Obama, 2012 Launch Of 'African-Americans For Obama'

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Obama, 2012 Launch Of 'African-Americans For Obama'

Postby freedomforall » Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:00 pm

Here, our President of these United States is clearly talking about a socialistic cause. He says to do away with those doing well and make it so everybody gets a fair shot, everybody plays by the same rules. Oh, really? This is some of the changes he wants and apparently is getting away with. And if one listens closely, he says it is all done according to founding principles. Come on! How dumb and gullible does he think we are? Would he know founding principles if they walked up to greet him? He says African Americans should rally together for increased votes for his reelection. Is so, what would the group be named? And yet the Tea Partiers are called awful names and made fun of. Is this true equality, folks? Sounds like indoctrination.

Is this racist or is it acceptable, politically correct or wrong. If there were a "White Americans for _ _ _ _ _ _" version of this, would it be acceptable or labeled racists.

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