aleppo, with no one to help them say no to acting out the most naively c

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:48 pm

Angry protesters storm FBI building, back scared cops into corner November 7, 2014 12:55 am EST 6 Comments

Washington D.C. — This Tuesday, protesters assembled at various sites across the world for a demonstration called “The Million Mask March.” The protests were not centered on one specific issue or event, but served as an outlet for people to voice their frustrations with the different institutions that control their lives.

Protests hit major cities worldwide, with some of the largest in London and Washington DC. During the protests in Washington DC, a group of masked Anonymous protesters stormed the FBI headquarters to face a group of terrified police officers.

At first, the police patrolling the building were caught off guard, and one or two officers came face to face with legions of angry protesters. One officer in the video is seen shaking in fear as he threatens the protesters with violence and arrest.

Eventually, the lone officers were joined by an army of cops who made a human wall to stop the protesters from entering the building. At one point, the protesters can be heard chanting “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” a remembrance to the case of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager recently shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:30 pm

see link for full story ... fety-video" onclick=";return false;

Hungarian police accused of victim-blaming in safety video
Video depicts three friends on a night out and closes with slogan: ‘You are responsible’
Daniel Nolan in Budapest
Monday 24 November 2014 12.43 EST

Women’s groups and civil rights organisations in Hungary have expressed anger over an official public safety video that appears to partially blame women for sexual assaults against them.

The video depicts three friends on a night out, dressing up, drinking, dancing and flirting, before one of them is approached by a hooded assailant outside a nightclub. It closes with a shot of the woman lying on the ground, and the slogan: “You are responsible, you can do something about it.”

The film was one of three commissioned by Baránya county police in a £9,000 crime-prevention initiative, and premiered at a cinema in Pécs, Hungary’s fifth largest city, last Friday.

“Official copies have been handed over to local school board representatives so that they can show it to students during crime prevention discussions,” the police said in a press release. “The films feature popular local actors and Fanni Weisz, an equal opportunities activist and the ‘official face’ of Pécs.”

The Association of Hungarian Women launched an online petition calling on the police to make public safety education videos that “address the offenders, not the victims”.

Éva Cserháti, of Hungary’s Women United Against Violence (NaNe), told the Guardian the video caricatured female sexuality “almost to the level of a soft-porn movie” and suggested “that women should not drink or have fun in a way that is not completely acceptable to men, because this sort of behaviour is provocation”. She said the video “intentionally spreads some of the worst ideas of an extremely socially conservative and patriarchal society”.

Cserháti said the portrayal of the offender was also problematic. “A stranger attacking a woman on a dark street is very rare. Most sexual assaults are committed by somebody known to the victim, often from their inner circle of friends and family,” s

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:05 pm

see link for full story ... -rep-grimm" onclick=";return false;

Ethics panel again defers to Justice on Rep. Grimm
U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm remains under investigation despite winning the election in November. AP Photo/Richard Drew
U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm remains under investigation despite winning the election in November

Rep. Michael Grimm of New York won re-election this month, but he still faces a criminal investigation into possible campaign finance violations, as well as a 20-count indictment on tax fraud and other charges.

The House Ethics Committee said Wednesday it again is deferring an investigation of possible campaign finance violations by the Staten Island Republican, leaving the matter in the hands of the Justice Department, which is conducting a criminal probe. The ethics panel also deferred action in 2012 and 2013, citing the ongoing criminal probe.

The committee said in a statement Wednesday that the Justice Department continues to investigate allegations that Grimm solicited and accepted prohibited contributions from foreign donors and improperly offered to help a foreign national obtain a green card in exchange for campaign contributions.

During his first race for Congress, in 2010, Grimm acknowledged receiving $250,000 to $300,000 in contributions from followers of an Israeli rabbi, Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto. Some members of Pinto's congregation subsequently said they made tens of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions, including gifts passed through straw donors.

The Israeli businessman who had served as Grimm's liaison to Pinto's followers, Ofer Biton, pleaded guilty last year to an immigration fraud charge.

