Save Solar Power in Utah -- Sign the Petition

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Save Solar Power in Utah -- Sign the Petition

Postby ParticleMan » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:00 pm

Stop Rocky Mountain Power from killing residential solar in Utah. They are trying to dramatically increase the cost of electricity for Utahns who want to power their homes with solar energy. They have proposed new charges on consumers who choose to install solar that:
  • Would be bad for business and will kill thousands of solar jobs in Utah.
  • Would unfairly punish consumers who are trying to save money by using less power from the grid.
  • Would allow them to take advantage of its monopoly by eliminating consumer choice, energy independence, and consumers' ability to do what they wish on their rooftops.
Over the last year, Rocky Mountain Power’s sister company killed 99% of residential solar in Nevada. Now, Rocky Mountain Power is trying to do the same thing in Utah, by asking the Utah Public Service Commission to approve one of the most aggressive, anti-consumer, anti-competitive, and anti-solar proposals ever brought forth by a utility in the United States.

The Commission is required to study the costs and benefits of residential solar in Utah. Most states have found that residential solar provides a net benefit to everyone, not just solar customers. Rocky Mountain Power ignores the full benefits and demonstrated cost-savings that they and all Utahns receive from residential solar. Utah deserves an open and transparent cost-benefit study.

We call on Governor Herbert, the Utah Legislature, the Utah Public Service Commission, the Utah Division of Public Utilities, and the Utah Office of Consumer Services to reject Rocky Mountain Power’s proposal. We ask the Commission to conduct a robust and fair cost-benefit study so that Utah homeowners can continue to invest in solar and energy independence.

Will you too sign the petition?: ... h-affordab

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Re: Save Solar Power in Utah -- Sign the Petition

Postby shadow » Fri Nov 18, 2016 1:45 pm

Those using solar power still need to pay their fair share of costs associated with using Rocky Mtn. Power. RMP has more expenses than just the cost of power.
This imminent stuff is taking for-freaking-ever...

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