Setting aside the rhetoric that some would consider inflammatory, does this article make any good points?

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Re: Setting aside the rhetoric that some would consider inflammatory, does this article make any good points?

Postby Ratbag » Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:50 pm

This article is nothing more than a pathetic hit piece by two whiners and crybabies who are looking for something to complain about. I will say this for the article: it's fairly grammatically correct, which is about all you can say for it. Any Latter-day Saint who gives any credibility to this "journalism" (I really have to stretch the term to include this article) has a problem with his testimony in the first place. If you think the Church is hiding something, then you simply have not done any research for yourself; you have not expended any effort. The information is out there and accessible. If you are lazy and aren't interested in investigating anything beyond the three hours in Church on Sunday, you won't learn a single thing. A sincere, genuinely interested attitude of learning is necessary to discover the truth. Watching reruns of the Simpsons won't cut it.
The bigger the lie, the more likely the uninformed are to accept it, simply because they cannot believe any government would tell such an absurd story unless it were true.

Honor Harrington

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Re: Setting aside the rhetoric that some would consider inflammatory, does this article make any good points?

Postby Rand » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:04 pm

Juliet wrote:
Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:12 am
I wish the temple recommend question was do we sustain the church leaders as they act in harmony with the Holy Spirit. The way the question is worded now seems gestapo. Why do we teach to follow the prophet? This culture is not appropriate. We are to listen to the Holy Spirit and through it sustain the words said by those called as prophets as prophetic. D&C 50 tells us to use discernment because many false spirits are received by members and leaders that are not of God. So, does the prophet teach by the Spirit of truth, or by some other way? If it is some other way, it is not of God. We sustain them folks, we sustain them. Let's be responsible for who we sustain because it is our obligation to take upon us the name of Christ and do what Jesus would do, to stand up for truth and righteousness at all times, things and places. The prophets lead in a telestial world. When that changes, their keys will be given back to Jesus Christ.
I think one of the greatest challenges in life is humbling yourself to put yourself in their hands. I have had two experiences lately where sisters going through marital problems were both given horrible advise from their leaders. It was awful, demeaning advise... until some time had passed, and the wisdom of the seeming horrible advise became apparent.
The Special Witnesses of HIs name, the Apostles, are His servants. They are called to stand in His stead. They are in His hands. He will counsel, correct, redirect, chasten, hasten and humble as He sees fit. If we feel to stand between Him and HIs chosen servants, and take it upon our selves to reprove disapprove or advise, we are indeed steadying the ark.
Once we gain the witness that they are His witnesses we are to trust that knowledge, just like finding out the Book of Mormon is true, we don't have to seek validation about every teaching it contains. We seek the spirit to instruct about those teachings, to deepen out understanding, but not as to wether they are inspired or not. I think the same thing is true of His chosen servants. Once you find that out, trust it. Then, seek greater insight from their teachings, but don't question those teachings. I think it is great you are learning new ideas before they teach them. I thin it is a sure sign you are on the right path.
Now, Juliet, I know you are way smarter than I am. I am a rather simple person. But, I would try to ease your burden in some way, if I can. Bless you.

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