Bitcoin is digital tulip bulb MANIA that will COLLAPSE

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Bitcoin is digital tulip bulb MANIA that will COLLAPSE

Postby LdsMarco » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:37 am

The Health Ranger issues a warning:

"As Bitcoin skyrockets past $16,000, I'm issuing a new Bitcoin warning video (see below). Bitcoin speculation has now clearly reached the level of a "digital tulip bulb mania" that's going to end catastrophically. Historians will be writing about the mania (and the madness of crowds) for decades to come, and the Bitcoin collapse will be used by the establishment to discredit decentralized systems, libertarians and certain sectors of the independent media.

"The people who are buying into Bitcoin right now are nothing more than sheep being led to slaughter. (Stay up to date on all this by reading When this Ponzi scheme collapses, who are they going to blame? People like Max Kaiser, of course, plus other individuals who may even face arrest and prosecution for their involvement in this financial fraud scheme."

I am sure our prophets will and has echoed this. Be careful with "get rich schemes" .. especially when you don't have to do nothing

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