Shackles on our liberty

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Shackles on our liberty

Fri May 23, 2008 9:01 am

25 March this year, a Latter-day Saint gentleman named Mark Hudson wrote an analysis of suggested U.S. foreign policy that might be offensive to many other church members. I believe him to be a dedicated Latter-day Saint as well as a patriotic American. He joined the LDS Church in 1995 and served a mission to Utah in 1996-1998. He has served as a Republican state delegate and most recently was the Constitution Party's candidate for U.S. Congress in Utah's 1st District in the 2006 elections. He is a student of the Constitution and the principles of liberty established by our founding fathers and he strongly believes that one cannot separate his politics from his religion.

In response to concern that little has changed in America since 911, he made the following observations:

'Since 9-11 the Bill of Rights has been virtually decimated. Tyranny has come to America in the form of legislation to “keep us safe”, i.e.

'The Patriot Act (the government can now search and seize you or your property without warrant);'

'The Military Commissions Act (the government can now arrest and imprison you without charges by labeling you a ‘terrorist’ or ‘enemy combatant’ thus destroying Habeas Corpus);'

'The John Warner Defense Act (the government has destroyed Posse Comitatus which means they can now use the military for policing our streets domestically);'

'Presidential Directive 51 (the President can take total control over all 3 branches of government in any “emergency” that he declares, without congressional approval);'

'Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (the government has virtually outlawed dissent and can now legally detain someone as a ‘domestic threat’ for speaking out against the government.)'

He then stated that President J. Rueben Clark warned: “…The principle of allegiance to the Constitution is basic to our freedom.…when you see government invading any of these realms of freedom which we have under our Constitution, you will know that they are putting shackles on your liberty, and that tyranny is creeping upon you …no matter what the reason and excuse therefore may be.”

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Re: Shackles on our liberty

Fri May 23, 2008 9:59 am


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