Town hall & the 51% majority

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Re: Town hall & the 51% majority

Thu Apr 10, 2008 1:57 pm


I read this thread and just had to weigh in. I work for a city in a planning department. (Please don't hurt my family or tell my bishop)

First let me say I don't think Moses is a bad man, neither are all of the concepts of socialism. Unfortunately, people in the USA are only exposed to the liberal left idea of socialism which teaches people to give up religion, hate themselves for having children or for existing on mother earth. When people talk to Moses they are speaking and hearing out of totally different experiences.

NZ and Usa also do planning differently. In the USA the City makes their future plans available to the public--then if you buy a house next to an empty field that is planned for condos it is expected that a reasonalble person would have checked the public record to see what might happen next door and you cannot claim damages. This system works great for people moving into a community, but has some problems for people who are there when the plans change (and plans always change).

Next, I can say that I cannot recall a single Christian at a public hearing. The people who come to city hall lie, swear, threaten, try to take advatange of their neighbor, seek only their own good and use every device and artifice to get their way. Therefore I am sure that not a single christian has come here.

Finally Joesph Smith planned city layouts and included restrictions on uses, but I don't know how he felt about polka-dots.

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Re: Town hall & the 51% majority

Thu Apr 10, 2008 2:43 pm

The city can't plan for all open fields unless the city owns them and has the rights to them.

Heres a comical (I think) story. About 10 years ago a new subdivision came in. Behind that was an open field. Some people who backed that field built their houses towards the back of their lot. That way they have the "appearance" of having a large lot by having a deep front yard. Well, of course the owner of that field sold it to a developer recently. The developer tried to get the land rezoned for a subdivision. The people who backed that field put up a big stink and caused the developer to hire an attorney and delay the work by over a year. The developer rightfully won his case and is now putting in the roads. The one side of the road that parallels the back of these homes has it's own set of CC&R's. Any guesses on the requirements of those homes on that one side of the street?? 2 story! Plus the land has a grade to it so those houses will look huge from the back. They'll all have walkout basements. Gotta love spite. I think it's silly that once someone builds a house they say "I'm here! lets shut the door on all future development." They should have pooled their money and bought the land when it was for sale. Then they would have the rights to it.

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