The ethics complaint is separate from the indictment on tax fraud and other charges.

In that case, Grimm is accused of evading taxes by concealing more than $1 million in sales and wages while running a small Manhattan restaurant. Grimm, a former FBI agent, has called the case a political "witch hunt" meant to drive him out of office.

Grimm has stepped down from the House Financial Services Committee.

Grimm, 44, faces still another ethics probe after he was caught on camera threatening to harm a television reporter last January, following President Barack Obama's State of the Union address. Grimm threatened to throw the reporter off a balcony after the reporter asked him about the FBI probe into his campaign finances. Grimm later apologized.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Fri Nov 28, 2014 3:41 pm

see link for full story

Learning from Bayard Rustin in Harlem and Beyond: An Interview with Filmmaker Bennett Singer
Posted: 11/28/2014 4:02 pm ... 38174.html" onclick=";return false;

Are there any words or images from the film, or your research, that particularly stick with you?
Before his death in 1987, Rustin requested his FBI surveillance file under the Freedom of Information Act. About 10,000 pages arrived on his doorstep, and his life partner Walter Naegle, who appears in the film and was invaluable to the project, shared the entire file with us. We quote it throughout Brother Outsider to remind people that from the official point of view of the federal government, Rustin -- and the entire civil rights movement -- was seen as subversive and un-American. The FBI repeatedly referred to Rustin as a "known sexual pervert." I also think it's chilling to consider the kind of surveillance that was conducted on Rustin -- in which the government wiretaps and monitors a citizen who is not accused of any specific crime -- in light of the revelations that Edward Snowden made about surveillance taking place today.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:21 pm" onclick=";return false;

Pregnant St. Louis woman loses left eye after police officer shoots non-lethal round at car
November 28 2014

A pregnant St. Louis woman lost her left eye after a violent run-in with law enforcement earlier this week.

Dornnella Conners says an officer fired a non-lethal bean-bag round at the car she was in – shattering the passenger side window.

Shards of glass bloodied her face and robbed her of sight in her left eye, according to reports.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:57 pm

see link for full bullet wound

The Police Are Still Out of Control
I should know.
By FRANK SERPICO October 23, 2014

In the opening scene of the 1973 movie “Serpico,” I am shot in the face—or to be more accurate, the character of Frank Serpico, played by Al Pacino, is shot in the face. Even today it’s very difficult for me to watch those scenes, which depict in a very realistic and terrifying way what actually happened to me on Feb. 3, 1971. I had recently been transferred to the Narcotics division of the New York City Police Department, and we were moving in on a drug dealer on the fourth floor of a walk-up tenement in a Hispanic section of Brooklyn. The police officer backing me up instructed me (since I spoke Spanish) to just get the apartment door open “and leave the rest to us.”

One officer was standing to my left on the landing no more than eight feet away, with his gun drawn; the other officer was to my right rear on the stairwell, also with his gun drawn. When the door opened, I pushed my way in and snapped the chain. The suspect slammed the door closed on me, wedging in my head and right shoulder and arm. I couldn’t move, but I aimed my snub-nose Smith & Wesson revolver at the perp (the movie version unfortunately goes a little Hollywood here, and has Pacino struggling and failing to raise a much-larger 9-millimeter automatic). From behind me no help came. At that moment my anger got the better of me. I made the almost fatal mistake of taking my eye off the perp and screaming to the officer on my left: “What the hell you waiting for? Give me a hand!” I turned back to face a gun blast in my face. I had cocked my weapon and fired back at him almost in the same instant, probably as reflex action, striking him. (He was later captured.)

When I regained consciousness, I was on my back in a pool of blood trying to assess the damage from the gunshot wound in my cheek. Was this a case of small entry, big exit, as often happens with bullets? Was the back of my head missing? I heard a voice saying, “Don’ worry, you be all right, you be all right,” and when I opened my eyes I saw an old Hispanic man looking down at me like Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan. My “backup” was nowhere in sight. They hadn’t even called for assistance—I never heard the famed “Code 1013,” meaning “Officer Down.” They didn’t call an ambulance either, I later learned; the old man did. One patrol car responded to investigate, and realizing I was a narcotics officer rushed me to a nearby hospital (one of the officers who drove me that night said, “If I knew it was him, I would have left him there to bleed to death,” I learned later).

