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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

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Investigative Reporting into Drug Trafficking, 9/11 & Terrorism

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Ferrie, Oswald, Seal: ‘Committing Journalism’ in New Orleans

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Daniel Hopsicker

Leading up to this weekend’s Oswald Conference in New Orleans, over the next few days I will be publishing interviews and video of eyewitnesses who knew three men Americans were violently prevented from hearing.

David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Barry Seal—each with intimate knowledge of the plot to kill JFK—met at a two-week Louisiana Civil Air patrol summer camp at Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport Louisiana.

It turns out a lot of people in New Orleans— pilots, aviation professionals, and former members of the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol—still remember them.

"Dude, you're harshing my mellow"

Fifteen years ago I left my home for more than a decade in Newport Beach California to spend two years in and around New Orleans Louisiana investigating the life and brutal assassination of a life-long CIA pilot who Federal prosecutors called the “biggest drug smuggler in American history.”

His name was Barry Seal.

At least initially, I was just looking for eyewitnesses who knew him from his role in the explosive growth of cocaine trafficking during the 1980’s.

I was driving a beat-up ’83 Audi and clutching a Sony camcorder that had been dropped on its head, and now delivered images that seemed to glow in the dark.

It hadn’t always been like that.

Before I became interested in Seal, I was producing a business TV show airing internationally, documentaries and new product introductions for major American companies whose names are household words, and, it almost goes without saying, driving a BMW.

"Definitely second unit meat"
I even went to Cannes for a few years. Not the glamorous Festival de Cannes; I went to MIPCON, the more-subdued and less classy TV version. Still, I partied on a few yachts, and distinctly remember carousing at an all-night MTV affair under a full moon in a 12th Century castle perched high above the city overlooking the Mediterranean.

Those days are gone. No more helicopter shots. Hell, no more dolly shots, even. No more 2-or-3-man crews, no editing sessions in Hollywood with catered lunches. Its pretty much been what a huge red-haired bear of a sound engineer once described to me with a grimace as "definitely second unit meat."

Still, even with all that, today I wouldn’t change a thing. I was an eyewitness to history, Well, maybe not exactly. Instead, I was able to interview several dozen people who were eyewitnesses to our—to America’s—secret history. Many had never before spoken—or even been approached—to tell anyone about what they’d seen.

What happens in New Orleans

what_happens_in_new_orleansWhat's odd about that is that those in the mainstream media who are only too eager to use labels to discredit anyone with the temerity to question the official story, are never keen—or even curious—about interviewing any eyewitness who possesses what called "inconvenient knowledge."

Here’s what I learned: What happens in New Orleans doesn’t absolutely have to stay in New Orleans. But good luck trying to get any of the really juicy bits out.

And if you do, prepare to be called a “conspiracist,” a “conspiracy theorist.”

Or worse.

"And I thought Hollywood was a 'Company' Town"

Something strange was going on in the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol in the mid-Fifties that leads like a trail of bread crumbs through the signal events of America’s secret history during the second half of the 20th Century.

In New Orleans, I found and interviewed eyewitnesses to America’s secret history: pilots, aviation professionals, and former members of the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol, who in those long-ago days in 1955 trained with David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and/or Barry Seal.

For example, the story of how David Ferrie recruited Lee Harvey Oswald and Barry Seal into America's “clandestine services” has long been a well-kept secret, and for good reason.

BARRY-SEAL-No more. A picture of 16-year old Barry Seal preparing to step onto a US Air Force plane bound for a two-week summer camp of the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol at Barksdale Air Force Base in July of 1955 where he will meet fellow cadet Lee Harvey Oswald, and where both will fall into the orbit of the freakish David Ferrie was published in “Barry & ‘the boys.’”

A close perusal offers more than a glimpse into what really happened: While still an impressionable teenager both Barry Seal and Lee Harvey Oswald came under the tutelage of a man you wouldn't want your worst enemies' kid to know, pedophile David Ferrie.

Had no one known? Of course they had. They've just been afraid to talk.

High Concept: Interview eyewitnesses. Write down what they say.

Today Collin Hamer is an archivist and librarian at the New Orleans Public Library who still retains attendance records from his time in the CAP with Ferrie and Oswald, where he was one of Ferrie’s protégés.

Oswald attended more than a dozen CAP meetings led by David Ferrie in an Eastern Airlines hangar at Moisant Airport, he testified to the House Select Committee on Assassinations.
"Ferrie was a unit leader. He headed the Civil Air Patrol Unit during the period that Oswald attended,” Hamer told the Committee. “They were both there."

He recounted a story to me about how Ferrie came to move his CAP unit from Lakefront Airport to New Orleans International (Moisant.)

"Our CAP unit was all-boy, which was just the way Ferrie liked it," said Hamer, “until a woman named Gladys Durr brought her girl scout troop over, and we all paired off, boys and girls together. Dave Ferrie didn't like that one little bit. He and Durr got into a hot clash, and he moved to the Moisant unit."

One reason Ferrie used the CAP was for the procurement of young boys for what Hamer wryly called "unauthorized physicals."

A 'special' CAP unit for military drills

Eddie Shearer was another cadet in Ferrie's Civil Air Patrol unit before joining the Air Force. I read him a quote about the military demeanor of Ferrie's outfit, and he quickly affirmed its truth.

"The entire reason for the existence of Ferrie’s New Orleans Squadron was national drill competitions. We attended three years in a row," said Shearer.

"The accent in the New Orleans unit was totally on professionalism. Almost all of Ferrie's cadets intended to go into the Air Force, and if you had your CAP "Certificate of Proficiency" when you entered, you automatically had a leg up, and began basic training with one stripe already."

Shearer spent time hanging around the gas station that Carlos Marcello gave Ferrie right after the Kennedy assassination.
“There's never been any doubt in my mind that Dave's gas station, a Gulf station out on Airline Highway, was his CIA cover," said Shearer.

"Some people I knew pretty well hung out there, and it was the funniest thing: if you drove in to fill up with gasoline—which is what a gas station is supposed to be for, right?—you could sit in your car for just about forever waiting for someone to come out and tell you they were "closed."

“Whatever they were doing there, pumping gas wasn't it."

Barry Seal owned one, too

JGJim Garrison noticed the same thing.

In "Heritage of Stone," he wrote, "Although Ferrie to all intents and purposes was unemployed at the time except for part-time investigative work for a lawyer, an examination of his bank account at the Whitney National Bank revealed that during the three week period prior to the President's assassination he deposited $7,093.02."

"Then a few months after the assassination, Ferrie suddenly acquired a large service station.”

“He ran it in much the same way he maintained his apartment. On one occasion he had just filled the gas tank of an acquaintance and then waved him away, turning down payment for the gas.”

"Forget it," said Ferrie. "The government's paying for it anyway."

Skeletons in the closet… and in the backyard

FERRIE2 (3)"Dave was a brilliant individual, interested in all kinds of things," said Shearer. “He had a workshop in his backyard, out back of the house. And I know this sounds weird, but he had a skull out there, hooked up to a skeleton, and he had different colored electrical wire—blue, red, green—to simulate the nervous system, and better understand human physiology."

Shearer several times met Dave Ferrie’s mother, who was visiting him, and she told Shearer that Dave's brother was a nuclear physicist. Intrigued, I tracked Ferrie's only living relative, his brother the nuclear physicist, who was living in California. He was unwilling to talk.

"There were constant examples of Dave Ferrie's brilliance when I hung around with him," said Shearer. "For example, he had a little lawnmower that he couldn't get to start. One day I was out back and he had me repeatedly pull on the little rope that should have started it, while he watched."

"'What a waste of efficiency,' Dave mused out loud. 'If we could only just get rotary motion from a motor at the start!'”

“This was, remember, years before the rotary engine was patented, before anyone had ever even heard of a Wankel motor. But Dave had had the same idea, just talking out loud."

Flies to D.C. Returns flashing big wad. Huh.

hqdefaultLike many in New Orleans at the time, Shearer was used to seeing Ferrie at the airport with Sergio Arcacha Smith, the Cuban Revolutionary Front leader for whom he (Ferrie) was training exile pilots.

"There were a lot of things about Dave that just didn't fit, unless you added them up another way," says Shearer. "Just his appearance…good god. You have to wonder how Eastern was able to keep him as long as they did.

“I remember him taxi-ing his Eastern Convair one time, on his weekday Houston-New Orleans 'milkrun.' He would always pull in way faster than any other airline pilots did, and he'd be leaning out of one side of his cockpit window, looking like a damn railroad engineer."

waveTwo weekends a month Dave would fly a Constellation up to Washington D.C., said Shearer. “If while he was up there he was meeting with his CIA contacts, it would make sense. Because I was with him on three or four occasions after he returned, and when he opened his wallet, he had hundred dollar bills."

"You’ve gotta remember, this was in the Fifties," Shearer continued. "Anyone who was working back then can tell you, everybody got paid in twenties. Nobody got paid in hundred dollar bills. You hardly ever even saw hundred dollar bills."

"Every time I think I'm out…"

Shearer received convincing proof of Dave Ferrie's career in clandestine services five years after his death.

"In 1972 I was asked to join the senior CAP, which is an outfit with no cadets. There I met Herb Wagner, a Navy flier in World War II who’d been recruited by the OSS at the end of the war, and after we got friendly, I'd go over to his house, and sometimes he’d reminisce about things he'd done for the CIA during the mid-'50's."

al"Herb who told me, 'Once you're in the CIA, its hard to get out.' He’d tried to get out when he got married and settled down. He and his wife adopted a baby girl, and he wasn't the daredevil he’d once been.

“But still they pressured him to fly for them," he told me.

"One time I saw him just after he’d received a visit from the CIA asking him to go do something he quite obviously no longer really wanted to be doing. And he was really down, and later I thought that was maybe why he loosened up a bit about Dave Ferrie."

"He said 'if the truth was ever known about him, he’ll be recognized as one of the true unsung heroes of the United States.'"

“That's when I realized that Ferrie had been a regular CIA guy, not just some 'asset,' or 'contract operative.'"

Forget the mice. Look into my eyes.

Hypnotic-SpiralOf the many fringe controversies swirling around Dave Ferrie's life—like the one about whether he was attempting to induce cancer in lab mice kept in cages in his apartment—none is "fringe-ier" than his supposed talent for hypnotism.

But the evidence for this was not merely persuasive: it was overwhelming. From numerous sources I heard unsolicited first-hand testimony about his preoccupation with hypnotism, as well as his ability to hypnotize people.

A report on David Ferrie by FBI agents Eugene P. Pittman and John C. Oakes dated December 2, 1963 refers to remarks from Gene Barnes, an NBC cameraman.

“Barnes said Bob Mulholland, NBC News, Chicago, talked in Dallas to one Fairy, a narcotics addict now out on bail on a sodomy charge in Dallas. Fairy said that Oswald had been under hypnosis from a man doing a mind-reading act at Ruby's 'Carousel.' Fairy was said to be a private detective and the owner of an airline who took young boys on flights 'just for kicks.'"

Bob Mulholland will later become President of NBC News; "Fairy" (Ferrie), who did own an airline, United Air Taxi Service, will three short years later be dead.

Using it on the kids

Eddie Shearer brought the subject (hypnosis) up himself.

"The hypnotism business was the thing about him that bothered me most. I remember, one time, we were marching in formation—drilling—out at Lakefront Airport, getting ready to go to the CAP nationals drill competition. And this one kid was twirling a ‘guidon’—a metal thing, a fleur de lis on the top of the pole with the units' colors—and it got away from him and it cut his hand pretty deeply. I mean, a real deep gash."

“The kid gets up holding his hand, and blood is running all down his arm past his elbow. Dave walked over to him, and put his hand out in front of the kid's face like he's giving him a stiff-arm. Then he said, ‘Sleep. You will feel sensation but no pain.'"

DF-LAKE"And then we were all waiting for an ambulance to take the kid to the hospital,” Shearer continued, “and the kid is bleeding all over. But he's not in pain anymore. And Dave goes over to him again, and says, 'You will stop bleeding.'"

"And he did. Later, when I was in the Air Force, I learned that this is possible, that it can be done. But it can't be done with a subject unless you've been working, hypnotically, with that subject for a pretty long period of time. You can't just walk over to someone, in other words, and tell them to stop bleeding.”

"So it was clear to me that Dave Ferrie had been working hypnosis with that kid for a long time without anyone knowing it. At least I had never heard of it before, and I spent a lot of time out there, hanging around that airport."

"The FBI was always struggling to catch up"

suitable attireShearer remembered something else he thought was strange.

"It was back in '58 and '59 that Dave became convinced the FBI was tapping his phone. So he warned us not to say anything on the phone that we didn't want to have overheard. And when he would pick it up before dialing, sometimes we’d hear him swearing a blue streak into the receiver, like he was talking to whoever was tapping his phone."

Barry Seal and Dave Ferrie were in the same business, and also shared an unusual trait that’s a clear plus for any would-be secret agent. Both had photographic memories. (So, too, for that matter, did Richard Bissell, the CIA agent in charge of the Bay of Pigs disaster.)

So it comes as no surprise that they had similar experiences with Federal law enforcement, and at about the same time. According to Jerry Chidgey, Barry's roommate and friend, there was quite a bit of federal interest in Barry Seal. The FBI was even following him.

amber-bottle"When I met Barry I owned 'The Amber Bottle,' a folk club in Baton Rouge, and that was where Barry used to hang,” Chidgey recalled. “We were capitalizing on the folk craze. We became good friends and ended up living together. One day two FBI guys showed up asking questions while he was gone on a trip.”

"Later that same year, I think 1960, I flew to Dallas. And two men in black suits followed me, both there and back. And unless they were making a practice of shriveling folk club owners, the only reason I could figure out was it must have had something to do with Barry.”

“Cause it makes your hair ‘do-right.”


James Poche is a pilot and the kind of colorful character Louisiana seems to produce with some regularity, a living embodiment of the laid-back Caribbean ‘Margarita-ville’ lifestyle popularized at some now-dim moment in time in a previous century by singer Jimmy Buffet.

Poche wears sandals, his shirt hangs outside his jeans, and he’s got a ‘do-rite’ rag wrapped around his head. When I asked why it’s called that, he grinned.

