is lds church illuminati free??

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Re: is lds church illuminati free??

Postby jollyjaws » Tue May 16, 2017 5:01 pm

For sure there is a connection with the Masons being infiltrated by the powers that be the Illuminati the kaballic Zionist fake askanazi jews that have infield traded the Catholic Church and have their shadow organization.
One must and also question why if they're not connected to the Masons that the rituals are so similar and why in the 90's the church decided to change their holy rituals for a public opinion that they were offended by it. All through the church is history they have shown that God was not with them except for maybe the beginnings? Even then Joseph Smith was sleeping with lots of women he used a Jupiter stone and peeps stones for money digging, etc
There are lots of things that we see today that we accept and don't realize there satanic Lee or occultic based. Some really nice songs and music have Masonic. And satanic Lucifer Ian background. You can go far with the mystical religion and channeling demons to possess you like Beyonce. Have great success and people think you're amazing. Seth MacFarlane is rumor to have given his soul over to it if he has all sorts of success and people would never think that he was controlled by something dark. Many of our celebrities are under the control of the occult and witchcraft etcetera and no one could prove to the public that they were. Many of them using Masonic hand signals to tell their own that there are members and to make those symbols familiar and okay to the masses the follow them. With the churches track record their choices in the Hoffman murders and cover up of many of its past mistakes in the archives that people were finding out its screams.. hiding something.
If magical talismens and peeps stones are how God relates his message to his chosen doesn't that suggest something to anybody.
If channeling and possession can make average people able to write Symphony and be famous and successful than it is possible for an occultist to write the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price. Experts in Egyptology said the Pearl of Great Price was a funeral scroll. Maybe it's time for a Heavenly Father to come down and speak to his children? Since the church hasn't had a revelation for decades and the one about polygamy and the blacks are not revelations at all but mere documents from the brother in which give no reason for them doing either of those things somebody should really start thinking about such.
When the church is a billion dollar business and you write checks to the Corporation of the President and they keep collecting money from sheep somebody better open their eyes.
Most if not all organizations who enlist in the illuminist world government give some of their money to the dark lords above. Secret cultic organizations do not belong in free society but when a group of people all across the world is manipulating donkey from such its terrifying. There are threats of satanic child ritual abuse to Molech in secret places now. The Bohemian Grove in California if you haven't heard has top world leaders meeting and worshipping for secret ritual.
Stupid humans have no idea these things are going on this is how the world has slipped into priest crafts and the very things that God said not to be a part of. The Mormons have their own secret ritual and threatened to cut their throats and innards out for the secrets. So do the Masons. They killed Robin Williams Whitney Houston and many others like JFK who get in their way or threatened to tell. If people don't know about these things how will be ever stop them and why are we being put through this buy a deity that loves us when people are so ignorant of it all. An eternal struggle between two gods that don't like each other and humans being put in the middle innocent victims just like Job when God and Satan were talking about him and putting him through a test. It all sounds a bit creepy with the whole picture there to me but religion just call them mysteries and keep their members in the dark and we don't ask such questions.
They are discovering that we live in a snow globe with the evidence that God gave biblically as compared to the lies that Nasa has been telling us. The perfect plan for revelations great deception of aliens coming.
When does a powerful omnipotent God tell the children he loves all of these things that they have no clue about? Why hasn't his church told its members? These things surely are important if not to be deceived. How can a church be a light on a hill if its members know nothing of these things.

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Hi, I'm new.
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Re: is lds church illuminati free??

Postby jollyjaws » Thu May 18, 2017 7:49 pm

Hey ps.. did anyone know that the Mormon Salt Lake Temple is built on 2 ley lines? How many times is that mentioned by the leaders of the church?
These are evidently energy lines that I know that the Masons or Illuminati know about.
Lots of there occultic structures I think Stonehenge and the pyramids are built on them and other pyramidal structures throughout the world.
Many structures our building 1 Ley line the Mormons temple is built on two that cross.
Whatever the civilization was that we don't know about with the pyramids and Stonehenge and the structures all over the planet didn't use them for burial mounds like we were told they are. They have something to do with energy and harnessing it. This civilization that they have kept from us that interacted with the anxious on this planet we're either fallen angels or the Giants that we're the nephilim.
They could build giant things they had the knowledge from the fallen angels and perhaps their own powers and after all they were Giants.
It's interesting to me that we have a history that we don't know about and the Mormon Church doesn't know about it or promotes that they don't?
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