The next time I saw my “back-up” officers was when one of them came to the hospital to bring me my watch. I said, “What the hell am I going to do with a watch? What I needed was a back-up. Where were you?” He said, “fudge you,” and left. Both my “back-ups” were later awarded medals for saving my life.

I still don’t know exactly what happened on that day. There was never any real investigation. But years later, Patrick Murphy, who was police commissioner at the time, was giving a speech at one of my alma maters, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and I confronted him. I said, “My name is Frank Serpico, and I’ve been carrying a bullet in my head for over 35 years, and you, Mr. Murphy, are the man I hold responsible. You were the man who was brought as commissioner to take up the cause that I began — rooting out corruption. You could have protected me; instead you put me in harm’s way. What have you got to say?” He hung his head, and had no answer.

Even now, I do not know for certain why I was left trapped in that door by my fellow police officers. But the Narcotics division was rotten to the core, with many guys taking money from the very drug dealers they were supposed to bust. I had refused to take bribes and had testified against my fellow officers. Police make up a peculiar subculture in society. More often than not they have their own moral code of behavior, an “us against them” attitude, enforced by a Blue Wall of Silence. It’s their version of the Mafia’s omerta. Speak out, and you’re no longer “one of us.” You’re one of “them.” And as James Fyfe, a nationally recognized expert on the use of force, wrote in his 1993 book about this issue, Above The Law, officers who break the code sometimes won’t be helped in emergency situations, as I wasn’t.

On the left, Al Pacino plays Serpico in the 1973 movie. On the right, Frank Serpico leaves the Bronx County Courthouse after testifying on police corruption in 1973. | Getty Images
Forty-odd years on, my story probably seems like ancient history to most people, layered over with Hollywood legend. For me it’s not, since at the age of 78 I’m still deaf in one ear and I walk with a limp and I carry fragments of the bullet near my brain. I am also, all these years later, still persona non grata in the NYPD. Never mind that, thanks to Sidney Lumet’s direction and Al Pacino’s brilliant acting, “Serpico” ranks No. 40 on the American Film Institute’s list of all-time movie heroes, or that as I travel around the country and the world, police officers often tell me they were inspired to join the force after seeing the movie at an early age.

In the NYPD that means little next to my 40-year-old heresy, as they see it. I still get hate mail from active and retired police officers. A couple of years ago after the death of David Durk — the police officer who was one of my few allies inside the department in my efforts to expose graft — the Internet message board “NYPD Rant” featured some choice messages directed at me. “Join your mentor, Rat scum!” said one. An ex-con recently related to me that a precinct captain had once said to him, “If it wasn’t for that f***kin’ Serpico, I coulda been a millionaire today.” My informer went on to say, “Frank, you don’t seem to understand, they had a well-oiled money making machine going and you came along and threw a handful of sand in the gears.”

Read more: ... z3KgZK5We4" onclick=";return false;

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:36 pm

see link for full story ... dence-room" onclick=";return false;

FBI Blasted For Failing To Video Monitor Its Own Evidence Room

The FBI’s evidence-handling controls are so lax that the agency didn’t have video cameras in its Washington field office evidence room, according to court documents that lawyers say could be used to call into question any number of convictions.

Although use of cameras is considered a good practice, neither the D.C. field office nor a cross-border task force assigned to major narcotics cases in the metropolitan area

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:22 pm

see link for full story ... /19866269/" onclick=";return false;

Report: Hundreds of police killings not reported

More than 550 law-enforcement killings were not included in FBI statistics between 2007 and 2012, according to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal, which concluded it is nearly impossible to tally how many people are killed by police officers in any given year.