"My oldest sister hooked me up with Barry,” he explained. “They went to school together, and I took a couple of flying lessons from him in 1958, and that was how it started. I used to make signs and banners for him.”

“I was the son of a Louisiana state trooper who ran security at the State House in Baton Rouge,” he told me. “So—in the Louisiana way of things— I had some family connections.

James was (typically) being modest. His father, Pappy Poche, was Governor Earl Long’s personal bodyguard, as well as something of a local legend.

“Pappy would go partying on Bourbon Street with the Guv at the Famous Door,” he recalls. “And the girls would come around passing the cap, and Pappy would take his gun out and set it in the hat, and they’d go nuts. One time he pulled a .38 and commandeered a horse carriage in Jackson Square, just throwing some tourists out. You could get away with that kind of thing back then.”

Poche became one of Barry Seal’s oldest and best friends, as well as a smuggling buddy. He explained, “I was a young kid and wanted to learn to fly, partly just to have some escape from a dysfunctional family, with all that entails. So I just gravitated towards Barry. He taught me a lot.”

"Find kids whose parents won't miss 'em much."

teenagerPoche had described a family situation remarkably similar to Seal’s own, which was similarly troubled under the surface. His Father, B.C. Seal, drank, and Seal moved in and out of the house during adolescence.

Had David Ferrie, Seal’s recruitment officer, been looking to recruit boys in just these circumstances?

“He would go off for two or three weeks at a time, and then be back like nothing had happened. And he had a lot of secrets. He seemed pretty mysterious. He was an enigma in Baton Rouge. No one there had ever seen anything like him before, or could ever figure out just what he was really up to.”

James first began working for—and later flying with—Barry Seal in the early 1960’s. Then, in the mid-70’s, he went into ‘marijuana importation’ with him.

"Baton Rouge is kind of a go-nowhere place," Poche explained. "And Barry had a lot of ‘soldier of fortune-type’ ideas, which made him seem glamorous to kids around the airport. Barry had the James Bond Syndrome.”

James' sister, Nancy Poche, the childhood friend of Seal’s who'd introduced them, agrees with her brother about the kind of dead-end life available locally.

“Louisiana is the kind of place,” she told me, “where as soon as you cross the Sabine River coming in from Texas, the road begins to go galump, galump, galump. And this is on the Interstate, for god sakes, and you’ve got to wonder: Where does all the money go?”

Even then, Elvis was fixin' to leave the building

BARRY-SEAL- (3)As Barry Seal began jumping in with both feet into the cocaine smuggling business, Poche was mostly content to watch him from the sidelines, especially when Barry began to building an increasingly-paramilitary organization. For as long as he could ( for a long long time) James Poche held on to a romantic ideal: the lone bush pilot and occasional marijuana smuggler.

"Elvis," some of his buddies were calling Barry Seal. It seemed to describe him. At least the Elvis who once said "Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine."

"We would fly down to New Orleans from Baton Rouge for the evening," Poche said. "Drink at the Playboy Club, visit the sheriff's brothel in Opelousas, that sort of thing. We were living in his airplane hanger, and hanging out with Johnny Rivers, the musician, who's from Baton Rouge. And that was how Barry met Elvis, through Johnny.”

By now, Barry was the subject of open gossip among his pilot friends about what he was doing, and for whom. Taking mysterious trips that were never explained, then coming back and hanging out at the Playboy Club as if nothing had happened. Maybe it was Elvis wished he could be more like Barry Seal. After all, he did always want to be a spy.

A "Secret Agent Man" State of Mind

johnny_rivers-secret_agent_man_sA curious sidelight: many believe, as Poche does, that Johnny Rivers one big hit, “Secret Agent Man,” was about Barry Seal. Today it looks as if this early 60's cultural focus on "secret agent men" was a way that our national 'collective unconscious' found to tell a deep truth about what was happening in America.

It was a more serious truth than anyone realized at the time.

“Though Barry, I met a lot of the ‘players.’ I knew Dave Ferrie; and flew around with him a couple of times. He was a friend of mine. Me and another friend, Charlie Heck, bought a Cessna 170 and kept it out at Lakefront, where Ferrie was based. In fact, I've even got copies of David Ferrie's signature in my log books."

What is today known as "Lakefront Airport" was not—back in the early Sixties—just the small public airport it appears to be today. It was, instead, a Naval Reserve facility where Cubans trained as pilots before the Bay of Pigs invasion.

“We used to live together in (Barry's mother) Mary Lou's spare bedroom. Barry was involved in all sorts of things. One time I remember helping him figure out how to drop 50,000 leaflets over Baton Rouge with pictures of apples with a worm in them.” Poche grinned. “It got a guy named "Apple" Sanders un-elected from the State Senate that year, that's for sure."

"You gotta remember: Barry smuggled for the Democrats."

grady-hoffaWhat football is to Nebraska, state politics is to Louisiana. It’s a contact sport, and Barry Seal was a player, at Grady Partin's behest. James Poche told us, "Barry was hanging out at Grady Partin's (a famous Teamster, and enemy of Jimmy Hoffa) during ‘62 and ’63.

An old Teamster official confirmed Barry's friendship with Partin, which he said explained Seal’s frequent appearances with him at the local Teamster hiring hall.

"Hell, back then we was kings in this state," says Butch McKeown, today a bail bondsman. "We absolutely ruled this state back then."

Who was the "we" Butch was referring to? When I learned more about Grady Partin, I was less puzzled. Later still, Butch told me, in one sentence, more than I’d learned poking around the drug trade for a year.

“You gotta remember,” Butch said to me, looking serious, “Barry smuggled for the Democrats.”

Three cheers for drug abuse

After Jimmy Carter’s election, his White House Strategy Council on Drug Abuse was worried about the influx of drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan. They were stonewalled by the CIA, and reportedly denied access to all classified information on drug trafficking, even as the CIA and the Army jointly set up a special aviation operation called "Seaspray."

This was old news to local and state police in high trafficking areas, where the cynical manipulation was used to flood America with a river of drugs.Barry Seal was there during a period which saw the growing clout and importance of Special Forces. In late 1961 the Air Force set up—as part of this increased emphasis on Special Forces— a Special Ops Air Base in the middle of Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida panhandle, pulling in aircraft and crews from the world-wide "Air America" system.

His pilot's logs reflect the change. He began flying regularly to a destination which he coyly listed as "Pensacola," the town nearest the base. At the age of only 22, Barry Seal was learning tradecraft.

“Barry would call me from the road every so often,” said James Poche. “Once I got a call from him, and he was all excited. ‘I’m in Karachi, Pakistan,’ he said. ‘You should come right over.’”

In 1987 New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh revealed that when the Reagan Administration sought to expand covert paramilitary operations in Central America, the CIA was "forced" to rebuild its capabilities illegally,relying on outside assets like Barry Seal.

They called it Operation Seaspray.

The CIA and the Army jointly set up a special aviation operation called "Seaspray." Every pilot was handpicked by a group of Army and CIA officers, among whom were experienced pilots and special operations personnel. However this was already old news to local and state police in high trafficking areas, being flooded with a river of drugs.

Over Colombia, Seal’s by-now small fleet of planes flew through "windows" in Colombian airspace: precise periods, paid for with $25,000 bribes, when the military would “look the other way,” although they must have had to look straight down at the ground to avoid seeing the dozens of flights which took off every night at dusk.

“You would be sitting in your plane overlooking the sea, on a runway hacked out of a mountainside,” smuggler pilot James Poche told us. “Then as if on cue, as soon as the sun went down you would see dozens of tiny specks taking off and flying out over the water as soon as the sun went down, heading north.”

Pilots returning to the US over the Gulf with a load of dope often flew just 60 feet above the water, with waves from the Gulf splashing up onto the windshield, in what was— except for the dim lights of the instrument panel—total darkness.

When law enforcement authorities debriefed convicted "drug smuggler" Seal in late 1985, one of the cops present spoke to Seal brusquely.

He said, "We already know about Seaspray."


Those of you who read the stories published here know their value better than I can describe.

The investigative reporting on the impact of drug money on US political life and our economy found here are taboo subjects in the mainstream media. Without your help the effort cannot continue.

Order our books and documentaries, and donate what you can!

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Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist dubious about the self-serving assertion of U.S. officials that there are no American Drug Lords.
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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

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I have not read the entire thread. Only the first few posts.

I am a federal informant who has been exposing the organized crime infiltration of our judicial system from the bottom to the top for 10 years now. So the majority of judges are corrupt, attorneys, politicians, etc. I took evidence to FBI Michelle Pickens and DA Troy Rawlings and Sim Gill prior to the Swallow scandal in Utah. Yes, there are corrupt FBI, but the reason the corruption has grown and his thriving, to include child trafficking, is because the DOJ is corrupt and Hatch and his brothers have been planting puppets in US Attorneys for decades who do not prosecute. There are tens of thousands of corrupt involved in each state and nationwide.

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:45 am

Out of the Darkness: A horrifying must-read account of lawyers trying to fight US torture

http://www.legallyindia.com/social-lawy ... us-torture" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

How two psychologists teamed up with the CIA to devise a torture programme and experiment on human beings, by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Noa Yachot.

The CIA used the music of an Irish boyband called Westlife to torture Suleiman Abdullah in Afghanistan.

His interrogators would intersperse a syrupy song called “My Love” with heavy metal, played on repeat at ear-splitting volume. They told Suleiman, a newly wed fisherman from Tanzania, that they were playing the love song especially for him. Suleiman had married his wife Magida only two weeks before the CIA and Kenyan agents abducted him in Somalia, where he had settled while fishing and trading around the Swahili Coast. He would never see Magida again.

The music pounded constantly as part of a scheme to assault prisoners’ senses. It stopped only when a CD skipped or needed changing. When that happened, prisoners would call to one another in a desperate attempt to find out who was being held alongside them. A putrid smell that reminded Suleiman of rotting seaweed permeated the prison. His cell was pitch black; he couldn’t see a thing. The U.S. government refers to the prison as “COBALT.” Suleiman calls it “The Darkness.”

For more than a month, Suleiman endured an incessant barrage of torture techniques designed to psychologically destroy him. His torturers repeatedly doused him with ice-cold water. They beat him and slammed him into walls. They hung him from a metal rod, his toes barely touching the floor. They chained him in other painful stress positions for days at a time. They starved him, deprived him of sleep, and stuffed him inside small boxes. With the torture came terrifying interrogation sessions in which he was grilled about what he was doing in Somalia and the names of people, all but one of whom he’d never heard of.

After four or five weeks of this relentless pain and suffering, Suleiman’s torturers assessed him as psychologically broken and incapable of resisting them. Suleiman could take no more. He decided to end his life by consuming painkillers he had stockpiled. But as he began to take the pills, guards stormed into his cell to stop him. He was then shackled, hooded, and driven a short distance to another CIA prison close by — a prison Suleiman came to know as the “Salt Pit.” Although Suleiman’s torture would continue for many years more, the very worst of it was over.

A year and two months later, the CIA handed Suleiman over to the U.S. military, which imprisoned him at Bagram, also in Afghanistan. Finally, in 2008, after more than five years in U.S. custody, with no charges ever leveled against him, he was sent home with a document confirming he posed no threat to the United States. His family had heard nothing of him since his disappearance, and they had presumed him dead.

But even once home in his native Zanzibar, Suleiman felt far from free. Constant flashbacks transported him back to his torture at the hands of his CIA captors. After years of near-starvation he was unable to eat normally. He suffered splitting headaches and pain throughout his body from the torture. Prolonged isolation left him unaccustomed to human interaction. Despite repeated attempts, he couldn’t find Magida. Unable to sleep due to the torment of his memories and the physical pain, he found limited solace playing with his family’s rabbits in the middle of the night.

“I was afraid of so many things,” he says in the halting English he acquired in prison. “Everyone thought I’m crazy.”

Suleiman, a reggae-loving fisherman who had once been known as “Travolta” for his prowess on the dance floor, had become a shell of himself.

Damage by Design

Suleiman’s trauma is not just a consequence of his ordeal in American prisons. It was the CIA’s goal, through a program designed and executed by two psychologists the agency contracted to run its torture operations, to break his mind. Integral to the program was the idea that once a detainee had been psychologically destroyed through torture, he would become compliant and cooperate with interrogators’ demands. The theory behind the goal had never been scientifically tested because such trials would violate human experimentation bans established after Nazi experiments and atrocities during World War II. Yet that theory would drive an experiment in some of the worst systematic brutality ever inflicted on detainees in modern American history. Today, three of the many victims and survivors of that experiment are seeking justice through a lawsuit against the men who designed and implemented that program for the CIA.

Mitchell and Jessen were two former U.S. military psychologists contracted by the CIA to design, develop, and run the agency’s detention, rendition, and interrogation operations. As psychologists in the U.S. military’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) program, the two men had devoted their careers to training U.S. troops to resist abusive treatment in case of capture by governments that violate the Geneva Conventions. SERE teaches resistance by subjecting students to carefully controlled versions of harsh techniques used by China, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union, often to extract false confessions from captives for propaganda purposes. During training, psychologists like Mitchell and Jessen are on hand to monitor trainees’ psychological well-being and to ensure that SERE instructors don’t go too far.

James Mitchell, left, and Bruce Jessen, right. Photos: VICE News; Wikimedia/Michael Kearns

But Mitchell and Jessen intensified and manipulated SERE techniques so they bore little relation to those used on SERE recruits. Whereas SERE training was intended to help strengthen the resolve of American recruits, Mitchell and Jessen’s techniques were designed to achieve the exact opposite result: to break detainees and turn their minds into putty in interrogators’ hands.

The foundation of Mitchell and Jessen’s experiment in torture began taking shape shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Six days later, President Bush signed an order authorizing the CIA to capture and detain members of al-Qaida. At the time, the agency had little or no recent experience in detention or interr

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:34 pm

http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties ... -authority" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Attacking Peace and Love: How the FBI Neutralized John Lennon for Questioning Authority
For a little while, at least, Lennon became enemy number one in the eyes of the U.S. government.
By John W. Whitehead / The Free Thought Project
October 18, 2015

“You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil. The monster doesn’t care whether it kills all the students or whether there’s a revolution. It’s not thinking logically, it’s out of control.”—John Lennon (1969)

The Rutherford Institute

John Lennon, born 75 years ago on October 9, 1940, was a musical genius and pop cultural icon.

