A few questions about the Forum

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A few questions about the Forum

Postby Sasquatch » Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:54 am

Is there a Trash Can or Archive forum?- I haven't seen such a forum, so I guess that bad posts/threads are either wiped from existence or there is a staff-only forum where they're sent.

What is Outer Darkness?- By reading the forums, I've drawn that it's a special forum that banned users are limited to posting in, but apparently everyone can also post there. If so, that leads to another question...

What are the types/degrees of user bans?- On the forum I visit most often, there are increasingly severe levels of bans, ranging from temporary bans that limit board privileges to permanent bans that prevent logging in or sometimes even viewing the site. Are there varying degrees of bans on LDSFF or are all banned users consigned to Outer Darkness?

Deleted accounts- The FAQ says that inactive accounts are sometimes deleted to reduce the size of database, and I would know, since my account from last year (not sure if ever posted or not) was deleted for inactivity. If an account is deleted, are any posts made by that user preserved? (I kind of assume that an account that has posted wouldn't be deleted though.)

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Re: A few questions about the Forum

Postby 2EstablishZion » Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:43 am

Bans can vary from permanent ban to a few days to "cool off".
Posts of deleted accounts are usually left on the forum, I believe. I do think that some members that have left have requested that their posts be wiped, but I don't think that is SOP.
Outer darkness is pretty much like you outlined - anyone can post there, but some users are restricted to only posting there.
I don't think there is an archive forum.

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Re: A few questions about the Forum

Postby inho » Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:51 am

Sasquatch wrote: I guess that bad posts/threads are either wiped from existence or ...
A thread can also be locked, so that no more comments can be made. This happens when a discussion in a decent thread starts to escalate in a wrong direction.

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