Police killings have come under increased scrutiny following a spate of fatal shootings, most notably the August shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.
The Journal said it studied police killing records provided by 105 of the biggest police forces in the nation. The data showed 1,825 officer-involved killings in those departments between 2007 and 2012 - nearly 50 percent more than the FBI's tally.
Alexia Cooper, a statistician with the Bureau of Justice Statistics, said that the FBI is unable to identify which agencies choose not to report police killings.
"What we know is that some places have chosen not to report these, for whatever reason," Cooper told the Journal.
According to the Journal, local agencies are not required to provide the FBI with detailed records, including statistics that show which killings came at the hands of police officers.
States and police departments have developed their own policies that generally permit officers to use force when they reasonably fear imminent physical harm. The Supreme Court shaped the national standard in a 1989 decision that said the use of force must be evaluated through the "perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene" rather than being judged after the fact. That means officers are often given the benefit of the doubt by prosecutors and grand jurors reluctant to second-guess their d

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:28 pm ... nd-juries/" onclick=";return false;

see link for full story


Coercive 13th Century Relics, They Serve the Political Interests of DAs, Not Justice
No More Grand Juries
In case people didn’t get it earlier, it’s time to recognize that the ancient institution of the grand jury has outlived its usefulness, and should be eliminated, as its only real purpose today is to give prosecutors political cover and an added cudgel with which to intimidate witnesses.

Originally established back 1215 as part of the Magna Carta in England, the intent was to put some constraint on the ability of the king to prosecute opponents. In modern times, its use has been reduced, and in fact, throughout the world in countries where the justice system is based upon British Common Law, it has been eliminated — with the notable exception of the United States.

We should be asking why the US, where justice and the rule of law have been so exceptionally corrupted, perverted and and subverted in recent decades, with the virtual elimination of trial by jury in criminal cases, the undermining of habeas corpus, and the ubiquity of excessive bail, not to mention wide-spread racism in all phases of the legal process, from arrest and arraignment to jury selection and sentencing, is the US the lone major country still holding on to grand juries. (Hint: It can’t be for anything good.)

What we have seen in Ferguson, MO in the case of the grand jury “investigation” there of white Ferguson Police Office Darren Willson and his killing of the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, and in New York City, and in the case of the grand jury “investigation” of NY Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo and his killing, by illegal choke hold, of Eric Garner, the unarmed black father of six, are two examples of a grand jury being used to provide the state, and specifically two elected district attorneys, with an excuse and political cover not to prosecute criminal police officers.

In Ferguson, an unarmed youth who was simply walking down the middle of a largely empty street, was gunned down by a police officer while he was on the ground pleading for mercy. In New York, a 43-year-old man, trying to support his family by selling cigarettes on the sidewalk was piled on by four police officers, one of whom, while the victim was being held on prone on the sidewalk, his face ground into the concrete, choked him to death with an arm hold that had long been specifically banned by the NYPD because of the number of deaths it had caused.

The prosecutor in the first case, Robert McCollom, hails from a family of police officers — his father and brothers were all cops, and his father had reportedly been slain during a call by a black man with a sniper rifle. On that basis alone, he should have stepped aside in this particular case because of an unseemly appearance of and potential for bias. But it gets worse. After the grand jury reached its controversial “decision” not to indict Wilson for any violation at all in the slaying of Brown, it was reported that Democrat McCollom, in addition to being St. Louis County’s top prosecutor, is also president of an organization called The Backstoppers, Inc., a charity that raises money to support cops in Missouri and Illinois, and to compound the felony, that organization had been selling T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase: “I support Officer Wilson.”

In New York, where there are five boroughs and five elected prosecutors, the district attorney who presided over the grand jury that declined to find any violation in Officer Panteleo’s killing of Garner, is Dan Donovan, a politically ambitious Republican in the city’s one Republican-majority borough. To win a GOP nomination to any higher office in the state, Donovan needs to establish his “tough on crime” reputation, which in the Republican Party tends to be a codeword for “tough on minorities.” It also means being an unquestioning backer of police. As Jeffrey Fagan, a Columbia University law professor specializing in police accountability and criminal law, explained the importance of this grand jury in a local publication called The Gothamist:

“It’s politically costly for Dan Donovan to indict a police officer on Staten Island. He can easily shift the political and legal burden to the Department of Justice to decide whether to pursue criminal charges. He’s washed his hands of it.”