He was also a vocal peace protester and anti-war activist and a high-profile example of the lengths to which the U.S. government will go to persecute those who dare to challenge its authority.

Long before Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden were being castigated for blowing the whistle on the government’s war crimes and the National Security Agency’s abuse of its surveillance powers, it was Lennon who was being singled out for daring to speak truth to power about the government’s warmongering, his phone calls monitored and data files collected on his activities and associations.

For a little while, at least, Lennon became enemy number one in the eyes of the U.S. government.

Years after Lennon’s assassination it would be revealed that the FBI had collected 281 pages of files on him, including song lyrics, a letter from J. Edgar Hoover directing the agency to spy on the musician, and various written orders calling on government agents to set the stage to set Lennon up for a drug bust. As reporter Jonathan Curiel observes, “The FBI’s files on Lennon … read like the writings of a paranoid goody-two-shoes.”

As the New York Times notes, “Critics of today’s domestic surveillance object largely on privacy grounds. They have focused far less on how easily government surveillance can become an instrument for the people in power to try to hold on to power. ‘The U.S. vs. John Lennon’ … is the story not only of one man being harassed, but of a democracy being undermined.”

Indeed, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, all of the many complaints we have about government today—surveillance, militarism, corruption, harassment, SWAT team raids, political persecution, spying, overcriminalization, etc.—were present in Lennon’s day and formed the basis of his call for social justice, peace and a populist revolution.

For all of these reasons, the U.S. government was obsessed with Lennon, who had learned early on that rock music could serve a political end by proclaiming a radical message. More importantly, Lennon saw that his music could mobilize the public and help to bring about change. Lennon believed in the power of the people. Unfortunately, as Lennon recognized: “The trouble with government as it is, is that it doesn’t represent the people. It controls them.”

However, as Martin Lewis writing for Time notes: “John Lennon was not God. But he earned the love and admiration of his generation by creating a huge body of work that inspired and led. The appreciation for him deepened because he then instinctively decided to use his celebrity as a bully pulpit for causes greater than his own enrichment or self-aggrandizement.”

For instance, in December 1971 at a concert in Ann Arbor, Mich., Lennon took to the stage and in his usual confrontational style belted out “John Sinclair,” a song he had written about a man sentenced to 10 years in prison for possessing two marijuana cigarettes. Within days of Lennon’s call for action, the Michigan Supreme Court ordered Sinclair released.

What Lennon did not know at the time was that government officials had been keeping strict tabs on the ex-Beatle they referred to as “Mr. Lennon.” FBI agents were in the audience at the Ann Arbor concert, “taking notes on everything from the attendance (15,000) to the artistic merits of his new song.”

The U.S. government was spying on Lennon.

By March 1971, when his “Power to the People” single was released, it was clear where Lennon stood. Having moved to New York City that same year, Lennon was ready to participate in political activism against the U. S. government, the “monster” that was financing the war in Vietnam.

The release of Lennon’s Sometime in New York City album, which contained a radical anti-government message in virtually every song and depicted President Richard Nixon and Chinese Chairman Mao Tse-tung dancing together nude on the cover, only fanned the flames of the conflict to come.

The official U.S. war against Lennon began in earnest in 1972 after rumors surfaced that Lennon planned to embark on a U.S. concert tour that would combine rock music with antiwar organizing and voter registration. Nixon, fearing Lennon’s influence on about 11 million new voters (1972 was the first year that 18-year-olds could vote), had the ex-Beatle served with deportation orders “in an effort to silence him as a voice of the peace movement.”

Then again, the FBI has had a long history of persecuting, prosecuting and generally harassing activists, politicians, and cultural figures, most notably among the latter such celebrated names as folk singer Pete Seeger, painter Pablo Picasso, comic actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin, comedian Lenny Bruce and poet Allen Ginsberg.

Among those most closely watched by the FBI was Martin Luther King Jr., a man labeled by the FBI as “the most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country.” With wiretaps and electronic bugs planted in his home and office, King was kept under constant surveillance by the FBI with the aim of “neutralizing” him. He even received letters written by FBI agents suggesting that he either commit suicide or the details of his private life would be revealed to the public. The FBI kept up its pursuit of King until he was felled by a hollow-point bullet to the head in 1968.

While Lennon was not—as far as we know—being blackmailed into suicide, he was the subject of a four-year campaign of surveillance and harassment by the U.S. government (spearheaded by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover), an attempt by President Richard Nixon to have him “neutralized” and deported. As Adam Cohen of the New York Times points out, “The F.B.I.’s surveillance of Lennon is a reminder of how easily domestic spying can become unmoored from any legitimate law enforcement purpose. What is more surprising, and ultimately more unsettling, is the degree to which the surveillance turns out to have been intertwined with electoral politics.”

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:01 pm

2 stories

http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/o ... and-police" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

NBA player injured in NYPD struggle to file $50m lawsuit against city and police

The Hawks’ Thabo Sefolosha, whose leg was broken in police struggle and who was acquitted of all charges this month, has filed a complaint per report
Thabo Sefolosha
Thabo Sefolosha was acquitted on all charges on 9 October. Photograph: Steven Hirsch/AP

Les Carpenter

Wednesday 21 October 2015 15.16 EDT

The attorney for Atlanta Hawks guard Thabo Sefolosha reportedly said his client will file a $50m lawsuit against the city of New York and eight police officers who arrested him in April. Sefolosha suffered a broken leg in the incident causing him to miss the remainder of the NBA season and the playoffs.

The New York Post reported that Sefolosha filed a complaint with the city’s comptroller claiming his injuries suffered during the arrest are “permanent in nature and continuing into the future”.

“Unfortunately he may not be dunking as much as he was before this happened,” the guard’s attorney Alex Spiro told the Post.
The silence over the Thabo Sefolosha trial is deafening ... and mystifying
Read more

On 9 October, a Manhattan court found Sefolosha not guilty on three misdemeanor charges of obstructing government administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He had been arrested outside a New York nightclub 1Oak following a fight that left another NBA player Chris Copeland with stab wounds. Police said Sefolosha had resisted orders to move away from the crime scene. He testified that he had moved away after being ordered to do so and was arrested by an officer while he tried to give $20 to a man begging for money.

A scuffle ensued and Sefolosha was injured. His attorneys have said he was racially profiled by police who were physically and verbally abusive.

Prosecutors offered a plea deal in which Sefolosha would spend one day doing community service, but the player demanded the trial.


Blue by Day, White by Night - Link Law | Philadelphia, PA
Feb 26, 2015 - This is Part 1 of the trial recap showing how my investigation uncovered a controversial KKK association in Philadelphia...


Blue by day, white by night: Organized white supremacist groups in ...
http://www.amazon.com/Blue-day-white-ni ... B0006P0YIM" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Blue by day, white by night: Organized white supremacist groups in law enforcement agencies [Michael Novick] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying ...

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:48 pm

Action Needed Today: Tell your Senators to vote NO on CISA
From Sue Udry, BORDC/DDF

Thu, Oct 22, 2015 3:12 PM EDT
View full HTML message
I'll be on Capitol Hill this evening to protest against CISA – the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act – which we've been fighting for years. It will be up for a vote tomorrow

The bill is a dirty "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal between corporations and the government to share our private data under the guise of "cybersecurity."

I know you can't join us in Washington this evening, but I hope you'll take a minute to make a phone call or send an email to your Senators telling them to vote no on CISA. (You might have sent an email or a fax earlier this year, but it's important for them to hear from you again, today.)

*Yes, I'll call my Senator* [ https://stopcyberspying.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;] "(you will be connected to an automatic system and be walked through the process by BORDC/DDF board member Shahid Buttar)"

* I can't make a call right now, but I'll send an email * [ http://org.salsalabs.com/o/498/p/dia/ac ... _KEY=18120" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;]

*Thanks for taking action!*

If you aren't convinced this is important, please read a little more about the bill below.

Stay strong and loud,

Sue Udry, Acting Director

*Why we oppose CISA:*

The bill offers a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal between corporations and the government that encourages corporations to share massive amounts of customer data with the government in exchange for legal immunity from privacy lawsuits. Yes. Immunity. Here's why we're opposed to CISA:
* CISA allows companies to share nearly any type of information with the government, including our personal information;
* The FBI and NSA automatically get all the shared data – and they can use it for purposes beyond cyber security;
* CISA creates a vast new exemption to the Freedom of Information Act.
Notably missing from the bill is any requirement for basic cyber hygiene like encryption, or strong passwords, which most experts affirm would be the most effective cyber security measures.

Grassroots action is desperately needed today!

*Call your Senators Now* [ https://stopcyberspying.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;]

Email your Senators Now [ http://org.salsalabs.com/o/498/p/dia/ac ... _KEY=18120" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;]

Because, as Jennifer Granick, Director of Civil Liberties at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society explains [ http://justsecurity.org/24261/sloppy-cy ... veillance/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], CISA "guts legal protections against government fishing expeditions" and doesn't do much to keep us safe:

And none of the recent cyberattacks - not Sony, not Target, and not the devastating grab of sensitive background check interviews on government employees at the Office of Personnel Management - would have been mitigated by these bills.

Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Defending Dissent Foundation [ http://www.bordc.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;] 8 Bridge St., Suite A | Northampton, MA 01060 413-582-0110 | info@bordc.org [ mailto:info@bordc.org ]

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sat Oct 24, 2015 6:27 pm

Cohen Wants Hoover Name Removed from FBI Building

http://www.memphisdailynews.com/news/20 ... 26/digest/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis has introduced a bill that would strip the name of J. Edgar Hoover, the first and founding director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, from the FBI building in Washington, D.C.

Ten other Democratic House members cosponsor Cohen’s bill.

Cohen cited civil rights abuses and illegal conduct by the FBI during Hoover’s long tenure, and with his specific approval, that were first made public in the 1970s in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

“The civil rights we enjoy today are in spite of J. Edgar Hoover, not because of him,” Cohen said. “Given his well-documented abuses and prejudices towards African-Americans, gays and lesbians, I believe it is past time to remove his name from this place of honor.”

Cohen also pressed the point on Capitol Hill Thursday, Oct. 22, as he questioned current FBI director James Comey.

Cohen is not the first Tennessean in Congress to question Hoover’s administration and build-up of the FBI.

U.S. Senator Kenneth McKellar of Memphis was an early critic of the FBI in the 1930s as Hoover began to build the institution in terms of its funding and the scope of its powers.

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:46 pm


FBI Chief Links Scrutiny of Police With Rise in Violent Crime [ http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/24/us/po ... .html?_r=0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], New York Times, Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo

Police Body Cams: Complaints Down, Arrests Up [ http://www.defendingdissent.org/now/new ... rrests-up/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], Dissent NewsWire, Suraj Sazawal

Librarians Oppose CISA [ http://bordc.org/blog/librarians-oppose-cisa" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], People's Blog for the Constitution, Susan Gaissart

BORDC/DDF Tells ISPAB FBI's Going Dark Initiative Chills Free Speech [ http://www.defendingdissent.org/now/new ... ls-speech/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

Water dousing vs Waterboarding: A distinction without a difference [ http://bordc.org/blog/water-dousing-vs- ... e%E2%80%99" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], People's Blog for the Constitution, Talha Singh

IRS possessed Stingray cellphone gear, documents reveal [ http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/o ... hone-tower" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], "The Guardian", Nicky Woolf and William Green

Hacking The CIA Director's AOL Account Was a Political Act [ https://shadowproof.com/2015/10/23/hack ... tical-act/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;], "ShadowProof", Kevin Gosztola

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:57 am

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Leslie James Pickering <leslie@burningbooksbuffalo.com>
Date: Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 11:11 AM
Subject: Free Speech Activist Under Federal Surveillance to Speak in Easthampton
To: calendar@gazettenet.com

A radical environmentalist's free speech and privacy campaign, which has risen to national prominence, will be coming to Easthampton on November 2nd.

Leslie James Pickering, currently an owner of Burning Books in Buffalo and formerly known as Spokesperson for the underground Earth Liberation Front, discovered that he and his bookstore were under extensive federal surveillance.

During a 6 month period starting in late 2012, Pickering became aware that the FBI were questioning his former associates, the US Post Office was photocopying his mail, a federal grand jury had subpoenaed his bank records and he was put on a secret list for heightened security screening at airports. In response, Pickering launched legal efforts to resist and expose the government's intrusions, with surprising results.

Pickering and his legal team have won the release of secret files from the TSA, USPS, ATF and the FBI, among others. The FBI has claimed that their files on Pickering exceed an astonishing 30,000 pages. Pickering and his lead attorney, Michael Kuzma, will be giving a public presentation highlighting the details of the government's investigations which they have uncovered, shedding light on state repression of free speech activity.

Monday, November 2
at 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Flywheel Arts Collective
43 Main St, Easthampton, Massachusetts 01027
https://www.facebook.com/events/446490292207532/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

For more information:

New York Times article - http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/04/us/mo ... nMBay.dpuf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

More info - http://www.lesliejamespickering.com/repression.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sun Nov 01, 2015 11:01 am

https://www.rawstory.com/2015/11/fbi-kn ... rs-anyway/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

FBI knew Jared Fogle was a pedophile — and let him continue molesting children for years anyway

01 Nov 2015 at 08:45 ET

In August, we learned the shocking truth that a familiar face on television—Jared Fogle, the Subway guy—was a pedophile who used his wealth, status, and secrecy to exploit kids.

Fogle pleaded guilty to having sex with two minors and possessing homemade child pornography, although there were many more victims. He agreed to a plea deal where he will serve 5 to 12.5 years in prison and pay $1.4 million in restitution to his victims.

The story was reignited two days ago when the New York Post revealed the contents of secretly recorded audio tapes. In them, Fogle’s perversions are laid bare.

“I would fly us clear across the world if we need to. To Thailand or wherever we want to go. If we’re gonna try to get some young kids with us it would be a lot easier,” said 38-year-old Fogle, married father of two, in the tapes. “I had a little boy. It was amazing. It just felt so good. I mean, it felt — it felt so good.”

The recordings were made by Rochelle Herman-Walrond, a former Florida journalist who took it upon herself to stop Fogle after hearing him profess his sexual taste for children. Masking her own disgust, she befriended Fogle so she could record and expose him.

She contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who asked her to wear a wire. Glossed over in the mainstream media, however, is the fact that the entire process took ten years, according to an interview Herman-Walrond gave to ABC News.

She wore a wire for four-and-a-half years before the FBI took action and arrested Fogle.

“That was my biggest question, ‘Why was it taking so long?’” journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond told ABC affiliate WWSB. “A case of this size just happens to take that long, and that’s what I was told.”

Herman-Walrond said she believes the total numbers of victims in Fogle’s perverteds spree is greater than 14, in the United States and “international tours” including Thailand.

As Fogle’s comments and admissions got more brazen over the years, he even began asking Herman-Walrond if he could install hidden cameras in the rooms of her two young children. He asked her if she had any friends with “hot” children.

All of this paints a picture of a wealthy, connected pedophile who had years to direct his energies into victimizing more and more children. During this time, he enriched and enabled those who provided access to the kids, in the U.S. and in other countries.

For at least four years, the FBI had evidence of Fogle’s criminal behavior and chose to let the abuse continue. As Herman-Walrond asked, why did it take so long to stop him?

The casual excuse is the bureaucracy itself, but we know that when the government wants to act quickly, it does. It does not hesitate in killing, disappearing, or jailing those it deems are a threat to government, and it sets aside constitutional protections to do so.

However, when the threat is in the form of sexual predation on children, government takes its time because “it just happens to take that long.”

As the horrible audio tapes of Jared Fogle are broadcas

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:25 pm

Local Cops and Feds: An Unholy Alliance

http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/2015/11 ... -alliance/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The lines between local, state and federal law enforcement continue to become increasingly blurred.

In fact, in many ways, the three spheres of law enforcement have essentially morphed into one national police force, an unholy alliance sustained and incentivized by federal dollars, and homogenized through federal training programs.

The “war on drugs” has facilitated this blending of local and federal law enforcement agencies. The feds cannot sustain drug prohibition on their own. They depend on state and local resources and manpower to prosecute their “war.”

The “war on terror” has further facilitated the nationalization of policing, providing a pipeline that supplies billions in funding and equipment to state and local police, incentivizing and ensuring continued cooperation.

The unrest in Ferguson last year and the combat-like police response focused a great deal of attention on the issue of federal police militarization through the 1033 program and Department of Homeland Security grants. But another equally insidious way the feds intertwine themselves with our local cops has received less attention – partnerships and training programs.

A recent New American article focused on the fact that federal agents apparently consider constitutionalists a threat. But the story also reveals the way the feds influence and co-opt local policing.

“On September 29, Defending Utah spoke with David Browning, police chief of the city of Enoch, Utah. Browning told the group that he has personally participated in federal training exercises. He said that the federal agent in charge of the exercise informed local law enforcement participants that ‘the mere carrying of the U.S. Constitution constituted an individual being a potential threat.’”

Of course, the fact that U.S. government agents consider Americans who believe in constitutional principles a threat is disturbing. But we should find the fact that the feds train with local cops equally, if not more troubling.

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:56 am

The FBI, the taxpayer. funded organization that created the 1993
1st World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing,
the Mumbai attack and the Omargh bombing has developed new
tool to detect violent extremism.

Beam me up Scotty.....

http://kut.org/post/fbi-wants-use-new-t ... -extremism" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The FBI Wants to Use This New Tool to Profile for Violent Extremism
By Alain Stephens • 19 hours ago
Twitter Facebook Google+ Email

The FBI has come under fire for a new tool they want communities to use to identify potential extremists.
The FBI has come under fire for a new tool they want communities to use to identify potential extremists.
Image via Flickr/cliff1066 (CC BY 2.0)

From Texas Standard:

Almost 200 Americans have tried to leave the U.S. to join Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations made that claim this summer at a Senate intelligence committee hearing. Texas has a seen its fair share of individuals attempting to join ISIS; in the last year, the federal government sentenced two men from Austin who were caught trying to join the group.

In another case, a 20-year-old from a suburb near Houston currently faces up to 30 years in prison after he attempted to join, and later returned home. It’s a situation that so concerns the FBI that they’ve decided to roll out a new program designed to help teachers and students identify those who they feel are most vulnerable to extremism.

The tool has received significant backlash from critics who see it as ineffective and a borderline racist program.

Arjun Sethi, adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University, specializes in counterterrorism and law enforcement. He says the program is actually a web portal to help teachers identify students who are at risk of becoming violent extremists. The site includes over a hundred slides, questions and pop questions.

"The program is based on what the FBI considers to be early indicators of violent extremism," Sethi says. "[This includes] students who become angry, students who express an interest in visiting a conflict zone, students who increasingly become isolated, things like that."

Critics have pointed to a variety of issues, particularly the idea that teachers should profile students. Sethi says teachers in classrooms should not be an extension of law enforcement.

"On the most basic level, if the FBI and local law enforcement are not able to identify violent extremists, what makes them think that students and teachers can identify violent extremists?" Sethi says.

"I would also say that the program is another example of misplaced priorities," Sethi adds. "So the factor means that the greatest threat facing America’s schoolchildren today is gun violence, not Muslim extremism, yet there is no web portal regarding gun violence or gang violence. There’s only a web portal regarding students who might one day, in the distant future, perhaps, become violent extremists."

Sethi says the FBI's job description does not include profiling potential criminals.

"The FBI shouldn’t be profiling anyone," Sethi says. "The FBI should only be investigating individuals for whom there is evidence of wrongdoing.... Furthermore, if the U.S. was serious about helping children who were at risk of becoming violent extremists, that should be a program handled not by law enforcement, but by the Department of Education."

Sethi says after advocates spoke out against the program on Monday, the FBI temporarily suspended it.

"My understanding is that it has not been permanently suspended, and that they are still looking to rule it out later this year," Sethi says. "I’m optimistic that they are taking our criticisms to heart and will significantly change the program, if not altogether abandon it.

"It overwhelmingly targets the phenomena of violent extremists in the Muslim-American community. [Yet] there is little to no focus on violent extremists that arise from the Neo Nazi community or the White supremacy community. As a consequence, the program in its current form is disc

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Mon Nov 09, 2015 6:25 pm

http://www.thesullenbell.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

weapon of mass migration
November 2, 2015 Uncategorized Angela Merkel, Kelly Greenhill, mass migration, Wayne Madsen Reports

weapon of mass migration

lead image:

http://pamelagellercom.c.presscdn.com/w ... -02fe9.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

November 2-3, 2015 – Merkel’s weapon of mass migration borne out of Pentagon plan

By Silvija Germek with Wayne Madsen

The current invasion of Europe by migrants escaping civil war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan and economic ills in North and sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia was planned by an adviser to the U.S. Defense Department, Ford Foundation, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

In 2010, Kelly Greenhill, an adviser to the U.S. government; chair of the Conflict, Security and Public Policy Working Group at Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Belfer Center; former Senate aide to John Kerry; and associate professor of political science at Tufts, wrote a book titled, “Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy.” Greenhill’s book has become as much a template for creating social disorder through forced mass migration as retired University of Massachusetts professor Gene Sharp’s books on “themed revolutions” have become road maps for causing government coups through the use of social media.

Unlike Sharp’s methodology of relying on synthetic social and political movements created from outside a targeted country, which can have mixed results as seen in Egypt, Greenhill views weapons of mass migration as the most effective method to achieve sure results.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel began implementing the main tenets of Greenhill’s book after its publication in 2010. In addition to the arrival of new bodies for Germany’s work force, Merkel saw a mass influx by refugees as a way for her to enable the German military, security, and intelligence services to take a more active role in domestic German affairs.

The anti-terrorism forces of the German Special Operations Command (Spezialeinsatzkommandos or SEK) have already swung into action against jihadist “refugees” who have initiated mass violence inside German migrant shelters. It is only a matter of time before the SEK and other security forces begin to take action against newly-arrived jihadist troublemakers in German cities and towns like Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Munich, and Berlin.

Merkel’s government has mobilized the “Regional Backup and Support Staff” (Regionale Sicherungs- und Unterstützungskräfte or RSUKr), a “homeland security” force of military reservists. Since 2012, the RSUKr has had the authority to engage in domestic law enforcement inside Germany. If the RSUKr evokes memories of the Gestapo, it should. Currently content with conducting “anti-terror” raids on mosques and suspected jihadist homes in Germany, Merkel does not seem concerned about putting this counter-terrorism “genie” back into the bottle after it takes care of the jihadist threat.

According to various media reports named W2EU (Welcome to European Union). Migrants in Greece are handed a booklet written in Arabic and published by W2EU that instructs new arrivals in Germany how to travel to Germany and ask for asylum, food, housing and the much-prized Hartz IV unemployment benefits.

Another NGO assisting the migrants is MigrationAid Hungary, which has coordinated Twitter messages to a surprisingly large number of young men with iPhones who are neither refugees nor Syrians. Twitter, the favorite tool of Soros NGOs in coordinating the Lotus Revolution in Egypt and the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, assists migrants to transit the designated corridor from Turkey into Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, and, ultimately, Salzburg, Austria where the German government runs countless special trains into Germany. European media has reported that trucks have been discovered at various refugee collection centers with cargos of blank Syrian passports for sale. In addition, thousands of fake Syrian passports have been issued by human trafficking operations organizing massive streams of migrants from Asia and Africa into Germany.

http://cdn.tf.rs/2015/07/03/Azilanti-mi ... sevu-7-670" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;×446-620×350.jpg

Soros- and U.S.-engineered mayhem at the borders of Europe. Above, migrants at a Croatian-Serbian border post.

Merkel’s open door policy for migrants, has, at its roots, the desire by large German corporations to produce new ranks of cheap labor to offset the population reduction within the European Union, especially with the first major wave of retiring “baby boomers.” The German Labor Ministry reports that only ten percent of the migrants are employable and many are noticed by German immigration and security authorities to be Salafists. Essentially, Merkel is receiving more Salafists than potential laborers among the new arrivals.

While the policy of importing fresh workers into Germany has the support of Merkel loyalists within her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and her coalition partners, the Social Democrats headed by Sigmar Gabriel, who is willing to sacrifice German workers for Asians and Africans in their own country, it has faced opposition from Merkel’s Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union of Bavarian Minister-President Horst Seehofer.

In a traditional display of Bavarian independence from Berlin, Seehofer has made common cause against Merkel’s migrant “welcome wagon” with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a one-time political acolyte of Soros, and the right-wing Austrian Freedom Party headed by Heinz-Christian Strache. A supranational “Danube Alliance” of Hungary, Bavaria, and the Austrian Freedom Party has emerged to oppose further mass migration of Syrian, Iraqi, and other refugees into central Europe.

The danger of Germany and other European countries being swamped by mostly Muslim refugees is backed up by real numbers and statistics. Merkel approved one million refugees from Syria, Iraq, and other countries. The German government estimates that number may soon increase to 1.5 million because a large number of arriving migrants are made up of family units. German government statistics reveal that each approved asylum seeker brings into Germany an average of 4.5 relatives, which means the current estimate of 1.5 million may soon increase to 6 to 7 million. Currently on foot and other means of transportation are between 500,000 to 700,000 additional migrants who have recently set out for Europe from Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The UNHCR and the EU are now estimating that 3.7 million migrants will arrive in Europe “within several months.” Such a demographic change for Europe will irrevocably change the face of Europe as we now know it.

At a migrant camp in Leipzig, several hundred radical Afghans attacked another group of secular Syrians, resulting in a number of injuries. Rapes of migrant women in the camps and Germans in nearby neighborhoods outside the migrant camps have skyrocketed. According to media reports, migrant women and children are pimped out by migrant gangs for 10 euros for sex inside camps. Many German women are now avoiding leaving their homes and walking alone out of fear of rape from their new foreign “neighbors.” There are also increasing evidence that pedophiles are now preying on young migrant children. Recently, a four year-old Bosnian boy named Mohamed was abducted, raped, and murdered by a pedophile. The boy was stolen from his mother at a migrant processing center in Berlin. The police discovered that the murderer, who has been arrested, hid the body of the boy in the trunk of his car and used kitty litter to suppress the odor caused by decomposition.

There is a definite difference between jihadist agitators in the migrant camps and the normal migrant populations of women, children, and the elderly. The radicals are young men, many in possession of iPhones, which the jihadists in Syria, Iraq, and other countries have used to coordinate their attacks with great success. These Salafists and jihadists routinely challenge Germans about their Christian religion, consumption of alcohol, apparel deemed “un-Islamic,” and acceptance of homosexuality. The highest number of male radicals are from Afghanistan, followed by Iraqis, Syrians, Bangladeshis, and West Africans. Merkel’s government is working with Facebook owner Jeffrey Zuckerberg to identify and incarcerate not jihadist migrants who are using social media to plan violent acts but Germans who post what are considered “hateful” Facebook messages about the criminal nature of the jihadist hooligans. The German government is guiding the street protests by restricting anti-immigration protests to “free speech zones.” Authorities are also permitting pro-immigration protests in separate designated free speech zones. These opposing protests, with a heavy police presence, feature the far-right and neo-Nazi anti-immigrant PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident) on one side and protesters representing the Soros-funded Green Party and anti-Nazi ANTIFA (anti-fascists), as well as the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) who have turned out to be more disruptive and violent than the neo-Nazis themselves. Also arrayed against Merkel’s policies is the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a far-right Euro-skeptic party that has seen increasing popularity.

Merkel, who was rumored to be a strong candidate to succeed Ban Ki-moon as Secretary General of the United Nations, now may be run out of Berlin on a political rail. In 1529, the seventy-year old Count Nicholas of Salm commanded the Viennese troops who defeated the invading Muslim Turks in the first siege of Vienna. Merkel now stands ready to reverse Nicholas’s achievement at the gates of Vienna almost 500 years ago.