Of course, grand juries are most often used to indict criminals who aren’t police officers, but in that case, they actually are completely superfluous. While at the federal level, grand juries are required for any felony indictment, at the state or county level, prosecutors have the full authority to present charges against suspects for crimes without going through the process of a grand jury hearing. In fact, the whole idea of a grand jury investigation in a criminal case at the state level is a huge waste of time and money, particularly for those citizens who are impaneled and have to sit through the process of hearing witnesses.

As jurist Sol Wachtler, a former chief judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, once famously said of the institution of the grand jury that “any prosecutor who wanted to could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.” His point was that prosecutors control all the information that the lay people on the grand jury hear about a case in question, and also provide the legal information those citizen jurors need in terms of what different charges, for example first or second-degree murder, manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter, entail. (In the Ferguson case, we know from grand jury transcripts that McColloch misinformed jurors about the law, inaccurately informing them that in Missouri, it’s legal for police to shoot and kill “fleeing felons.” It is not legal to do so, and the DA surely knew that. We don’t know what Staten Island DA told his grand jury, because the transcript, as with most grand juries, is sealed.)

While both grand jurors and petit jurors have the right to reach their own conclusions in a case, regardless of the evidence and of any instructions from, respectively, a prosecutor or a judge, it is rare enough to see petit jurors reach a decision different from what they are instructed by a judge and rarer still to see a grand jury ignore the recommendations of a prosecutor.

So if grand juries are abused for the purpose of giving political cover to district attorneys, and aren’t needed to bring charges against criminals, why do we have them? Well, it turns out that prosecutors love them for another reason. They get to bring in witnesses and suspected accomplices of criminal suspects and then compel them to testify about what they know — before any trial even takes place.

Witnesses at a grand jury hearing (which is always closed to the public, unlike a courtroom), are required to answer all questions put to them, unless they plead protection under the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. That’s a powerful investigative tool for a local prosecutor, and one district attorneys would be loath to give up. After all, the FBI has the advantage, in investigating a crime, that it is a federal felony to lie to an FBI agent, even when not placed under oath, but it is not a crime to lie to a state or local police officer or detective. It’s also a tool that can be overused or improperly used in politically-motivated prosecutions, since simply leaking word that someone in a grand jury hearing “took the Fifth” can destroy a career, even though there can actually be many non-criminal reasons for doing so — for example exposing a marital infidelity, or perhaps a hidden but embarrassing sexual proclivity.

All in all, we’d all be much better off, and our civil liberties, human rights, and the rule of law would be better protected if grand juries in the US were scrapped as they have been in most of the rest of the English-speaking world.

For starters, corrupted, biased and politically ambitious prosecutors like McCollom and Donovan would have to stand on their own two feet and take full responsibility for any controversial decision not to prosecute police officers who clearly, as demonstrated by video evidence, used excessive force and killed unarmed citizens not guilty of any crime.

The mounting toll of such extrajudicial murders by increasingly militarized and brutal US police of innocent, unarmed people, now running in excess of 1400 per year, demands that we have

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:37 pm

Hey I am working to create volunteer civilian
review police boards with subpoena powers
that create standards for and enforce those standards
of their community criminal justice system.

don't even bother creating a civilian review
police board unless it has full subpoena powers

What are you doing?

Lawsuit: Police pursuing gangs raid wrong home

see link for full story ... spect.html" onclick=";return false;

December 6, 2014

OXNARD, CALIF. — A lawsuit claims a 2-year-old boy was injured by shrapnel from a smoke bomb after Oxnard police looking for gang members raided the wrong home, a newspaper reported.