Coming soon: The Central Intelligence Agency’s blueprint for introducing chaos and destabilization through mass migration.

http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/articles/20151101" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


http://www.unzcloud.com/wp-content/uplo ... 509678-600" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;×450.jpg

http://www.unz.com/article/refugee-flow ... struction/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Silvija Germek ( )

We have more articles coming as this is growing into a series by sheer volume of material we have. We are processing the exact CIA blueprint and their own written outline as to how to create ‘coercion by weapons of mass migration’ (these are their own words)…. more coming soon, including what methods are being used, what the political objectives are, etc.

The article is up on FB right here. It is in the several thousand hits and is being read at a steady rate of 1,000 per hour (per admin data FB shows us) and being shared widely. It is generating a buzz on a number of other sites where I posted just the link to it. Interesting. Looks like there is a lot of interest in the topic. We have a LOT of great information as this is a giant EU-wide restructuring of demographics, economics, culture, destabilization of democracies, militarization of society as a classic Hegelian blowback to the crisis being carefully created such as the use of SEK (a GSG-9 twin) against civilians with migrant riots as excuse and driver, demand for a new massively militarized EU border police force which sounds like a planned DHS type force with massive anti-terror/anti-riot and Special Ops force which Merkel and key EU pols deem an appropriate response to the crisis they are creating in direct cooperation with Soros under a CIA umbrella plan which even comes with exact academic blueprints we found and evaluated.

Merkel met Zuckerberg in NYC this month and they agreed to begin censoring FB for harsh criticism of her asylum politics. There is indeed a task force of massively intimidating censors working at all German language groups, chats, major MSM articles which threatens and bullies Germans into silence. The aggressive counter-intel trolls deployed on FB are actually catching critics of Germany’s migrant politics, accusing them racism, hate speech and sedition and handing them over to the court systems who have begun convicting them in on-the-spot trials in recent weeks. The last time I saw such total palpable surveillance such as the constant monitoring of the German language social media venues now was when I crossed the Berlin Wall and had Stasi eyes and ears following me around in the 70s. An atmosphere of fear and rage is simmering under the surface in Germany which will erupt into a civil war if this mass migration continues. This is not a normal refugee migration. These are a minority of Syrian war refugees with families and an estimated 80% young men with IPhones whom Viktor Orban aptly called “an invasion, an army”, among whom are known to be thousands of jihadists. German domestic intel confirms collapse of the national security state has long occurred. Police unions went public and declared the same thing, as did mayors and others.

Next step of rapidly evolving freedom of speech restrictions: Political correctness which was first invented by Horkheimer and brought to its twin New School of Social Research in NYC is now being legislated in Germany in the form of new hate speech laws which were implemented last month as a result of the uproar in Germany over this chaotic and dangerous invasion. The first handful of convictions of Germans who made harsh comments criticizing the migrant invasion came through German courts in the last 2-3 weeks. A number of people have hefty financial fines plus years of probation which involves restricted freedom of speech as part of the probation. One German who wrote “I hope that they burn the migrant homes down in my area before they can fill them” was sentenced to 2+ years prison last week and is on his way to serve his sentence. Freedom of speech is dramatically giving way to a crisis which is being created while turning Germany and the EU toward more and more totalitarianism. The entire thing is artificially created to fulfill multiple visible agendas.

Europe is in shock over the invasion and turning to the political right and far right in response while it has been proven even in court that German domestic intelligence runs the neonazi and far right scene to this day as it did during the early Gladio years.

Merkel’s conservative CDU/CSU alliance is in tatters and she is now doing business with the Green Party which is on the forefront of aggressive rhetoric of wealth distribution and helped push through real estate confiscation laws so migrants could be accommodated. The push to the right is entirely engineered from above also. Much more coming. If we study Germany in detail now, we will know at least some of the things which are already being sent our way by the same design and controllers above.

Below is Spielfeld this past weekend. Spielfeld is the romantic Steiermark border between Austria and Slovenia on the direct migrant path. Soros groups in a host of countries are actively recruiting migrants to follow Merkel’s call and sending them on their way with guides and exact Twitter coordination to their IPhones how to bypass barricades and break through certain borders. These groups even provide waystations with IPhone chargers so they can continue to direct the migrant tsunami. The mostly young men include many who are highly aggressive, attack police with stones and teargas many seem to have been equipped with. As Hungary’s president Orban said – they are rogue armies, not families fleeing Syria who are the minority among them.

The largest migration corridor goes from various parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East via Turkey, next to Greece over the former Yugoslav republics of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, bypassing the Hungary bottleneck as Orban has disappeared all of Hungary behind massive concertina wire fences to keep aggressive migrant mobs out. From Croatia, it goes into Slovenia, Austria, Germany where most stay and a smaller number on to Sweden. Germany is bearing most of the brunt of this.

On record, Germany absorbed 200,000 in the last month but this is certain to be a skewed number since thousands disappear off the trains without being registered. It is estimated that 3.7 million more are on the way right now and will arrive in Ger

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:45 pm

http://www.oregonlive.com/politics/inde ... right.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Black Lives Matter: Civil rights group presses FBI, Justice Department for answers on surveillance

on November 13, 2015 at 4:35 PM, updated November 13, 2015 at 4:36 PM

An Oregon civil rights group is pursuing state and federal documents related to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's admission a Department of Justice investigator targeted the Black Lives Matter movement while searching social media for anti-police threats.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon sent a statement Friday praising Rosenblum for launching investigation while also sharing its requests for records from the state and federal justice departments, the FBI and a "fusion" center in Salem where local, regional and federal law enforcement agencies share intelligence information.

"The simple act of expressing oneself on social media should not be enough to trigger information gathering by the Oregon Department of Justice," David Rogers, executive director of the ACLU of Oregon, said in a statement. "Let's not forget, the Black Lives Matter movement is a peaceful, political movement raising important concerns about police violence and racial profiling."

Rosenblum confirmed the social media surveillance and promised an investigation in an interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive late Tuesday, after the Urban League of Portland director Nkenge Harmon Johnson released a letter disclosing the controversy.

In an interview Wednesday on Oregon Public Broadcasting, Rosenblum said the investigator used a social media search tool called Digital Stakeout. Rosenblum said another hashtag, in which a four-letter obscenity precedes "the police," also was searched.

The Black Lives Matter search snared Twitter activity from Harmon Johnson's husband, Erious Johnson — who leads the state justice department's civil rights division. Rosenblum hasn't said how many other people may have been investigated.

The requests from the ACLU note media reports from July, citing public records, that found the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had been keeping tabs on the Black Lives Matter movement since it took shape after several controversial police deaths involving black men in 2014.

In Oregon, the ACLU writes in one of its requests, state laws ban investigators from tracking and collecting data based on political speech.

"Moreover, the Oregon Department of Justice's tracking of those who use the hashtag Black Lives Matter also opens the door to racial profiling because that movement is black led," the request says.

In its statement, the ACLU describes calls Digital Stakeout a "threat intelligence platform" searchable "by keyword, hashtag, location, meta-data and more."

Harmon Johnson issued a follow-up statement Wednesday saying she had asked other senior Urban League staffers to handle the group's official work in pressing Rosenblum's office for answers.

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:34 pm

http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2015/11/pa ... bogus.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Patrick Pelloux, EMT and chronicler at Charlie Hebdo, explains on France Info radio that Paris EMTs were prepared because, "as luck would have it", they'd planned an exercise to train for multi-site attacks on the morning of Nov 13,2015.

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:56 pm

http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015 ... ourthouse/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Law & Disorder / Civilization & Discontents
Feds bugged steps of Silicon Valley courthouse
Defense claims covert recordings violated Constitution, moves to have them thrown out.

- Nov 17, 2015 3:38pm EST

Defense attorneys have asked a federal judge to throw out more than 200 hours of conversations FBI agents recorded using hidden microphones planted on the steps of a California county courthouse.

The lawyers are representing defendants accused of engaging in an illicit real estate bid-rigging and fraud conspiracy. The steps to the San Mateo County courthouse are frequently the scene of public auctions for foreclosed homes. Federal prosecutors have admitted that on at least 31 occasions in 2009 and 2010, FBI agents used concealed microphones to record auction participants as they spoke, often in hushed voices with partners, attorneys, and others. Because the federal agents didn't obtain a court order, the defense attorneys argue the bugging violated Constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.

In a court brief filed Friday in the case, attorneys wrote:

It bears repeating that this particular public place was immediately outside a courthouse. Defendants’ expectation that discreet conversations outside a courthouse would remain private is surely one that society is prepared to recognize as reasonable. Private affairs are routinely discussed as citizens, their lawyers, and even judges walk to and from court, and lawyers often take clients aside outside the courthouse for privileged conversations. “Common experience” and “everyday expectations” teach that individuals frequently have private conversations near the courthouse despite the public’s access to this location, and expect that such conversations are not subject to the type of dragnet electronic eavesdropping that took place in this case.

A metal sprinkler box, a planter box and nearby vehicles

According to the filing, agents planted eavesdropping devices in at least three locations: a metal sprinkler box attached to a wall near the courthouse entrance, a large planter box to the right of the courthouse entrance, and vehicles parked on the street in front of the courthouse entrance. All three areas are locations where people have a reasonable expectation to have private conversations and where lawyers and clients could reasonably be expected to have privileged conversations, the defense argued.

According to the court filing:

Generally, the recording devices were activated more than an hour before the auctions began, and they would run for a period of time after the auctions had concluded. Some of the devices intercepted every communication that occurred in their vicinity over a period of more than five hours. For example, the Government recorded individuals having private conversations on their cellphones in an area away from the auctions. In one instance, the Government was able to capture an alleged co-conspirator talking on his cell phone with the other party to the call partially audible through the cellphone’s receiver. And the Government repeatedly hid an eavesdropping device immediately adjacent to the spot where one of the bidders usually set up a chair from which he conducted business and communicated with his joint venture partners. These recordings captured far more than just the bids and public pronouncements that were made during the auctions.

The surreptitious recording came in addition to a confidential informant and undercover agent who were regularly on the steps monitoring the auctions. The FBI's decision to covertly record conversations those individuals couldn't hear is tacit admission the intercepted communications were private for purposes of the Fourth

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:24 pm

Legal leaders call for federal investigation into O.C.'s use of jailhouse informants

http://www.latimes.com/local/orangecoun ... story.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

UCI law school Dean Erwin Chemerinsky is among the signers of a letter this week asking for a federal investigation of the Orange County district attorney's office and Orange County Sheriff's Department over their use of jailhouse informants. (Susan Hoffman / Daily Pilot)

More than 30 retired prosecutors, prominent professors and other legal heavyweights signed on to a letter this week asking for a federal investigation of the Orange County district attorney's office and Orange County Sheriff's Department over their use of jailhouse informants.

"We the undersigned share a firm belief in our criminal justice system and its overall ability to produce fair and reliable results," according to the letter addressed to U.S. Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch. "Compelling evidence of pervasive police and prosecutorial misconduct in Orange County, however, has caused us grave concern."

The signers — including UC Irvine law school Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, former Los Angeles County district attorneys John Van de Kamp and Gil Garcetti and national legal groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union — said they have turned to Lynch because the U.S. Department of Justice is the only independent entity that can investigate the scope of misconduct they believe may exist.

The Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

There appears to be evidence that prosecutors and sheriff's deputies concealed a jailhouse informant program that may have violated defendants' rights for

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:23 pm

http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2010/3 ... schen.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Executive Intelligence Review

This article appears in the August 6, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
Obama Revives Frühmenschen

by Jeffrey Steinberg

[PDF version of this article]

Aug. 2—On Jan. 27, 1988, Rep. Mervyn Dymally (D-Calif.), the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, entered an affidavit into the Congressional Record, from an Atlanta attorney and FBI informant named Hirsch Friedman. Friedman provided an eyewitness account of a secret and illegal 40-year, ongoing FBI program, known within the Bureau as "Operation Frühmenschen" ("Operation Primitive Man").

Friedman described Frühmenschen in graphic terms: "The purpose of this policy was the routine investigation without probable cause of prominent elected and appointed black officials in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States." FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and other top Bureau officials, Friedman explained, believed that African-Americans were incapable of serving in high public office, and took it upon themselves to railroad countless African-Americans from elected office, through trumped up charges, and worse.

Several authors have subsequently linked the FBI to the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination—and tied that murder to Frühmenschen, as well.

As the result of Dymally's initial efforts, and a campaign waged throughout the 1990s by the Schiller Institute and a broad spectrum of civil rights activists and other close allies of Lyndon LaRouche, Operation Frühmenschen was widely exposed.

But now, Frühmenschen has been revived, with the full complicity of President Barack Obama and the "Chicago crew" at the White House. A senior U.S. intelligence source has confirmed crucial details of EIR's own investigation into a "marriage of convenience" between the FBI and the Obama White House. A select list of African-American legislators, who have been critical of key Obama policies, have been targetted for destruction, and, in return, the Obama Administration has given the FBI the green light to expand its illegal surveillance programs, targetted at American citizens.

"It is the worst of Chicago politics wedded to the worst FBI abuses of power," one source declared.
Pelosi's OCE

One of President Obama's key allies in this assault on the political leadership of the African-American community is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The day she was sworn in as Speaker, in January 2007, Pelosi vowed to "clean the swamp" of Congressional corruption, and proposed the creation of an independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). The proposal was so flagrantly unconstitutional on its face, that several leading Congressional Democrats assailed it publicly, including John Dingell (D-Mich.) and Neal Abercrombie (D-Hi.).

Abercrombie charged that any referral from the OCE to the House Ethics Committee would be tantamount to a guilty verdict. "Any other conclusion by the House Ethics Committee will be seen as a coverup." He raised the crucial question of the source of the complaints to the OCE that would trigger its investigations: "I can't figure out where the ethics complaints come from. Are they dropped off at the door?"

LaRouche was even more blunt: In a July 30 statement, LaRouche declared: "The OCE is not an elected body and it does not have the powers of government. It is totally unconstitutional. It is rotten, and it should be uprooted. The behavior of this thing, and the way it functions, is contrary to the intention of the Constitution. And so, if it passes an unconstitutional ruling, that should be recognized as unconstitutional...."

In the face of strong protests, Pelosi narrowly rammed through a House Resolution, creating the Office of Congressional Ethics, on March 11, 2008. On July 24, 2008, Pelosi and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced the appointment of six OCE board members and two alternates. The chair and co-chair of the body, named by Pelosi and Boehner, were two former Congressmen, David Skaggs, a Colorado Democrat, and Porter Goss, a Florida Republican, who later briefly served under President George W. Bush as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The staff director and general counsel to the OCE, Leo Wise, came to the office from the Department of Justice, where he was a prosecutor in the criminal division, and received a special service award from the FBI.

The Office of Congressional Ethics held its first full session in January 2009, as Barack Obama was being inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States.
Targetting Rangel and Waters

Dingell and Abercrombie's warnings were prophetic. In its short existence, the OCE has zeroed in on a number of leaders of the Black Congressional Caucus, who have all crossed swords with both Pelosi and Obama. At one point earlier this year, all eight of the ongoing OCE investigations were aimed at members of the Black Caucus, a flagrant case of selective prosecution.

While the OCE does not have the power to take action against Members of Congress, its referrals to the House Ethics Committee, and the leaking of details of those referrals to major news outlets, amount to a "star chamber" proceeding.

And, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official, the OCE has been fed FBI dossiers on a hit list of Congressmen, predominantly African-American, including material illegally obtained, through unauthorized surveillance and unwarranted sting operations.

The source pointed to the case of former Rep. William Jennings Jefferson (D-La.) as a crucial event in the revival of Frühmenschen. A nine-term Congressman, Jefferson was the first African-American elected to the U.S. Congress from Louisiana, since the end of Reconstruction. In May 2006, the FBI raided his Congressional office, in what some Constitutional scholars called one of the most flagrant violations of the separation of powers in American history. Jefferson was indicted on June 4, 2007, and following his defeat in the 2008 general election, he was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to 13 years in Federal prison on bribery charges.

"The Jefferson case was the green light for the FBI to fully revive Frühmenschen, and the Obama Administration, contrary to the expectations of millions of voters, has done nothing to halt the FBI's latest assault on the African-American political leadership," the source charged.

On Aug. 2, the OCE aimed its guns at longtime California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, in an attempted political lynching, based on a bogus charge of "conflict of interest," in which bankers' boy Rep. Barney Frank is a primary witness against her. Like Rangel, Waters is refusing to capitulate to the Ethics Committee, stating,

"I have not violated any House rules. Therefore, I simply will not be forced to admit to something I did not do, and instead have chosen to respond to charges made by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct in a public hearing."

Obama Speaks

On July 30, President Obama appeared on CBS Nightly News to issue what amounted to a direct threat to Congressman Rangel. Asked by Katie Couric about the just-announced House Ethics Committee bill of indictment against the 20-term New York legislator, Obama described the charges as "very troubling." He went on to say, "He's somebody who's at the end of his career. Eighty years old. I'm sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity. And my hope is that it happens."

For a professor of Constitutional law—Obama taught for a dozen years at the University of Chicago Law School—the President showed a criminal disregard for the sacred principle of "innocent until proven guilty." Indeed, after a 14-month investigation, the House Ethics Subcommittee that reviewed the charges against Rangel recommended a reprimand, a slap on the wrist. Rangel strongly defended his innocence, and refused to accept the "plea deal" offered to his attorneys in prolonged negotiations. His own declaration before the Committee, released July 29, is a powerful indictment of the whole rotten process (see Documentation, p. 39).

The widely publicized threat against Rangel from the President came just 24 hours after Obama appeared on the ABC-TV morning gossip show, "The View," where he made another blatantly racist comment, describing African-Americans as "a sort of a mongrel people. We are all sort of mixed up."

LaRouche declared: "Not since Woodrow Wilson embraced the Ku Klux Klan and reinstituted segregation throughout the Federal Government, has a U.S. President been so blatant in his racism," LaRouche charged in a July 23 statement, following the White House's pivotal role in the firing of U.S. Department of Agriculture official and civil rights activist Shirley Sherrod, and the anticipation of the House Ethics complaint against Rangel: "It is getting more and more obvious that President Obama intends to exert dictatorial control over the African-American vote, and that the only African-Americans he wishes to see in the United States Congress and in other important elected positions are Uncle Toms who will bow to his every command," LaRouche concluded.
Other Voices Assail Obama Racism

It is becoming painfully obvious to more and more civil rights activists that the Jim Crow charge against Obama sticks, and that he is committed to policies that will roll back some of the most hard-fought and precious victories of the civil rights stuggles of the past decades.

On July 26, an extraordinary coalition of the civil rights organizations issued a 17-page manifesto, denouncing Obama's signature "Race to the Top" educational reform program, charging that the so-called reforms were actually an assault on President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society commitment to equal educational opportunities for all children, regardless of their race or economic standing.

The civil rights groups blasted Obama and his Chicago crony and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, for discriminating against predominantly African-American school districts that will lose Federal funding for failing to meet the "Race to the Top" criteria (see Documentation, p. 42).

The manifesto was directed personally to the President: "Dear President Obama: You say you believe in an equal education for all students, but you are embarking on education policies that will never achieve that goal and that can do harm to America's school children, especially its neediest. Stop before it is too late."

There is no way that Obama, left to his own devices, will "stop before it is too late." The only way to save the nation is for the American people to wake up to the fact that Obama, as LaRouche has warned, repeatedly, since April 2009, is a failed personality, hell-bent on the destruction of the United States. Until he is safely, Constitutionally removed from office, the United St

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:43 am

Ed has three blogs

http://boydownthelane.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

http://www.occurrencesforeigndomestic.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; /

http://www.thesullenbell.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

all three have bing translators for his foreign readers

He is one of my favorite bloggers

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:36 pm

12-20-2015 5:45 pm -
The Department of Homeland Security is intentionally placing local law enforcement

http://www.libertynewsonline.com/articl ... _38080.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:29 am

http://www.niagarafallsreporter.com/ant ... sclosures/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

DECEMBER 27, 2015
Anti-SAFE Act organization, SCOPE, SUES US ATTY GENERAL, FBI and ATF on gun background check disclosures

Rochester, NY – the anti-SAFE Act group is fighting back.

This time they are going after the federal government’s use of information collected during background checks of gun purchasers.

Activists from across the State of New York filed a civil rights case against the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI, the ATF, and the Terrorist Screening Center. The name of the case is Pratt vs. Lynch, and it details how the conduct of several federal agencies has been both unconstitutional and illegal.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction barring the Defendants from using any information collected in a background check for any other purpose than those defined by law.

A limitation was placed upon the use of background check information in 1993 when Congress passed the so-called Brady Bill.

For more than 10 years confidential information about gun owners has been breached by the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI, the ATF, and the Terrorist Screening Center.

The lead Plaintiff in the lawsuit is Larry Pratt, who is also the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, a national organization dedicated to the defense of the Second Amendment.

Pratt said, “At Thanksgiving, President Obama asked Americans to think about gun control. We did. …(W)e’re asking Americans to talk about freedom and civil liberties and how we will restore our Bill of Rights.”

Political Education, based in New York. SCOPE is heading up the “Stop the Secrecy!” campaign associated with this lawsuit, whereby gun owners around the country are being asking to submit a Freedom of Information request to the FBI to discover what information has been kept from their ATF Form 4473s. “The ATF is under a legal obligation to protect our personal information when we go to a dealer to purchase a firearm and to purge that information after the background check is completed. Instead, the ATF, the FBI, and the TSC have been freely sharing the information for more than ten years, including with foreign governments and private contractors.”

The lawsuit also seeks a release of any and all information that the federal government has collected on each of the coplaintiffs, who are prominent Second Amendment activists and leaders of Second Amendment groups.

Go ahead and contact the people involved if you are interested and want to help: Paloma Capanna

Attorney & Policy Analyst, 633 Lake Rd., Webster, New York 14580, (585) 377-7260, paloma@law-policy.com; Stephen J. Aldstadt, President Larry Pratt, Executive Director; Shooters Committee on Political Education Gun Owners of America; 8316 Colden Road 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Colden, New York 14033-9777 Springfield, Virginia 22151, (716) 941-3286 (703) 321-8585, saldstadt@scopeny.org

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:38 am

Raytheon-Websense to Build FBI’s Consolidated Virtual Network

http://www.govconwire.com/2015/12/rayth ... l-network/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

December 29, 2015

VA, December 29, 2015 — The Justice Department has awarded a Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) subsidiary a potential $8 million contract to build a virtual network that consolidates secret and unclassified systems’ access and viewing in one screen, ExecutiveBiz reported Monday.

GCN reported Wednesday it is in accordance with FBI‘s Enclave Consolidation Initiative to aim for an integrated system that is cost saving and has augmented security.

According to Ward Ponn, consulting engineer and chief architect at Raytheon-Websense, the virtual network technology will enable the user to access both FBI’s Secret network and also the virtual desktop of their unclassified network in “a single pane of glass, without the use of the KVM switching device.”

About Executive Mosaic: Founded in 2002, Executive Mosaic is a leadership organization and media company. It provides its members an opportunity to learn from peer business executives and government thought leaders while providing an interactive forum to develop key business and partnering relationships. Executive Mosaic offers highly coveted executive events, breaking business news on the Government Contracting industry, and delivers robust and reliable content through seven influential websites and four consequential E-newswires. Executive Mosaic is headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA. http://www.executivemosaic.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:22 pm

Thanks for the Surveillance, J. Edgar

Jan 1 2016

http://magicvalley.com/thanks-for-the-s ... 835d8.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

FRANK ASKIN American Civil Liberties Union

It may seem passing strange for a general counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union to be celebrating the 120th birthday (Friday) of J. Edgar Hoover, but in fact the dreaded founding director of the FBI has been a godsend for me. In an age when ubiquitous surveillance makes a mockery of personal privacy, my experience shows there can be an upside to massive government data collection.

Johnson may have had Boswell, but I have had the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For 20 years beginning when I was a 16-year-old in Baltimore, FBI agents tracked my comings and goings. But unlike the many who have suffered greatly from such FBI surveillance, I have found it to have been a great benefit.

Here’s one example: My wife took me on a mystery ride for our 25th wedding anniversary. We drove through her old neighborhood in the Bronx, and when we passed the “Welcome to Harrison, N.Y.,” sign, I realized she was retracing the path of our elopement. However, when we reached our destination, the only thing either of us could remember was that we were married by a justice of the peace named Venezia. We could not find a house that looked familiar. The telephone book listed no Venezias, and no one at the police station remembered him.

My wife’s mistake was not having told me about the trip in advance. If she had, I could have consulted my FBI file, an expurgated copy of which I had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act in the late 1970s. A belated search revealed, as I had suspected, that the FBI knew all about Charles Venezia, who married us in his living room at 3 Calvert Place in Harrison.

No, the FBI did not accompany us on our elopement. Agents discovered a report of the event on the New York Times social page, which listed the names of my new in-laws. A telephone call to my mother-in-law by an agent posing as an old friend from Baltimore provided other relevant details for the FBI’s insatiable files, including the revelation of a proud mother that her daughter “was attending a graduate school of Columbia University under a scholarship.”

My FBI file also comes in handy under various other circumstances, such as when filling out government security forms. By a twist of fate, I had to seek security clearance from the FBI in the late 1980s when I was serving as special counsel to a congressional committee that had oversight over the nation’s intelligence services.

The form asked me to list every address where I had ever lived and every job I had ever held. For most people my age, that would have been a real headache. But I just let my fingers do the walking—all the information was right there in my FBI file.

What was the reason for my inclusion in the FBI’s Security Index, the catalog of dangerous radicals who might be rounded up and interned in the event of a national emergency? I have never been accused of a crime. But at 16, I became a civil rights advocate in Jim Crow Baltimore, leading sit-ins and other protests against racial segregation in schools and recreation programs and at restaurants and lunch counters. In the late 1940s, in Hoover’s United States, it was not politically correct to be for civil rights.

However, I am most thankful to Hoover for keeping me out of the Korean War. I was drafted all right, but I was unceremoniously discharged after six months, even though I was one of the few men in my barracks not actively trying to find a way out. I told my curious comrades in arms that I had a politically connected uncle – leaving out that I meant my Uncle Sam. Indeed, my uncle gave me something called a general discharge, which I later had to sue to change to honorable, since I had done nothing to warrant it.

I must note that I was unusually lucky in being able to transform this lemon of FBI surveillance into lemonade. Indeed, it eventually led me to law school and a career as a civil liberties teacher and lawyer. After discovering the First Amendment in my constitutional law class, I started to question where the FBI got the authority to gather information and keep dossiers on individuals like me for doing nothing more than exercising our constitutional rights. And the first major lawsuits I ever brought on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union challenged that authority all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Those challenges were ultimately dismissed on technical grounds, and the underlying legal issues remain unresolved to this day, although the Federal Privacy Act now appears to forbid such surveillance.

But there can be no doubt that J. Edgar inspired my life’s mission and a very rewarding career. Maybe one upside of today’s overly intrus

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:02 pm

Don't know where to begin....

so much New York Times half truths,omissions
and lies.

Angela Clemente is a friend.
She was working for Greg Scarpa jr
and is the private investigator mentioned
in the following New York Times story
but the NY Times does not mention her name.
She was the person who passed on the information
about the explosives under Terry Nichols
house to members of Congress.

What the New York Times left out of this article

Down here in the whisper stream we
call this the back story.

Backstory 1.

NY FBI agents tried to kill Angela Clemente when she was able to have the DA
file murder charges against NY FBI agent
Lyndley DeVecchio.

FBI Ordered to Cough Up Outdated Mafia Docs - Courthouse News ...
http://www.courthousenews.com/2014/08/21/70630.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Aug 21, 2014 - Forensic analyst Angela Clemente sued the FBI on July 21, 2008, alleging that Special Agent Lindley Devecchio and others helped cover up ...

http://nypost.com/2006/04/02/dogged-ma- ... mob-agent/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


April 2, 2006 | 5:00am

An unassuming single mom from New Jersey who’s never worked in law enforcement cracked the case against Lindley DeVecchio, finding the mother lode of evidence that led to charges against the ex-FBI agent.