The Ventura County Star said Saturday that the lawsuit filed in county Superior Court seeks unspecified damages for negligence, assault, false imprisonment, trespassing and emotional distress.

"This was truly an example of complete incompetence," family attorney Ron Bamieh told the newspaper. "If they did any due diligence, they would have known there was a family living there. The kids play on the front yard every single day."

The lawsuit said police and FBI agents broke the front windows and sent three smoke bombs into the condominium of Jose and Paulina Salinas before dawn on April 16, before crashing through the front door.

The couple's three children were at home.

Read more here: ... rylink=cpy" onclick=";return false;

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:15 pm ... 8ae72.html" onclick=";return false;

FBI remains silent on deadly shootout in Hanley Hills

December 03, 2014 12:05 am •

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • One week after a murder suspect died in a standoff with the FBI, the agency has said almost nothing about it despite growing demands for more transparency in police sh

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:45 pm

see link for full story ... _meet_aclu" onclick=";return false;

December 9, 2014
Pepper-sprayed man to meet ACLU
Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Man Pepper Sprayed During Protests

American Civil Liberties Union representatives will meet tomorrow with a Cambridge man — who recorded a state trooper pepper-
spraying him at a protest of police tactics last week — to determine whether any legal action should be taken.

“We are concerned by what we have seen and heard about this incident,” said ACLU Boston spokesman Christopher Ott, who said the organization would meet with Kin Moy, 24, tomorrow and have further comment afterwards.

Moy, who as of yesterday had not responded to state police investigators who have been trying to reach him, told the Herald yesterday, “I feel there is a lack of accountability when it comes to police using excessive force. If it is found that this is a case of it not being acceptable, appropriate, legal behavior on the officer’s part, then solely for the sake of adhering to those principles of accountability, I would want to pursue something, so that there is some sort of repercussion.”

Moy was among the crowd protesting the killings of unarmed black men by police in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, N.Y. on Thursday night when he said he witnessed officers “dog-piling this guy who was not resisting arrest.”

Moy filmed the episode — including a trooper yelling he was going to “get sprayed” if he didn’t leave. The trooper released quick squirts of pepper spray. Moy then posted his video on YouTube.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:55 pm

Kevin Ryan" onclick=";return false;

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:43 pm ... story.html" onclick=";return false;

In 2003, U.S. experts doubted key Iraq war claim: CIA cable
CIA Director John Brennan
In this February 4, 2014 file photo, Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan testifies before the House Select Intelligence Committee on worldwide threts
Middle East Europe International Military Interventions Wars and Interventions George W. Bush Dick Cheney John O. Brennan
A CIA cable disclosed on Thursday showed that U.S. counterterrorism officials in 2003 discounted reports that a leader of the Sept. 11 attacks met an Iraqi intelligence official in Prague just before the attacks, further undermining a Bush administration argument for the invasion of Iraq.

Senator Carl Levin released a newly declassified section of a March 11, 2003 cable that undercut administration statements that Mohammed Atta and Iraqi agent Ahmad al-Anian had met in the Czech capital in April 2001.

"[T]here is not one [U.S. counter terrorism] or FBI expert that ... has said they have evidence or 'know' that [Atta] was indeed [in Prague]. In fact the analysis has been quite the opposite," said the cable, made available by Levin, retiring chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had earlier linked Iraq with al Qaeda and international terrorism and, incorrectly, said it was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, justifying the March 20, 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

Postby msfreeh » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:18 pm

Buffalo cop suspended for repeatedly hitting man with nightstick
Incident was all caught on camera

Ed Drantch
6:30 PM, Dec 11, 2014
28 mins ago

Buffalo Police are investigating the officer, who used his night stick, to hit the man on the ground

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Buffalo Police Officer Corey Krug was caught on camera by one of our 7 Eyewitness News Photographers, hitting a man with his baton, early on Thanksgiving morning.

Krug is off the job and is suspended without pay. Police are looking into the video and what Krug is recorded doing.

While it's unclear if or when he'll return to work, we're told this is just the beginning of the process, now that the video has become public.