Brooklyn prosecutor Michael Vecchione introduced Angela Clemente, 40, following a sensational press conference last week announcing DeVecchio’s indictment. The former G-man helped rub out rivals of mob kingpin Gregory Scarpa Sr, prosecutors say.

Vecchione privately credited Clemente for sparking Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes’ probe.

“See that woman over there. She’s the Pandora’s box,” Vecchione said, pointing to the unlikely gumshoe who opened a treasure trove of dirty secrets about DeVecchio and Scarpa.

But the woman of the hour turned away from the spotlight.

“I’ve maintained being quiet for a numbe

The Trials of Angela Clemente:
Why the Department of Justice is Destroying America's Best PI

http://www.cashill.com/twa800/trials_an ... emente.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

May 31, 2007 -

Actually, Angela Clemente resists the designation “PI”—private investigator. The self-effacing 42 year-old refers to herself as a “paralegal” with a strong background in clinical lab work.

Of course, given her modesty, Clemente will absolutely freak at the word “best,” especially now that she finds herself being hounded by forces within the FBI and Department of Justice.

Still, it is hard to deny the accomplishments of Clemente and her recently deceased colleague, Stephen Dresch. The pair has shed more light on the major mysteries

Backstory 2
FBI agents created the Oklahoma City bombing


http://m.deseretnews.com/article/660197 ... 44%2Cd.cWw" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Nichols says bombing was FBI op | Deseret News

Feb 21, 2007 - Potts retired from the FBI under intense pressure and criticism for the ... Trentadue said he plans to seek that deposition of Nichols, but "I expect ...

Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing
http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=14198" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Feb 14, 2011 - The feds attempt to make Nichols accept responsibility for the phone call ... Trentadue believes the government was desperate to reach the box ... declaration from Nichols in which he fingered FBI agent Larry Potts as ...
Attorney: Ashcroft Gagged Nichols From ... - Prison Planet.com
http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/fe ... ichols.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Feb 22, 2007 - Trentadue drops new bombshell on Alex Jones Show ... the Deseret Morning News identified the accused FBI provocateur as Larry Potts.
Terry Nichols Fast Facts - CNN.com
http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/25/us/terry- ... ast-facts/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Mar 25, 2013 - The FBI accused Nichols of helping build the bomb and arranging a getaway ... City, Nichols accuses Larry Potts, an FBI official, of having taken part in the ... of a taped interview with Nichols in the death of Trentadue's brother.

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/06/nyreg ... .html?_r=0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

A Mafia Captain Turned Informer Gets a Reduced Prison Term

JAN. 5, 2016

During their hour-and-a-half outdoor sessions at the super-maximum security prison in Florence, Colo., Gregory Scarpa Jr. struck up a friendship with an important prisoner: Terry L. Nichols, the co-conspirator of the Oklahoma City bombing.

At the time, in 2005, Mr. Scarpa was eager to reduce his sentence of 482 months (40 years). The Colombo captain, a gangster whose father was a violent enforcer for the crime family, had been convicted in Federal District Court in Brooklyn of a racketeering case that included charges of conspiracy to commit murder, tax evasion and illegal gambling. Mr. Scarpa’s prison yard conversations with Mr. Nichols led to a cache of hidden explosives, an embarrassment for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a chain of litigation that resulted in a decision on Monday by a federal judge in Brooklyn. The judge, Edward R. Korman of United States District Court, shaved 10 years off Mr. Scarpa’s sentence in a decision that castigated both the F.B.I. and the United States attorney’s office in Brooklyn for its “implausible, contradictory, and factually unsupported reasons” for opposing a lighter sentence for Mr. Scarpa.
Continue reading the main story
Document: Letter From Terry Nichols on Hidden Explosives

Mr. Scarpa did not have a great track record as an informer. Years earlier, he had provided information on a jailmate Ramzi Yousef, the chief organizer of the 1993 World Trade Center bomber, but the government said nothing came of the disclosures. At Mr. Scarpa’s sentencing in 1999 in the racketeering case, a prosecutor said the tip about Mr. Yousef was “a scam” that resulted in “wild goose chases.” A judge sentenced Mr. Scarpa to 40 years, on top of the 20 he was serving for another racketeering case.

In 2005, Mr. Scarpa said, he told prison officials he knew that Mr. Nichols had stashed explosives in his old house. Nothing happened. Mr. Scarpa told agents from the F.B.I. Nothing happened.

It was only after private investigators contacted by Mr. Scarpa sent multiple letters to congressional representatives and to the National Security Council alerting them to the information that the F.B.I. acted on the tip, according to court documents. Agents had already searched Mr. Nichols’s house multiple times. This time, they found the explosives in a crawl space, right where Mr. Scarpa’s tip indicated they would be. News coverage called it a “new embarrassment to an F.B.I. already burned by missteps in this case,” and a congressional inquiry ensued.

Mr. Scarpa got the information through a “sting,” as he put it, according to notes from, and interviews of, Mr. Scarpa summarized by one of the private investigators. Mr. Scarpa said he would pay Mr. Nichols for revealing the location of the explosives, and pass that on to a private investigator, who would examine the material for fingerprints and DNA. Mr. Nichols thought the evidence would link a man who testified against him, Roger Moore, to the bombing.

“I have kept my word — TLN” reads one letter Mr. Scarpa said Mr. Nichols wrote to him. The letter, dated March 2005, describes a crawl space in the basement of Mr. Nichols’s house, with two piles of rocks. “Under the south pile is my ammo can. Under the north are the 2 cardboard boxes wrapped in plastic. Simply remove the rocks,” it says.

There were several other letters that Mr. Scarpa said were from Mr. Nichols, discussing, among other things, the pronunciation of Mr. Nichols’s first and second wives’ names; how to use acupressure to handle pain; the mislabeling of “non-dairy creamer” in the prison; his view that “God is a vengeful God”; and a complaint of “a big gap of communications between you and I.”

In March 2005, Mr. Scarpa met with one F.B.I. agent, then two. An agent said that he “can easily see that all these notes are from one person (me),” according to the investigator’s summary of Mr. Scarpa’s comments. “He said it’s some kind of scam.”

Mr. Scarpa turned to private investigators. Throughout March 2005, those investigators contacted congressional representatives and staff members with the information. By the end of March, one congressman pressured the F.B.I. to investigate Mr. Scarpa’s tip, according to Judge Korman’s decision.

On April 2, F.B.I. agents searched Mr. Nichols’s house. The Associated Press reported that they had searched the home several times before and had missed the explosives.

Mr. Scarpa’s campaign for a lower sentence began then, and continued until Monday.

Usually, prosecutors recommend reducing the sentence of a defendant who has helped the government. However, Judge Korman wrote that is subject to judicial review, which he did with some vigor in his opinion.

Prosecutors had opposed a reduction of Mr. Scarpa’s sentence, arguing that he had obstructed justice in the past by lying on the stand at his trial, “through his alleged ‘sham’ cooperation in the Yousef case,” and by embellishing the information about Mr. Nichols, Judge Korman wrote. These claims, he wrote, were “vague and not supported by the facts.”

The judge asked an F.B.I. agent who interviewed Mr. Scarpa in March 2005 to provide an affidavit about what happened. Some of what the agent, who was not named, wrote is “flatly incorrect,” the judge found. For instance, the agent said Mr. Scarpa’s tip had not provided the basis for an F.B.I. warrant, yet the search had been a consent search and there had been no warrant.

Judge Korman also criticized an assistant United States attorney working on the case, Patricia E. Notopoulos. This is, he wrote, “an apparent case of the AUSA relying on faulty and inaccurate information provided by the F.B.I. to deny Scarpa sentencing relief based on his substantial assistance.”

“It is difficult to ignore the fact that the information Scarpa provided embarrassed the F.B.I.,” he wrote.

Nellin McIntosh, a spokeswoman for the United States attorney’s office, declined to comment.

Judge Korman’s reduction

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Fri Jan 08, 2016 7:21 pm

http://motherboard.vice.com/read/defens ... -web-sting" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Defense Lawyers Claim FBI Peddled Child Porn in Dark Web Sting
January 8, 2016 // 12:00 PM EST

On Tuesday, Motherboard reported that the FBI had carried out an “unprecedented” hacking campaign, in which the agency targeted at least 1,300 computers that were allegedly used to visit a site hosting child pornography.

While it looks like several of those already charged will plead guilty to online child pornography crimes, one defense team has made the extraordinary step of arguing to have their client's case thrown out completely. Their main argument is that the FBI, in briefly running the child pornography site from its own servers in Virginia, itself distributed an “untold” amount of illegal material.

“There is no law enforcement exemption, or statutory exemption for the distribution of child pornography,” Colin Fieman, one of the federal public defenders filing the motion to dismiss the indictment, claimed in a phone interview earlier this week. Jay Michaud, a Vancouver teacher arrested in July 2015, is also being represented by Linda Sullivan.


Fieman and Sullivan reason that if the methods of the investigation that supposedly identified his client “cannot be reconciled with fundamental expectations of decency and fairness,” then the indictment should be dismissed.

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:41 pm

January 10, 2016
The Tor Project Is Still Looking For Answers From CMU After De-anonymizing Allegations

http://www.inquisitr.com/2697994/the-to ... legations/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Last November, the Tor project accused the FBI of paying researchers at Carnegie Mellon University to de-anonymize the Tor. The Tor project maintains an internet browser called TorBrowser that anonymizes a user’s IP address.

The FBI responded to the allegations by saying that they were inaccurate. But simply calling the allegations inaccurate may mean that part of the allegations are true.

“The allegation that we paid [Carnegie Mellon University] $1 million to hack into Tor is inaccurate,”

According to the Tor project, the FBI almost certainly did collaborate with CMU. The $1 million number came from “friends in the security community” according to Roger Dingledine, president of the Tor. Dingledine told Wired that the researchers were indeed paid by the FBI to unmask Tor users.

“Apparently these researchers were paid by the FBI to attack hidden services users in a broad sweep, and then sift through their data to find people whom they could accuse of crimes,”

There definitely appears to be at least some truth to the allegations made by the Tor project. The connection between CMU and the FBI was first found during a trial for Brian Richard Farrell, who helped run Silk Road 2.0.

Silk Road 2.0 was a “deep-web” online black market where users can purchase illicit products including drugs. Brian Farrell was accused of being a Silk Road 2.0 lieutenant and charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine.

During his trial, Farrell’s defense team announced that the FBI used information gathered by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

“On October 12, 2015, the government provided defense counsel a letter indicating that Mr. Farrell’s involvement with Silk Road 2.0 was identified based on information obtained by a ‘university-based research institute’ that operated its own computers on the anonymous network used by Silk Road 2.0,”

Co-founder of the Tor Project, Nick Mathewson, told Motherboard that the deanonymizing of Tor is immoral and not legitimate research.

“If you’re doing an experiment without the knowledge or consent of the people you’re experimenting on, you might be doing something questionable—and if you’re doing it without their informed consent because you know they wouldn’t give it to you, then you’re almost certainly doing something wrong. Whatever you’re doing, it isn’t science,”

For a project that prides itself on providing an anonymous internet browser tool, the idea of a university working to de-anonymize Tor is unsettling. It’s worth noting that while targeting individual users of Tor is possible, it’s just about impossible for anyone to fully crack the greater Tor network.

While the FBI may deny being involved in paying CMU to help them track down users of Tor, the Tor project is pretty certain that they did just that.

Shari Steele, the new executive director of the Tor project, recently spoke with Ars Technica about the CMU hack and

“Clearly CMU takes federal money in order to do research that is attacking Tor, and Tor knows about that. So how deeply was CMU involved? Whether CMU actually did the searches for the FBI, or provided the FBI with the vulnerability, we don’t know the details.”

The Tor project noticed a suspicious group of relays in the Tor network back in July 30, 2014. The organization announced through a blog post that they believed the relays were attempting to de-anonymize users within the Tor network.

As Motherboard notes, the timeframe of the relays, which began on January 30

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:18 pm

http://mynewsla.com/crime/2016/01/12/wa ... ess-trips/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Was aviation firm saleswoman stalked and threatened by FBI agent on business trips?
January 12, 2016 in Crime |

A former top saleswoman for a Van Nuys-based aviation firm alleged Tuesday that she was stalked on business trips by an FBI agent/client who warned her she would be unable to provide for her special- needs son if she resisted him and lost his account.

Doreen Olson Mackey testified that her employer, Helinet Aviation Services LLC, did little to help her resist the advances of agent Victor Grant and that she was ultimately laid off, even though she generated millions of dollars in sales for the company.

Fighting back tears, the divorced mother of two sons said she has searched for more than three years for a steady job that would help provide for her family the way she used to.

“I was devastated,” Mackey told the Los Angeles Superior Court jury hearing her sexual harassment suit against Helinet. “I ended up getting pretty depressed. I felt worthless.”

Mackey said she has made at most about $1,300 the last seven months and that she can no longer pay for tutoring services for her special-needs son, Noah, causing

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:17 pm


the FBI funded by our taxes, has never needed legislation
to violate you.

they have been doing it since 1920
Before that thw Pinkertons and local policwe did it.

couple of reads about violating you
as always funded by your taxes


http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/13/technol ... ncryption/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

NSA boss says FBI director is wrong on encryption
CNNMoney- January 13 2016
Encryption protects everyone's communications, including terrorists. The FBI director wants to undermine that. The ex-NSA director says that's a ...


download the article

" reach out and tap someone" by Greg Flannery

"Reach Out and TAP Someone" by Gregory Flannery, In These ...
https://www.unz.org/Pub/InTheseTimes-1989mar22-00012" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Mar 22, 1989 - In These Times Archives. All Years = 17,501 Articles ... In the World. Reach Out and TAP Someone. by Gregory Flannery. In These Times.
Gregory Flannery - UNZ.org
by Gregory Flannery. Eavesdropping Left and Right ... In These Times. , September 6, 1989, p. 7 - PDF · Reach Out and TAP Someone. by Gregory Flannery.
In These Times - UNZ.org
Hot on the Press. by Gregory Flannery. Did Police Torch a Cincinnati Paper? In These Times. , September 6, 1989, p. 7 - PDF · Reach Out and TAP Someone.

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:00 pm

http://www.voltairenet.org/article189895.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953
by Wayne Madsen

The recent declassification of over 3800 documents by the Central Intelligence Agency provides detailed proof that since 1953 the CIA operated two major programs intent on not only destabilizing Ukraine but Nazifying it with followers of the World War II Ukrainian Nazi leader Stepan Bandera.
Voltaire Network | 14 January 2016

The CIA programs spanned some four decades. Starting as a paramilitary operation that provided funding and equipment for such anti-Soviet Ukrainian resistance groups as the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (UHVR); its affiliates, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), all Nazi Banderists. The CIA also provided support to a relatively anti-Bandera faction of the UHVR, the ZP-UHVR, a foreign-based virtual branch of the CIA and British MI-6 intelligence services. The early CIA operation to destabilize Ukraine, using exile Ukrainian agents in the West who were infiltrated into Soviet Ukraine, was codenamed Project AERODYNAMIC.

A formerly TOP SECRET CIA document dated July 13, 1953, provides a description of AERODYNAMIC: «The purpose of Project AERODYNAMIC is to provide for the exploitation and expansion of the anti-Soviet Ukrainian resistance for cold war and hot war purposes. Such groups as the Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation (UHVR) and its Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN), the Foreign Representation of the Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation (ZPUHVR) in Western Europe and the United States, and other organizations such as the OUN/B will be utilized». The CIA admitted in a 1970 formerly SECRET document that it had been in contact with the ZPUHVR since 1950.

The OUN-B was the Bandera faction of the OUN and its neo-Nazi sympathizers are today found embedded in the Ukrainian national government in Kiev and in regional and municipal governments throughout the country.

AERODYNAMIC placed field agents inside Soviet Ukraine who, in turn, established contact with Ukrainian Resistance Movement, particularly SB (intelligence service) agents of the OUN who were already operating inside Ukraine. The CIA arranged for airdrops of communications equipment and other supplies, presumably including arms and ammunition, to the «secret» CIA army in Ukraine. Most of the CIA’s Ukrainian agents received training in West Germany from the US Army’s Foreign Intelligence Political and Psychological (FI-PP) branch. Communications between the CIA agents in Ukraine and their Western handlers were conducted by two-way walkie-talkie (WT), shortwave via international postal channels, and clandestine airborne and overland couriers.

Agents airdropped into Ukraine carried a kit that contained, among other items, a pen gun with tear gas, an arctic sleeping bag, a camp axe, a trenching tool, a pocket knife, a chocolate wafer, a Minox camera and a 35 mm Leica camera, film, a Soviet toiletry kit, a Soviet cap and jacket, a .22 caliber pistol and bullets, and rubber «contraceptives» for ‘waterproofing film’. Other agents were issued radio sets, hand generators, nickel-cadmium batteries, and homing beacons.

An affiliated project under AERODYNAMIC was codenamed CAPACHO.

CIA documents show that AERODYNAMIC continued in operation through the

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Re: FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI

Postby msfreeh » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:42 am

Friday, August 31, 2007
The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy
Robert Shetterly

Several years ago I gave a talk on Martha's Vineyard about many of the people whose portraits I've painted in the Americans Who Tell the Truth series. I spent some time talking about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. When I talk about King, I like to focus on his last year --- the period when, defying the advice of many of his advisors in the civil rights movement, he spoke against the Vietnam War, equating racism with imperialism. King felt bound to make the point that the forces of capitalism, materialism, and militarism that were driving segregation were also driving the war, and until we confronted the source of the problem, the abuses would continue. It was April 4, 1967, in Riverside Church in New York, that he made that declaration. A year to the day before his assassination.

It has always confounded me every year when we celebrate Dr. King's life that no mention is made of that Riverside Church speech in the major media. We are always treated to sound bites of the 1963 I Have a Dream speech. That speech's oratory is as powerful as it is non-confrontational. Which is why it is re-played for modern audiences. Dr. King was about confrontation. Non-violence and confrontation, each ennobling and making the other effective. In 1967 he said, "... my country is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today." And he explained how our economic system thrived on exploitation and violence, or, as Emma Goldman put it, "The greatest bulwark of capitalism is militarism." This was probably the most important speech King ever gave and not playing it when we ostensibly honor him, is tantamount to castrating him morally and intellectually. Just as there is a long history of White America castrating black men, there is an equal legacy of Elite America cutting the most important truths of our social prophets out of the history books. We pay homage to King's icon, the cardboard cutout, but not to his strongest beliefs and his most cogent analysis of our problems --- to what vision called forth his courage. And, if we think that he spoke the truth, to censor that truth is to promote a curious kind of segregation. He is segregated, not for the color of his skin, but for the accuracy of his perception, how close to the bone his words cut. We can't bear to hear the sound of truth's knife scraping on hypocrisy's bone. Only people who actually want to change the system dance to that music or want it to be heard.

Equally important, and part of the same neglect, is the intentional ignoring of the facts of his death. In my talk on Martha's Vineyard I spoke about William Pepper's book, An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, Jr. Pepper had been James Earl Ray's lawyer. Ray was the man convicted of killing King. But both Pepper and the King family were convinced that Ray was innocent. The King family hired Pepper to represent them in a suit; they asked only $100.00 in damages to clear Ray's name. Before the trial came to court in 1999, Ray had died in prison. The jury determined that King had been assassinated by a conspiracy involving the Memphis police, the Mafia, the FBI, and the Special Forces of the U.S. Army. Ray, the patsy, had left town before the shot was fired. Pepper had confessions from people involved from each of the organizations named. The verdict was barely mentioned in the U.S. media then and is not mentioned every year on the anniversary of his death. Why?

After my talk on Martha's Vineyard a man came up to me and said, "I enjoyed your speech and was with you until you started that conspiracy stuff about MLK, Jr." I said, "That's not conspiracy. What I told you are facts." End of conversation.

I think we're confronted with two conspiracies here: one to commit the crime, the other to ignore it even when the facts are known. ( Two sides of the same coin.) The man who accused me of slipping into the neurotic, aliens-are-among-us land of conspiracy nuts was unable to hear the evidence, perhaps because he was so utterly convinced by our government and media that conspiracies don't exist, people who espouse them are dangerous fruitcakes, and if you begin to think like that, your whole house of cards wobbles then topples. Who wants that? Better a standing tower of marked cards, than having to admit the game is rigged and the ground is shaking.

America is steeped in conspiracy, and even more steeped in propaganda that discredits those who try to expose the conspiracies. Whether we're talking about MLK, Jr., JFK, RFK, Iran-Contra, 9/11, or, most importantly, the status quo, anyone who works to uncover the truth is branded a "conspiracy nut" and discredited before any evidence has a fair hearing. The government/corporate/media version is THE VERSION. Anything else is illusory.

In fact, the cultural success of labeling investigative reporters and forensic historians, and, simply, anyone who tries to name reality, "conspiracy nuts" is perhaps the most successful conspiracy of our time. Well, not the most successful. That prize goes to the conspiracy to give corporations all the rights of individual persons under our Constitution. That conspiracy has codified and consolidated corporate power so that it controls our lives in almost every meaningful way. It controls the election funds of our candidates, and them once they are in office. It controls our major media including public broadcasting. It controls the content of our television programming. It controls how are tax dollars are spent making sure that the richest get the most welfare. It controls the laws, the courts, the prison system and the mind numbing propaganda that we are the greatest democracy on earth. It controls the values with which we raise our children. It controls our ability to dispense justice. It controls how we treat nature, how we deface our land with strip malls, and blow the tops off our mountains --- a form of corporate free speech. It dictates our modes of transportation. It controls our inability to respond to true crises like climate change. It attempts to create a spiritual deficiency in every person that can be filled and healed only with stuff --- and no stuff is ever enough.

As Richard Grossman puts it, "Isn't it an old story? People create what looks to be a nifty machine, a robot, called the corporation. Over time, the robots get together and overpower the people. ... For a century, the robots propagandize and indoctrinate each generation of people so they grow up believing that robots are people too, gifts from God and Mother Nature; that they are inevitable and the source of all that is good. How odd that we have been so gullible, so docile, obedient."

It is obvious to say that we have been engineered into a culture that values competitive consumption and consumers instead of community cooperation and citizenship. Capitalism with its obsessive and necessary appetite for consumption, expanding markets, resource depletion, and increasing profits has consumed democracy. Have you ever watched a small snake swallow a large frog? The snake's hinged jaw stretches wider and wider, squeezing the frog millimeter by millimeter into its gullet until finally the snake looks like the Holland Tunnel might if it had devoured the Titanic. Then the acids and enzymes do their corrosive work. The frog becomes the snake. And the snake claims it is the frog. Capitalism has gulped down democracy and claimed it is democracy. When, immediately after 9/11, President Bush advised Americans to demonstrate their love of freedom and their resistance to terrorism by courageously, selflessly, hurrying to the mall to buy something, he was speaking as the snake that identifies itself as a frog. He was asking us to play a little game with our brains' synapses, replace the snake icon with the frog's. Sadly, he may also have been speaking about democracy in the only way that he can understand or recognize it. And, for him, Christianity has been another tidy meal for the snake.

Perhaps this switcheroo is nowhere more obvious than in the military /industrial complex. We are told that the vulnerable frog needs protecting. The threats are grave. So we fork over our money and children's lives for war and weapons. We are told that we are building security and peace. More lives. More weapons. What we aren't told is that the largest US export to the world is weapons. What we aren't told is that enormous fortunes are being made from the arms trade. What we aren't told is that the more precarious and unstable the world is, the better the business for the arms dealers --- that the real promotion is not for security and peace but insecurity and war, that the lives of our children are the necessary collateral damage for this monster. What we aren't told is that the only real security is in cooperation, conservation, and fairness, not imperialism. The frog, who is a snake, wrapped in a flag, pleads for patriotism and counts the cash. The snake's forked tongue is a barbeque fork on which we've all been roasted.

I'd call that conspiracy.

The neocons have claimed, with some accuracy, that they can create reality faster than we can react: the deed is done, now deal with it. The troops have invaded, Halliburton, Blackwater, and Lockheed signed their contracts, the prisoners are tortured, your email is bugged, the resources for social programs are gone, the laws are changed, the Wal-Mart is built, the sludge dump has already polluted the aquifer, truth is hollowed out ---- catch me if you can! How is that not conspiracy?

The cooks & the crooks create a new status quo, legalize it, propagandize it, mythologize it, fundamentalize it, slather it with fear and patriotism, and force feed it to the complacent, sedated cow we call America. How is that not conspiracy?

Of course, ever since the Constitution was signed and didn't free the slaves or give the vote to women, poor folks, Native Americans and freed blacks so that people with power and money could continue to profit, America has been a conspiracy against itself. It's been cowboy grilling his own heart over a smoke & mirrors campfire, a CEO with inherited wealth and three hundred years of patrician, affirmative action crooning "Only in America."

The reason we can't talk about conspiracy is because it is the modus operandi. It isn't the elephant in the room, it is the room itself. We all live there. We can impeach a few elephants, and we should, but the architecture is in place. And they control it.

When I was in school, I was reminded - repeatedly --- to avoid using an indefinite pronoun without identifying whom it refers to, as in, "They are coming to get us," ... or, "They control everything." Who are They? It's bad practice to think and write like that. Without reference it just sounds like paranoia. But the hell of it is that it's damned hard to say who the They are that are in conspiracy to destroy democracy and, by exploitation, nature. Did They do it on purpose or merely discover by serendipity, like cavemen seeing copper ooze out of a rock by a fire, the wondrous possibility and power of what they had found. For instance, the invention of the TV was not a conspiracy. But once the realization of how TV could be used to submerge the public in a lobotomizing swamp of advertising, sound bites, inactivity, community destruction, titillation, false history, empty myth, consumption, and complicity in making fortunes for the sponsors, the program was clear. Conspiracy was the silent partner in the euphemism good business practice. And, once they saw the implications of giving corporations First Amendment rights, they were home free.

Time to re-think conspiracy.

We need to embrace conspiracy in two ways. One, admit that it's real, its quotidian, it's the fabric of our lives, the mercury in the air, the dioxin in the water, it's filling the airwaves and the marketplace and the courts and the halls of Congress before we even get out of bed every morning. Two, counter it with a conspiracy of our own. On our side we have the fundamental fact that although the corporate They can alter many of our realities, they can't alter Reality. They can't change the behavior of Nature. They can sell off the rain forest, but they can't leverage the effect of cutting it. They can keep the mileage of cars poor so we'll buy more gas, but they can't alter the amount of oil in the ground or the damage to the atmosphere. They can privatize every human interaction and every natural resource, but they can't privatize the laws of nature. They have conspired to change reality. We must conspire to live in harmony with Reality.

In the same way, they can conspire to kill Martin Luther King, Jr., but they can't totally eradicate the truth of who did it and why.

Con + spirare, from the Latin. To breathe together. Those are the roots of conspiracy. Breathing together doesn't sound like an activity of the ideologically deracinated whispering seditiously in a dank cellar or a board room, foul breaths denting a weak flame flickering over a candle nub, gunpowder or greed blackened fingers setting a timer, the whites of creased eyes glinting like knives with treason, murder, power, and deceit. Con + spirare sounds like healthy men and women standing in the sun figuring out how in the hell they are going to take care of each other and their aging mother Earth and love life while doing it. Breathing together, sharing the same air, plotting to make sure that what's mine is yours, conspiring to save their self-respect, their ideals, the future for their children.

I want to be part of a conspiracy. Pervasive, populist, revolutionary, and totally transparent. Grassroots. Idealistic. Simplistic. Life-affirming. Community building

A conspiracy to make the common good and the love of nature the common denominator of every economic transaction.

And the simple truth is either we start breathing together, conspiring big time, right out in the open, nakedly, unashamedly, or we will have conspired in secret, by default, in our own demise.

We have let them breathe for us, and they have stolen our breath, our air, our spirit.

Secret con + spirare is death. Open con + spirare is life.

Conspiracy is dead. Long live conspiracy!

Robert Shetterly lives in Brooksville, Maine http://www.americanswhotellthetruth.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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