With his nightstick in hand, Officer Corey Krug stormed down Chippewa Street, early Thanksgiving morning. Video shows him going to confront a man, who was seemingly about to get into a fight. But confrontation quickly turned physical.

Officers rushed to the scene. Krug told the man on the ground to get up. The officer winds up and swings his baton again.

Those officers who rushed to the scene told Krug he was being recorded on camera. It was our photographer who was documenting the altercation. He was following police officers on the job, when he saw Officer Krug hitting the man and then letting him walk away.

"They're telling this guy to walk away so apparently he did nothing," said Daire Irwin. Irwin is an attorney with the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Irwin says in a situation like this, police officers would normally charge someone with something. In this case, there was no arrest.

"I absolutely categorically believe his civil rights were violated," Irwin said.

After 7 Eyewitness News showed the tape to the Buffalo Police Commissioner Dan Derenda, Krug was suspended without pay indefinitely.

Derenda says he's reached out to both the FBI and the US Attorney's Office, for a possible investigation into civil rights violations. The police department is also doing its own investigation.

Derenda would not comment about the video.

"What I will say is as it has shown, this administration takes inappropriate behavior very seriously and appropriate action was taken in each and every case," Derenda said.

Krug joins a list of at least 15 Buffalo Police officers who have been charged, convicted or suspended, since 2012.

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

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Re: nothing will change unless you take control

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A Confederacy of Dunces: Part 5 of 7
Posted on December 12, 2014

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ConfederacyKeep in mind Connolly was never convicted of taking any money nor was any other FBI agent. One agent, John Morris, admitted taking $7,000 from Whitey and $5,000 from another TEI. There were allegations that another agent nicknamed “Agent Orange” took $1000 and that others received expensive clocks or knick=knacks from Whitey according to Kevin Weeks but those allegations were met with denials. As it stands only one agent admitted taking money. And even if those others did, there was no evidence that they did anything in return for the gifts other than what they were obligated to do under the TEI program.

Having been in the business for many years as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer I suggest it is a stretch to say if a cop or agent receives a gift at Christmas from a gangster he is corrupt. I don’t condone such things because doing it leads to precisely the situation some law enforcement officers find themselves in where they feel an obligation to the giver. There’s lots of freebies that are given to cops such as passes to sporting events or late night meals or the proverbial apple from the fruit stand but to suggest that means widespread corruption and that it only happened in Boston is to ignore reality.

After Kelly said there was no doubt Whitey was an informant suggesting he was one as far back as in the Fifties when he was arrested for armed robbery (which under Kelly’s theory he talked to the FBI agents who arrested him would make him one but as I’ve suggested he did so because he was trying to get his girlfriend out of trouble) Carney struck back.

Carney said Jim, Whitey doesn’t like to be called Whitey for some reason even though he used to introduce himself to people who didn’t know him who he was trying to frighten as Whitey, was never an informant. His whole life is a testament to that. What is a sign one is an informant, it is the person received money. There is no showing money went to Whitey. (Carney nicely forgets that protection is even better than money)

Carney then outdoes himself saying at Christmas Jimmy stuffed between 30 and 40 envelopes full of cash for the cops in amounts between $1,000 and $100,000. Kevin Weeks, Whitey’s former backup, told us about the envelopes. He said they mostly contained $100 or a little higher. One for Agent Orange contained $1000 and for Connolly $5000. Carney has no problem with multiplying the amounts to astronomical levels. He’ll later go from there to say 35, or between 30 and 40, FBI agents were on Whitey’s payroll. I assume he figured that out because of the number of envelopes allegedly stuffed with money. But Weeks said most of the money went to the local Southie cops and only 2 envelopes were for FBI agents.

Loose talk like Carney’s serves little purpose in getting at the truth but he’s a criminal defense lawyer and that type of reasoning is necessary when dealing with the type of clients he represents.

Boeri popped in to suggest Whitey was an informant but not as good as Stevie Flemmi who he said was the best informant the FBI ever had. He doesn’t addre

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